New Civilization Concept - the Gaels

Hi all! Here’s my take on what a Gaelic civilization could look like in Age of Empires II. I am aware that others have already proposed adding the Gaels to the game (and most of them are much more detailed than mine!), but nevertheless, I thought I would offer my two cents on what the Gaels could look like…

The Gaels
Infantry & Monk Civilization
Western European Architecture

Rationale: The Gaels would represent the kingdoms of Medieval Ireland (particularly because the Celts seem to be focused on representing the Medieval Scots). I believe this civilization is a warranted addition as Ireland maintained a distinct identity and played an influential role in the history of Medieval Europe (particularly during the Early Middle Ages). Gameplay-wise, the Gaels would feature infantry with high speed and hit points, but low armor (Medieval Irish armies were typically lightly armored and had limited cavalry), as well as powerful monks with extra range (Irish Christianity was unique and incredibly influential, with Irish missionaries spreading Christian religion to both Scotland and much of continental Europe). They would also have decent skirmishers (Irish foot soldiers made frequent use of javelins) and hand cannoneers (the Irish were early adopters of gunpowder in Europe).

Unique Unit
Gallowglass: An infantry unit with high hit points which can alternate between a two-handed axe melee mode and a javelin-throwing ranged mode (similar to the Bengali Ratha). The melee mode would be effective against units with low armor, while the ranged mode would deal bonus damage to archers.

  • Gallowglasses were renowned Gaelic soldiers who often worked abroad as mercenaries. They adopted both the two-handed sparth axe and heavy chain mail from the Vikings, but maintained Irish tactics and the use of javelins.

Unique Techs
Ceitherns: Castle Age unique tech which gives skirmishers and Gallowglasses (ranged-mode) +2 range.

  • Ceitherns (Anglicized as “kerns”) were Irish light infantry who made great use of thrown weapons such as javelins.

Pike-and-Shot: Imperial Age unique tech which gives the spearman-line and hand cannoneers +3 attack.

  • Late Medieval Irish armies quickly adopted so-called “Pike-and-Shot” tactics from the European continent, which combined pikemen with soldiers equipped with early firearms.

Civilization Bonuses

  • Fervor & Sanctity affect Barracks units.
  • All Barracks techs researched 50% faster.
  • Monks have +1 conversion range.
  • Food is gathered 15% faster (Medieval Ireland largely sustained itself on farming and livestock).

Team Bonus: Monks have +2 Line-of-Sight.

Missing Techs

  • Barracks: Eagle-line units.
  • Archery Range: Heavy Cavalry Archer; Parthian Tactics; Elephant Archer-line.
  • Stable: Paladin; Camel-line; Steppe Lancer-line; Bloodlines.
  • Siege Workshop: Armored Elephant-line; Heavy Scorpion.
  • Blacksmith: Plate Mail Armor; Plate Barding Armor.
  • Castle: Hoardings.
  • Dock: Fast Fire Ship; Dromon; Shipwright.
  • Monastery: None.
  • University: Architecture; Arrowslits.
  • Economy: Guilds; Stone Shaft Mining.

And that’s the civ! Obviously I haven’t worked out many of the specifics (particularly the Gallowglass stats), but I tried to make a civilization with a unique feel to them. I also tried to make something that felt balanced and did not use bonuses that already belonged to existing civilizations. Please feel free to let me know what you think and offer any suggestions for improvement! Feedback is certainly welcome.


Give them slingers

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Ok it’s kinda gimmicky, but If you wanna go with a two handed axe unit and have monks be part of the identity then maybe you could have some mechanic where the attack of the unit starts low but rises through a fight.

What little I know about that kind of fighting is getting the axe swinging is slow but once it’s going it’s very deadly.

Functionally it’s similar to the obuch I suppose just working from the other direction. You’d want monks in the back healing to keep them fighting for as long as possible.

Probably have some cooldown so it doesn’t go back down if it doesn’t attack for one cycle in an otherwise large melee fight. Maybe it’s too similar to the obuch. Idk

Maybe if it did 100% splash/trample??? IDK

Fun Fact: Celts in game speak Irish.

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Incas already have them.

Interesting! I guess its just another case of the in-game Celts not being an accurate representation of any historical civilization.

Wonder is also a Irish building I believe.

Anyways having gaels as a civi is fine,celts can be old celts and geals new celts.

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Make it runnable.

Differentiate like Axeman and Gbeto.

They throw different weapons.slinger will throw rocks regardless of region.

I thought they threw stones.

That’s like half the britons, half the mongols, the franks berry bonus and 1.5 x the Slavs darm bonus in one.
That’s a bit too much.

Also I’m not an expert, but I think Ireland was mostly forested and the clearing happend kinda recently. Though I admit I don’t exaclty know when.But it’s ok, we don’t need to split wool here. Many bonusses are not really well aligned the history anyways.

I just would prefer to have a more specific food bonus. . One that was already proposed several times and would fit that irish identity is to give them the ability to train sheep (for a cost ofc) in the mill. But doesn’t need to be that.

I’m not sure how this can work. Cause it would mean they are especially countered by archery units. Unless you give them something similar to a huskarl I don’t really know how you want to compensate it.

One idea would be to give them a unique monk that has high pierce armor and starts converting units, when attacking them in melee (like a serjeant/monk mix or something like this). Furtherly going into that monk Identity.

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I was going to complain about them hard countering Calvary and being countered by Archers but their CA UT tech gives +2 range to Skirmisher and they have fully upgraded SO and BBC so yeah they certainly have that weakness covered.

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