New Civilizations for Age of Empires I

Hello I would like to suggest new civilizations for Age of Empires I

With the development of this new remastered game, it will be great to add some new civilizations with unique bonus, I was wondering about Hebrews, Canaanites, Gauls, Vandals etc.

New Technologies:
STABLE: Heavy Camel Rider(Iron Age)

Galea(Iron Age): Increases all Infantry and Academy units pierce armor against ranged weapons by 1.

Trade Carts(New Unit - Bronze Age): Similar to trading boats, It is used to trade and generate gold between two or more civilizations by the marketing.
Caravan(Iron Age): Trade Carts move 25% faster.

Scouting(Bronze Age): Increases all cavalry(but not camel rider) units line of sight by 2.
Heavy Wheels(Iron Age): Increases the speed of all Siege Units by 10%.
Caligae(Iron Age): Increases the speed of all infantary Units by 10%.


Age: Iron Age
Trained at: Stable
Type: Cavalry
Cost: 70 Food, 60 Gold
HP: 140
Attack: 9
Armor: 2
Pierce Armor: 0
Speed: Fast
Rate of Fire: Fast
Upgraded from Camel Rider
Bonus: Heavy Camel Riders receive a +10 attack bonus against Cavalry and Horse Archers, and +5 against Chariots, but does not deal bonus damage against infantry.

Hebrews Civilization Bonus:

+3 Slinger Range
+40 Slinger Hit Points
+1 Slinger Bonus Attack
Missing technologies: Aristocracy, Tower Shield, Polytheism, Long Sword, Phalanx, Trireme, Catapult Tireme, Heavy Cavalry
Missing units: War Elephant, Elephant Archer, Camel Rider.

There are no new civs in AoE DE at release. But hey, hoping for an addon here … :slight_smile:

Nice suggestion btw.

Aren’t these things part of an unoffical mod of UPatch?

Goat carts land trade may be a possibility if they see those old assets in the files and implement them somehow.

I like the idea of the ‘Scouting’ tech you describe but do not think the Hebrews should or will be in the game given its a remaster. Those slinger upgrades would make them OP - no other civ has three civ bonuses on one unit for balance reasons. Those slingers would make for an unbeatable tool rush lasting through to Bronze, enmass they will be thrashing axemen.

I proposed a slinger buff (range) to Carthage instead.

That slinger bonus is ridiculous. That civ would win every single game.

The civilization bonus was just an example, it doesn’t mean that it will be permanent, maybe the Hebrews get just one bonus from those three.

I was wondering about having just +3 slinger range as a bonus, and the other ones would be new techs for the game of which one could be available at bronze age(+1 attack) and the other one would be available at iron age(+ slinger HP) or maybe it could be upgraded to heavy slingers and just a few civs get this upgrade?

The numbers are just examples of things that could be added

Perhaps if the game sells well they will consider expansions like the Forgotten Empires/African Kingdoms/Rajas did for Aoe2 but they certainly won’t be in the release edition which we have been told is a remaster and rebalance of the original.

Lots of Civs have benefits on tool troops such as Assy/Hitt (bowmen), Yamato (Scouts), Macedonian (Axemen) so a civ with a slinger bonus wouldn’t be unreasonable but would have to be sensible and I think realistically has to be on a pre-existing civ, see for example my Carthage post

The Upatch changed civ bonuses and would require little game development input so could be an area which is changed for the definitive edition.

I think Goths, Vandals, Gauls and Indians would be worthy inclusions. But the problem is that for India they would need to create a unique architectural style…the Goths, Vandals and Gauls would also need their own more rustic type of architecture…

All those tribes are latter Roman Empire and more suitable to AOK not AOE as discussed elsewhere. As you know though I’m not against new civs and think Parthia would be a most likely candidate.


This is mod territory.
Let’s hope we get good mod support that allows us to add whatever we want.

AOK HD’s lack of official support for data file mods is a real bummer, it kinda negates the purpose of a workshop since you have to install them manually.

Europe: Iberians, Celts, Germans, Thracians
Nomads: Huns, Schytians
Africa: Numidians, Kushites/Nubians
India: Mauryans

I think with that you cover a lot of civs and territory.

I think that AOE 1 should introduce more Camelry units.

From the history books we have:

"The first recorded use of the camel as a military animal is by the Arab king Gindibu, who is claimed to have employed as many as 1000 camels at the Battle of Qarqar in 853 BC. A later instance occurred in the Battle of Thymbra in 547 BC, fought between Cyrus the Great of Persia and Croesus of Lydia. According to Xenophon, Cyrus’ cavalry were outnumbered by as much as six to one. Acting on information from one of his generals that the Lydian horses shied away from camels, Cyrus formed the camels from his baggage train into an ad hoc camel corps with armed riders replacing packs. Although not technically employed as cavalry, the smell and appearance of the camels was crucial in panicking the mounts of the Lydian lancers and turning the battle in Cyrus’ favor.

More than sixty years later, the Persian king Xerxes I recruited a large number of Arab mercenaries into his massive army during the Second Persian invasion of Greece, all of whom were equipped with bows and mounted on camels. Herodotus noted that the Arab camelry, including a massive force of Libyan charioteers, numbered as many as twenty thousand men in total strength."

There could be introduced Camel Archers also.

Those are good for a DLC :smiley:

@Augustusman said:
Those are good for a DLC :smiley:

That’s actually what I was thinking about, with a new game being released, it will be great to add more Civs, and offical DLCs as it happened to Age II

Possibly DLC units, I don’t play competitive, so take it with a grain of salt:

Heavy/Armoured Camel: I read somewhere that the basic camel unit is not competitive in Iron.
Elite slinger/Skirmisher: The same
Ram: Especially for civs that doesn’t have to have a strong ranged siege, but needs some kind of antibuilding.
An anticavalry infantry?: The problem is that spearmen are already represented.

Other units somewhat unique, but I don’t know how to fit, cause there’s already a lot of roles: javeliners, mounted javeliners, mounted lancers (shock cavalry, not explorers), dogs?, light or medium spearmen, camel archers, early crossbows… and not too much more if we don’t go into unique units.

Cataphract is supossed Lancer, like Companions(Hetairoi) of Alexander.

I think the game should stay as it is. It’s the way we remember it.

More units is unlikely unless we make them in mods. There’s already a Upatch mod with heavy camel, ram, and heavy slinger.

DE’s maybe be far fetched to add new things given they have to make 3! Perhaps after the fact they can work on those.

All civs you suggests are not famous to non-western players.

If there will be new civ I suggest Indians. No idea why indians are always ignored in historical RTS.