New Civs in AoE1? (poll)

I wanted to know if the community was largely in favor of new civs in this game, either in expansions or in a complete reboot, and if so which one would you like to see in the game.
Feel free to add suggestions in the topic, I may have forgotten a few civs and there are huge gaps in my knowledge of Ancient history, especially as we go further away from the Mediterranean. Also, please keep in mind just because I put a civ in the poll doesn’t mean I’d like to see it in the game (for instance, I’d rather have only one Celtic civ and not split Italians and Greeks too much), I simply wanted to be exhaustive.

  • Celts/Gauls (Celts is if you don’t want more than one Celtic civ in the game)
  • Britons
  • Iberians/Celtiberians
  • Lusitanians
  • Boians
  • Galatians
  • Germans
  • Thracians
  • Dacians
  • Illyrians
  • Scythians
  • Dahae/Parthians
  • Songdians
  • Bactrians
  • Huns
  • Xiongnu
  • Etruscans
  • Oscans/Samnites
  • Umbrians
  • Italiotes
  • Siceliotes
  • Epirotes
  • Dorians/Spartans
  • Ionians
  • Seleucids
  • Pontics
  • Mauretanians
  • Numidians
  • Libyans
  • Nubians
  • Ethiopians/Axumites
  • Nabateans
  • Himyarites
  • Armenians
  • Alans
  • Indians
  • Maghadans/Mauryas
  • Tamils/Cholas
  • Yue/Baiyue
  • Olmecs
  • Mayas
  • Zapotecs
  • Picts
  • Gaels
  • Veneti
  • no additional civs

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Britons aren’t around yet afaik

Are you sure?

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Britans are a celt group,


I’d like to see improvements of existing assets and features, bugfixes and quality of life changes or additions, more than I’d like to see new actual content. There is still much to improve upon what already exists within the game. Microsoft is a wealthy company, and as such I’d like better customer support and a better treatment to their games and products overall. Recently it bought ZeniMax Studios, and it is speculated that it may be doing the same to Sega.

If there was indeed a new civilization added, though, I’d like it to have its own building architecture (art style) and at least one new unit. A new campaign would be nice too. As for the poll, I’d love to see South American civs, and of course, Indian ones. The game’s lacking them, and I think their addition would immediately turn it into a better state, if things are done well, with love and dedication. Or dedication and discipline, if you will.


ALL OF THEM! :grin: :relaxed:


I agree with SlenderBadger98, except for adding American civs. I think America has no place at age 1. To see Americans with hoplites, no thanks. Also, that the rest of the world did not contact them in the ancient age.
I do agree that the game still has a lot to fix before thinking about a dlc. Things like pathfinding or adding flare function, new cheat units models, correct erroneous animations (like the armored elephant), or unit collisions.

But if I had to choose new civs, I already said that before. I think Celts and Gauls are the most obvious choice, as they have participation in the Rome campaigns. If they are added, of course I would want them to have new architecture and some units.


You are absolutely right… I was on a rush and didn’t think it properly.

Yes, these two are probably the best ones to add. I imagine a new melee + ranged unit, to look something like this:


  • It would throw spears at enemies not so far away, causing medium damage.
  • I think it should be as tough as a Broad Swordsman, but not as powerful as a Legion.
  • Movement speed should be considerably high since it barely has an armor, other than the chain mail and an apparently very light shield. I imagine this new unit being always running when attacking, and walking when not doing so, similar to Lions in the game.

I can already picture the guy in my head :rofl:

Its counter-units would be archers, probably, since the chain mail does not really protect well against arrows. Other siege weapons could heavily damage it as well.

Many ideas come to mind, like it having some extra damage to horse, camel and elephant units, and having an almost instant conversion as a disadvantage.



Spearman would be available for Cathaginians too, as this type of warrior was indeed part of their forces:
Seeing the dude on the right, all with a fancy armor, and thinking… what if this would be the ultimate version of the Spearman? :smile:


I think you have several good ideas there. But when it comes to AGE 1 I don’t think (and I don’t want) that there are unique units.
That javelin-thrower is similar to the AGE 2 skirmisher (elite). A soldier that throws javelins is very viable, and with a “generic” design it could even be added to Macedonia as a Peltast.
I would definitely like them to add that, but as a general unit and not “unique” for Celts.
It would also be nice to see an upgrade for Scout, but that only reaches those civs that don’t have chariots, to somehow balance the late game when the gold runs out. :+1:


But Gauls ARE parts of the Celts. If you want them as separate factions, I guess you were thinking about the Britons considering they are also present in the Caesar campaign?


I think it would be convenient to have different Celt civilizations, to justify the addition of the Gauls. Obviously each one of them should have bonuses and disadvantages, like all having one new unit such as the ones suggested above, but without being able to create other ones. A new building architecture would be lovely for them too, as discussed.

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I would like, not only new civilizations but also, new units, among them:
land trade unit (caravan); update for Slinger;
update to camel Rider; update to Scout;
Anti-cavalry infantry unit (spearman) available at the age of tools, and if possible an upgrade to the bronze age;
siege unit anti siege units - flamethrower;
an update from Axeman to the Bronze Age.
As well as new technologies, at least ten new ones.
some ideas that I mentioned already exist in a mod project, which unfortunately hasn’t come out yet. being titled Age of Empires: Beyond the Indus.,6577,,10


The same with all Germanic tribes and Indian civs. Before the conquest of Rome, Germanic tribes lived in simple huts and were anything but a high culture. India, like all American civs at that time, played no role.

Many greetings.


Out of all of these, I have to say 100% the Nubians.

Second pick being a Celtic group.

But honestly, I think there’s other problems that need to be fixed in AoE1. My biggest being trees do not have enough wood. Makes Island games a total slog because you always run out of wood.

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Indians seem obvious as they had contact with the Persian empire and the Alexandrian empire. Elephant units would be an obvious signature unit for them. Perhaps make them harder to convert to add a different flavor.

Numidians are a historic option. Camels of course.

Ethiopia seems like a natural and gives some more representation to Africa. They had a significant empire of their own in antiquity.

Maya just for something completely different, but it would be just that, completely different. No horse units, no elephants or camels, no hoplites or swords unless you significantly redo the artwork on the swords. Archers would be a natural for them along with high movement speed and stone and gold mining bonus and stone building bonuses.

Celts/Gauls I guess but a hard no for Dorians/Spartans, Thracians, Illyrians or any other civ with a heavy Greek lean We don’t need more hoplite/phalanx focused civs unless you can think of a way to make them significantly different different while remaining historically in the ballpark with the Hoplites.

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i think aoe1 was too klunky

if any new civ bronze age civs i suggest new game

the bronze age units should look vastly diffrent from eachother

mayans didn’t really use archers

Germanics under Arminius ■■■■■■ up the Roman Army at Teutoburg Forest.
Indians under Mauryan Empire stopped the Seleucid expansion.