New Civs/Variants

So after everyone has had some time to use them, What do you guys think of the new civs? Any weakness? Any OP? How would you rank them? I wont get to play till after work today so I am curious to see what the community here thinks of them

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  • Zhu Xi Legacy: they are freaking op, castle age up in 6 minutes, monks costing only 200 food that can catch the relics and they are so powerful vs feudal units. Archers haven’t bonus against them, so with 200hp they are pretty useless against. A feudal archer at minute 6 with 5 attack needs 40 hits to kill a monk. How many archers can you have at minute 6?

In every game I’ve played against a Zhu Xi legacy they just rush to castle, spam monks, secure relics, and even raid your eco with the monks, while booming to imperial to start to spam imperial guards.

We already had the super fast castle from HRE, but in this case you can fight them by just raiding his eco and putting some units defending the relics to delay them, kill prelates and gain advantage, but this doesn´t work when the enemy can age up in 5:56 (the fastest i’ve seen) and gets a free monk.

I’m totally against fast age ups like this… The game has 4 stages, one of them (dark age) is already like nothing, there’s so small window opportunity to do things there, and this civ can successfully skip also feudal age with very very low risks and start to get all the relics with super religious units that only costs food…

  • Japanese: they just seem ok. I find their eco weak. Units are ok, but onna musha is very weak against any ranged unit.

  • Bizantines: very interesant civ. They have plenty of possibilites and they can grow a strong eco. Some of their capabilities may seem a bit overpowered, like make university research last only 30 seconds instead 90 seconds, healing pots, etc… But playing against them they don’t seem to be that overpowered. Maybe people still doesn’t know how to use them, or maybe they are not overpowered at the end.

  • Order of the dragon: I think they are bad. Their units are better than regular units, because 1 ultra maa > 2 maa. When a regular maa dies, the attack of the squad goes to half, but the super maa from order of the dragon still has all the attack. But they have very slow eco.

  • Ayuubids: they seem funny to play, I think they are not as much capable of boom like the abbasids, and I think in late game probably abbasids > ayuubids, but they have some feudal/castle interesant rush strategies.

  • Jeanne d’arc: don’t have a solid opinion yet.

Overall I can see a thing that I don’t like: new civs are so based in active skills, like healing pots, teleports, more attack for a moment, swapable weapons, etc…


I think the Shaolin monk will be nerfed, but otherwise i don’t think zhu xi is op. We will see.

i think Japan is really good, or maybe it just fits my playstyle. Onna musha are supposed to be countered by archer.

Agree with your other comments.


Thank you! I was wondering what people thought so I could get an idea who to play.

I freaked when someone went castle in 6 mins in my first game last night. But thats all they do is spam monks

I think zhu xi suould not get a free monk aging up, the monk should cost food and gold, to make it more difficult to spam.

Also I think the monk has near 20 attack, sure? I think his attack should be something like this: 10 attack (+10 against religious units). Also it need to be categorized as light religious infantry, if they don’t want to touch the health, to make archers effective against them.

Zhu Xi Legacy i couple of times search for the landmarks because each of them look alike i never had that problem on other civs.Yuan raider need a buff its too unnecessary to take that research give them bonus to archer.The officer health tech needs to change to x2 or x3 more tax from buildings otherwise that unnecessary too.

Japanese name should changed to japan and when you place boxes inside a building it should indicate it like the relic does.Castle of crows reward need to increase with distance.

Jeanne is a joke i will not even touch that thing.


Well, Zhu Xi’s new Unique Units have stolen the Mongol campaign heroes Batu Khan and Liang Li skins(if I remember right).
Raider’s attack animation uses horsemen’s spear attack animation. This just looks horrible. It needs to change its weapon or attack animation.
The Imperial Guard seems fine in terms of animations and stats. But I do think, stealing campaign hero skins and implementing it as a new unique unit is way too lazy way to approach.

Joan D’Arc’s civ is the worst and I will never touch it. I just wish they removed this miserable civilization from the game as soon as possible.

Byzantines is the best civ by far. Lots of mechanics, but it kinda makes all other generic civs boring, bcse it can train all kinds of unique units.

Japanese is OP. The unit with big cannon is really op and free with the landmark. I think it will be nerfed real soon. The shinobi unit is kinda meh, not really good and the sword animation is really boring/stupid. AOE3’s ninjas were amazing.

Ayubids felt like a generic Abbasid civilization. So I didn’t like it much.

Overall, the DLC without Joan D’Ark is 7/10
With Joan D’Ark it is 4/10


Its just a recolour of normal chinese lancer

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I don’t think the ozutsu it’s op, it’s only good against buildings to be honest.

The only way I train them is in oniga shima landmark, otherwise a hand cannoner is way better. I use them to take down buildings while my army is fighting, but they are weak and slow, so any other unit can snipe them.

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Nope, if you play Mongol Campaign, there is a Chinese traitor hero called Liang Li warlord. He got that shaman-like head peace and golden armor with Chinese horse bardling (CURRENT imperial guard). I know every unit skin in this game. This is why I can notice them easily!


If you put elite lancer near it you can see they only have different colours.I need to say campaign is really good congs for the devs.

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for Japan , Age 3 landmark
The Shinto Temple is clear choice, I do not see reason to build budhist temple


You know, that makes me think, the Buddhist Monk’s ability doesn’t seem bad: In fact, a 50% attack debuff to enemy units is quite strong. The only problem with it is that "It is not automatic". Because if it were, it would be something else of this world.

In fact, this type of unit “Debuff caster” exists in Warcraft III, and is in the Undead Banshee, with the Curse ability, which reduces the chance of hitting enemy units by 33% and is Automatic.

That being the case, this simple change should be considered:

  • Make Buddhist Monk’s Sutra Chant Debuff ability automatic, and then balance with his Cowldown and base damage reduction percentage, as well as reduction time.

Totally agree with a need of “autocast” for this ability. The required micomanagment for budhist monks makes this ability useless in practice.

BTW I like Warcraft 3 too

It also remind me the Abbasid Imam (monk)

Abbasids have technology in age 4, which allows Imams to convert units without relic (like in AoE 1&2), but it does not work with right click, which makes this ability useless in practice


To be honest, before the release, I was looking forward to the variant civilization, especially the civilization “Zhu Xi’s Legacy”. Since my main focus is Chinese civilization, I am looking forward to what variant civilizations with different gameplay will bring. New Experience.

But after actually playing the variant civilization, I quickly got tired of it. Although I knew that variant civilization was a low-cost product that required shorter working hours to create a new civilization, the lack of historical depth made me It gets boring very quickly while playing.

Zhu Xi is probably the one who has done the most careful work among the variant civilizations, but I still prefer the original China; the landmarks in the original China have real historical sources, and it can be seen that the developers have studied and analyzed them carefully; the Chinese variant The landmarks of civilization are just old models with relevant real landmark names, which makes me very disappointed.

I’m not saying that variant civilizations are bad, I’m very grateful to the developers for giving us four additional variant civilizations to play, and I had a lot of fun with them. I’m just surprised that I didn’t like them as much as I originally did.

Maybe the design of the Emerald Empire is interesting for Westerners, but it is full of stereotypes. It’s like one day, the British variant civilization is King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, or the variant civilization of HRE is Der Ring des Nibelungen So abrupt.

In comparison, Japan and Byzantium are much better. From this, we can see the research and effort that the developers have put into this civilization.

I don’t know how to say it. I’m grateful for the efforts and dedication of the developers to create additional variant civilizations for us. But I also think that the success of this DLC lies in the participation of the Japanese and Byzantine civilizations in the war that are well-made and popular. , variant civilization is just an extra bonus.

In short, I look forward to seeing more independent orthodox civilizations added to the game in the future, rather than this variant civilization. But there may be some players who don’t care much about historical authenticity and like to play this variant civilization. Who knows?


My knowledge of Chinese hisoty is “limited”, but what I understand , “Zhu Xi’s Legacy” is pure fictional faction, it is not based on any real state or movement…

The concept of variant civilisation itself is good, but the developers made weird/bad choices…

As was mentioned by multiple people, they could make the chivalric orders as variants - Templers , Hospitalers, The Teutonic Order… , these orders are present in Sultan’s campaign with own units

it is like 2 steps forward, 1 step back :smiley:

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I’d rather like to see the game and Sultans do well enough that instead of more variants the next DLC have either a 3rd mainline civ or something like historical battles.


That would be pretty good

New cilv must be nerfed.

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I think Jeanne d’Arc should not get knights in Feudal. It would fix the following problems:

  • Create a decision on which landmark to go for instead of always seeing School of Cavalry.
  • Give more prominence to the companion units. (Also, I would like them to make companion units more numerous).
  • Reduce the amount of times people play against the annoying Feudal knight rush.
  • Nerf a currently OP civ.
  • Make OG French more unique as the signature Feudal knight rush civ.
  • Create greater distinction between these two civs.