New civs? What would you like to see next

I really NEED Samourai! Really hope they plan to release Japan soon. Also medieval japan has such a great warfare history I think they deserve their own campaign.

Other than that i think Vikings (Danes?) and any native american civ (Maya?) would be really nice.


I would like to see Byzantines/Japanese + a Mesoamerican civ

(Though it will be a nightmare for the devs to balance many civs)


I hope for:

  1. Byzantine Empire civ & Kalmar Union civ
  2. Japanese civ & Persians civ
  3. Ethiopians civ & Berbers civ

These are the three pairs of civs that I think should be joining the game as soon as possible. Could be free civs like Ottomans and Malians civs - so that AoE 4 offers the most classic civs known from AoE 2 Age of Kings in the basic version.


I would like to see: Byzantines, Japanese, Vikings, Persians, Spanish and Aztecs.


Byzantines should definitely be added


Please add Japan.!!!


These civs are an absolute staple in my opinion. In the future, for example, such civs could appear:

  1. Teutonic Order
  2. Bohemia
  3. Tsardom of Bulgaria
  4. Kingdom of Italy
  5. Duchy of Burgundy
  6. Spain
  7. Portugese
  8. Kingdom of Jerusalem
  9. Venice Republic
  10. Aztec Empire
  11. Maya
  12. Muisca
  13. Inca Empire
  14. Congo
  15. Somalis
  16. Kanem-Bornu Empire
  17. Songhay Empire
  18. Nubia
  19. Great Zimbabwe Empire
  20. Akan
  21. Korea
  22. Tibetans
  23. Siamese
  24. Vietnamese
  25. Burmese
  26. Bengali
  27. Khazar Khaganate
  28. Vijay####### Empire
  29. Hungarian Kingdom
  30. Polish-Lithuanian Union
  31. e.t.c.

oh please enough new features and new civs. you guys cant get that bored so easily so soon.

starcraft has 3 civs and has great replay-ability not that i was ever a fan of it or any scifi oriented game.

what should be amusing with the aoe series is map strategy rather than civs and units.

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But i don’t need 30 civs, just the japanese, and maybe vikings/ maya

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大部份要求推出日本的人只是受文化輸出影響吧!中世紀時期,日本可以用乏善可陳來形容,以至於永遠只能關注安土桃山時期。板上很多的“創意”只是抄襲AOE3、Total war Shogun 2而已。我想製作組也不會想做這種拼接合成的拉基。以製作組想盡量增加文明差異的野心來說,瑪雅、阿茲特克才更能自由發揮。


With so many requests from Japanese I SWEAR that I’m going to reveal my concept for the japan civ this week, as long as they don’t load me with heavy lifting in work off course. I have it almost completed, the only thing left would be to upload the images one by one so that they load well and look beautiful.

I have so many ideas:

  • Replace crossbowmen with “samurias with yari” (anti-armor damage)
  • Springalds with Bo-hiya Ozutsu, or bombards with “Japanese mini-cannons”.
  • Lancer only unlocked until IV age, Instead they have Bushi Archers (Mounted Archer unit) in Feudal.
  • They would not have counterweight trebushets, unless they share the Mongolian traction version (or not, balance issues).
  • You can buy bombards and culverines in a building called “Nanban Trading Post” but only with gold and with a enhanced prize.
  • Clan system, you choose one until the end of the game, and it gives you one or 2 passive bonuses and 2 unique technologies. To make it the less confusing I only chose 10, including Date, Takeda, Uesugi, Go-Hojo, Oda, Ieyasu, Mori, Chosokabe, Otomo and Shimazu.
  • The Chosokobe not more have archers bonus (there are “zero references” of them being good of it except TotalWar and the idea of “cheap weapon”=bow), but villagers bonus, as the Ichiriou Gusoku tech to let them +2/+2 armor and +7 attack.

If I had to pick ten, maybe:

  • Japan
  • Byzantines
  • Bulgaria
  • Spain
  • Khmer
  • Venetians
  • Aztecs
  • Ethiopia
  • Norse
  • Korea


つまらないアイデアばかり。例えば、clan system って、中国のDynasty system とほぼ同じじゃないか。


→このように他の文明と区別できるものをもとにして、new civ作って欲しい。


japanese and vikings maybe we can teutons,poles or byzantium

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Byzantines need to happen. Its crimnal they were in it at launch. Other wise I hope Vikings, Japan, Something for Italy like the Papal States, Venice or Genoa. Some personal ones that I doubt will come would be The Kingdom of Jerusalem which I did a thread on designing, as well as a Mamluk Sultunate seeing as the Abbasids dont really seem to cover the Egyptian/Mamluk culture.


If you are thinking Teutons like aoe2 that is essentially the HRE, although a Teutonic Order civ would be really cool.

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teutonic knight like unit will be cool i just want because of that

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  1. Inca
  2. Tibetan Empire
  3. Khmer
  4. Japan
  5. Scandinavia
  6. Portugal
  7. Haudenosaunee
  8. Aztec
  9. Ethiopia

On a sidenote, I wish they’d give all of these civilizations the Malian treatment and give them individual walls instead of the placeholder one. Would in particular love to see Inca’s great masonry with their awesome architecture.