New controversial mod

I’d like to see the devs taking a stance against certain type of mods. Here’s the one that atm bothers me: it’s called tc orbit a basically does this:

As you can see, there’s an ellipse drawn in the mini map (the opponents tc can be seen because the guy picked vietnamese): that’s all the possible spawn location for a tcs in arabia. This mods basically allows you to know with enough precision where your opponent tc is and avoid. This mod is possible due to how arabia is scripted nowadays and it work only in 1v1 arabia, but still.

Where is the limit drawn with mods? This is one is almost cheating, since it allows you to know where a tc is basically without the need to scout it. You see a res/a couple of houses and that’s it, you know exactly where it is. Hell, you can simply scout at a certain disatnce from the line on the minimap and you’ll always find your enemy fast without you scout risking to die. This also create new problems related to laming, since with that mod it’s much easier to send your scout forward.

As Viper said in regards to that:


This is the first time I see this, howlong this mod was in the game?! People keep adding stupid things and modes until they kill the game, they want to make it age of potato and Auto-everything.

Das Auto!

Better that the guy published it than that just a handful of people know and use this trick. It’s on the devs to fix the map script…


So what is the issue? If the orbit wasnt put on the minimap, then you can draw the orbit in your head and use the same info to scout your enemy. Also it doesnt provide much info. Only thing you know is that it is somewhere on the circle. But even without the orbit on the minimap you would assume these positions.

This mod wont at all improve your scouting that much. If you know how to scout then you are already looking for your opponent in the area of the orbit. And if you know how to scout then it is already unlikely to lose your scout to the enemy TC.

Seeing this orbit wont really give much benefit at all. I wont even consider using this mod at all.

It definitely has nothing to do with auto everything.


Yeah especially the devs made the range mode an official mode in the game too. What more?

People mention fixing the map script but is it really doable? It’s likely possible to introduce more variation, but besides the obvious complaints that will pop out because people will get triggered if they feel the map gen favours their opponent, there is probably little room for change. You mentioned the devs and funnily enough, in one of Cysion’s old articles (Fulgore Scouting | Aocbox) you can see this :

Because yes even back in the days your TC just couldn’t spawn too close or too far from the center. This doesn’t look as spectacular as the mod being discussed rn but I feel like it could spark controversy just as well.

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That mod hasnt anything to do with auto everything either.

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Anything make the scouting/micro/macro easier is not a good thing at all.

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Which is not the same thing as having it drawn on your minimap.

It provides way more info you should ever get from looking at an unexplored minimap. It tells you exactly every possible spawning location of a tc. You should scout for that info, not having a line drawn on a mini map that tells you “avoid this line while scouting and you are fine”

Wrong, this mod not only helps you avoiding losing your scout (something that sometimes even happen to pros) but also allows for easier laming due to the how arabia is scripted atm (same spawn distance for animals)

Plain wrong. You are taking a skill away from the game (how to scout correctly) and you can never lose you scout. Just check in front of the line and you are fine.
As already stated by Viper (who, btw, is the pro that usually has no problem whatsoever with change and mods, see the old MQ vs SQ debate), at this point we might as well play on explored


To solve this controversy they just need to introduce a very slight variation (few tiles) in TC radius spawn location. That shouldn’t impact the gameplay in any way.

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So Auto range and Auto scout and Auto map have nothing with Auto, then what is the Auto according to you?

I know the story of our lord and saviour Fulgore, accused of cheating by many and banned from tournaments because of that

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Then why not just remove all these mods instead?!

Many mods go too far.
The game should be the same for everybody on ranked.
Every player should run the same client, with the same files, no mods.
And small trees, useless plant removal, no snow, grid and maybe even the range indications should be selectable in the options.


People who downloaded this deserve permaban.

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This mod is an indirect vietnamese nerf and thus I dont like it.


Guys, @WoodsierCorn696 fell asleep on the keyboard again and I share the same opinion than @Equalizer938341. This is a serious thing.


It is almost the same. I wont really scout much different with seeing the orbit on the minimap or by visualizing the orbit in my head on the minimap.

The orbit is already the area in which i am looking for my opponent. So it wont really speed up finding my opponent at all to me.

If you just stick to forests, hills, gold/stone piles, … you will never run into the TC of the enemy and you can spot the location of the enemy pretty easily. After a first glance of the enemy (for example a lumbercamp, a house or just a enemy gold pile) i can pretty much locate the TC of the enemy already. That additional info of a visual orbit at the minimap wont really at much in my opinion.

This is due to scripting, not due to the mod. That is the whole point to me.

Being a pro isnt equal to being always right.

We kind of have two improvements for your game play in this thread:

  1. The knowledge of map scripting and how to exploit that knowledge into the game.
  2. The visual representation of the knowledge of (1).

My claim is that point (1) is the biggeste benefit while playing the game. Knowing there exist a orbit is much more important to me then its visual representation. Without (1) there was even no (2). Point (2) only makes the knowledge more wide spread.

I wont deny this makes scouting more easily, but that is not because of the mod, but because of the knowledge of map scripting and exploiting that knowledge. Exploiting the knowledge should be the most controversial part of this thread.

An auto feature takes over actions from you as player. Examples of auto features are:

  1. Auto scout. The AI scouts the map for you and gets control over this unit.
  2. Auto farm reseed. You give the AI permission to spend wood to reseed farm for villagers. Pre DE you had to fill the queue manually.

The range indicator and this mod both dont take any control over your game. They are only a visual help in playing the game and preventing you from making bad decisions. You are still the one who takes all decisions and perform all actions. As result the range indicator and this mod dont have any thing in common with auto everything.

Auto scout is part of auto everything.

I wake up already.


I don’t mean to offend or anything, I just want to see the views and if @WoodsierCorn696 felt bad then I am sorry because it not offended at all and I didn’t mean, I reply to all at the same way so no one should take it personally.

Calm down man. The only offences you make are your daily ridiculous balance suggestions 1111