New Custom Campaign "Aegidius" is released!

Yeah, they were moving very awkwardly since the beginning, but as they were dealing ok-ish against Red troops I didnt give any second thought at that. But, when only Aetius moved against Purple while all the rest of his army did nothing, I thought something was wrong. On November patch all units answered to my ping.

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I can’t play my save somehow, since it kept crashing. Any solutions to this?

Is your save and your game, right now, in the same game version? Or, for example, did you play it on december PUP and now is trying to play in november’s patch?

The golden age of custom stories is back! This kind of stuff was my jam back in the 2000s.


no, I never install the December PUP
AEGIDIUS.aoe2spgame (1.4 MB)
here’s the save game, if you want to take a look
Sometimes it crashed, other times the screen just goes black & nothing happens.
Correction, what I mean to say is that I can load it, but after the game ends I can’t continue to the next chapter

Didn’t play it yet, but the screenshots look amazing! Thank you!
If it’s really that good, FE should contact you, pay you some fair share and officially include it into the RoR DLC incl. translations in all AoE 2 languages (which could also alleviate the criticism by AoE 2 fans against the DLC).

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I’d like to know
What is your plan for your next campaign? Do you want to make a Frenkish campaign?Or another Civ campaign?

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Upcoming there is the remake of Alexander Nevksi (all voice-lines entirely redone, large updates all across the board on all aspects, 5th scenario entirely new, and the final 6th extensively reworked in terms of gameplay).

There is also one huge scenario incoming encompassing the whole Teutonic Order’s conquests in the Baltic region, entirely voiced-over as well, with new mechanics as well as the possibility to switch to 100% regular AOE2 gameplay at any given time should the player want it or feel the need to, although it bears some consequences! The idea is high replayability and fun for all playstyles.

And there’s a lot more coming down the line after!


I would like to ask your opinion about the newest DLC V&V as a custom content creator?

Are you gonna remake this for R@W mod?