New Custom Campaign "Aegidius" is released!

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The Roman campaign that should have come with Return of Rome is finally here!

Step in the shoes of the Gallo-Roman general Aegidius and relive the events that shook late Western Roman Empire’s history!

The year is 446 AD: General Aetius, the most influential man of the Empire, is preparing a campaign to defend Gaul against Frankish invaders. Under his command, three men whose destiny would be tied to Rome’s fate until the very end. There, in the cold and the mud of the military camps, Aegidius, Majorian and Ricimer, three young promising commanders, are forging a new friendship…

This campaign features:

• A fully fledged, catching story line.
• A full overview of the Roman civilization in all its aspects and beyond.
• A classic 6 scenarii format with original presentation panels, an engaging, interesting and unique narrative.
• More than 200 voicelines with fully voiced-over dialogues and intro/outro sequences for each scenario.
• More than 1090 triggers with new mechanics.
• 3 comprehensive levels of difficulty that should fit all skill levels.
• Useful allies!
• Varied and fun gameplay from good-old Build & Destroy pattern to Fixed Force settings, with tons of variations throughout (Defend the Spot, AI Cooperation…) and plenty of interesting secondary objectives.
• Beautiful handcrafted maps with incredible ambiances, recreating the atmosphere of the late Roman Empire just as you were there!

Enjoy your playthrough! Rate and share.


how hard will this Camping be?

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It’s designed to be challenging on Hard, and cake-walk on Standard. Moderate should feel challeniging but also very forgiving.

On Hard, the whole campaign should be roughly on par with the hardest official campaigns out there. But I designed all scenarios to avoid any spam/slug fest. Difficulty here isn’t about fighting infinite enemies spam, all AIs in Build & Destroy scenarii are based on their real economy, and use almost no cheats (except for debugging purposes), so that hitting their economy will effectively hurt them as well.

It should feel like playing Age of Empires, and not battling against infinite streams of units/Destroy the Production buildings kind of situations, which I personally hate.


Let’s gooooo :muscle: I should hurry up to finish mine!


Nice. How did you design the cut scene background? Looks great!


Hey, thanks for appreciation! I’m actually professional illustrator, so it’s not difficult to achieve this kind of basic render to me.

I could have achieved way better than this if I gave it proper time, but here I went for something that is just “good enough” using already existing assets and like bash paint over it for like 30 minutes.

Did the same thing for the campaign progression panel.


Could you share where you get your graphic assets from? What tools do you use? You should make a Youtube video to share your knowledge and inspire more AOE2DE modders/designers.

How great…I think that an Aegidius campaign also has to have Aetius and Majorian as protagonists…

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Absolutely stunning! Congratulations for such great work, the game really needed an epic roman campaing.

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Could you share where you get your graphic assets from? What tools do you use? You should make a Youtube video to share your knowledge and inspire more AOE2DE modders/designers.

Well it’s all made in Photoshop. When I say assets, I mean photos/pictures from anywhere. The technique used here is basically Photo-bash & elements of matte painting + Speed paint over. I did it very rapidly but it implies you’re familiar with Photoshop and requires actual painting skills in order to make sense of it all, if that makes any sense.

Maybe I’ll try to do a video to give ideas of how to achieve this kind of result in a short amount of time.


Please do. It would be nice if I could make mockups for different Oceania campaign menus.

What I am also impressed with his how “on-theme” it is with the other intro screens. This feels 100% natural, and fits in with all the other ones in the game.



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What does Manu La Capuche mean?
Great work by the way

Thanks a lot!

“La capuche” simply means “hood/the hood” in French. It’s an old silly nickname I used to have from M&B Warband, a litteral translation of Hood as in Robin Hood, as I was impersonating a rogue archer character. I later founded a clan in M&B under the tags La Capuche. It just stems from this time.


Thanks a lot for your appreciation!

The Campaign is really good. I like the story telling and the proverbs in the cutscenes. Good thing the campaign has many play types and good optional objectives. I was fully bored of build and destroy campaigns. But playing this campaign is reliving and not boring.

Thanks! Keep it up and let us know if u make any more campaigns.

You should really approach Microsoft for making official campaigns!


Thanks a lot for your appreciation, it means a lot!

You should really approach Microsoft for making official campaigns!

I’ve already sent an application a while ago, but they didn’t seem to be interested (as far as I understand) since I’ve got no reply at all.


@MLC8896 could you advise. Seems to be downloading like this for a few days…Can’t load it.

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@PeakHornet46539 That’s really weird, I just downloaded the mod myself to ensure that it downloads properly, and worked pretty fine (1-2 minutes into the Mod Manager).

It usually looks like this when a mod is downloading, but if it goes on for more than a few minutes there should be an issue indeed.

Also, you’re the first user experiencing this apparently, so I’d say it’s something on your game. Have you tried unsubsribing and subscribing again? Or verify the game files through Steam? Do you experience the same thing with other mods? Have you tried to replicate the issue recently?