New DLC Idea

I have recently thought about a few medieval civilizations which arent unfortunettly in the game:
All those civs have fought the ottoman empire over and over again through history so the DlC should be named Defenders of the Faith:
1 The Poles
Cav civ
UU Winged Hussar

2 The Wallachians
cav and defense civ
UU Wallachian swordsman

3 The Serbs
Infantry civ
UU Some infantry guy, idk

4 the venetians
naval civ
UU Stradiot(cav) and Galeass(ship)

What do u think?

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I think we need to focus outside of Europe for the next DLC, preferably the Americas, Africa, or South Asia


Not medieval.

Winged Hussars are not medieval, and neither are the Siege of Vienna Turks and Poles.

We already have Magyars with the Huzsars, which were Serbs that Matthias Corvinus drilled into Heavy Cavalry.

We already have Italians.

I think that any anti-Ottoman civ pack belongs in AoE3, not AoE2, since teh Ottomans only show up at the very tail end of AoE2, and none of their push into Europe actually happened in the Middle Ages.


The Wallachian campaign(vlad dracula) is just after the fall of constantinopole so they are medieval plus that we have in tamerlanes campaign there is sultan beyzid who fought a lot of battles against mircea the old of wallachia so defenitly medieval

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I confused it with the Wallenstein (Prussians).

But you have another issue, the Dracula campaign is already the Slavs campaign, so no room for Wallachians.
They are already covered by the Slavs, and most people want non-Euro civs next.


Agree ! Africa or america…


Hopefully, North America.

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That is because there is NO Wallachian civ

But the most famour Wallachian is already the Slavs campaign.
That is like asking for Kurds, when tjhe most famous Kurd is in the Saracens campaign.

Wallachians are already covered.

There are much better european civis to add. Swiss albanians bohemians finns to name a few.

At least Swiss and Bohemians would be great for an “End of the Middle Ages” themed DLC.

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We (will) have two Italians, yes, but what about THIRD Italians?!

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If you think that other regions or cultures should take priority it’s ok, but do not mistakenly state that venetians can be represented/included by Italians at that period.

They are 2 different things.

Italians with a big stretch can be identified in the kingdom in North Italy formed after the split of Charlemagne empire, or by the states that Barbarossa tried to conquer. But Venice was never a part of either of them.

It was a republic and more related to the bizzantines than to the west Europe, in fact after the bizzantines lost control of North Italy, Venice stayed indipendent until Napoleon.

I can’t help you on the other 3, but I made a civ concept for this ones, since I know it’s history well enough.

Sicilians are not Italian in the Middle Ages, and the Sicilians we will be getting are the Normans in all but name.

The new DLC is not “Franks 2 and Italian 2”, it is “Franks 2 and Franks 3”.

If you are going to do the meme, at least get it right.


If we really need European civs (I doubt) Wallachians, Poles and Bohemians should be added only.

Unpopular opinion - there is no need for further DLCs.
This one already is a stretch with the normans and the burgundians. Sure they are important but they fall into the sub-Franks category.

From Ásia i only see the khazars and the indonesians (even if other civs kinda cover that such as the malay)


Well, you got one thing right, it is unpopular.

Almost everyone wants more civs.


I don’t think it’s that unpopular

In this forum, maybe. Part of the community think that civs are enough or simply the game has other priorities atm (mainly performance and address matchmaking issues)


It is unpopular. The devs won’t make any DLC if there’s no growth for this masterpiece. Be thankful Microsoft is actually supporting growth.


This depends on how the product grows