New dlc

We have long time take new civ at the game.we need new dlc.danes and poland is my suggestion


Goodluck doki with the suggestion, now let’s wait for the trolls to take down your suggestion 21


I would also love to see those civs, but I think we should have a few DLCs for other parts of the world first, especially for Asia.

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Folks would really rather have two European expansions in a row than a third civilization in Africa.


Folks would really start a fight over what you’re allowed to want when it would be a blessing if we could even get ANYTHING.


We could have Brazilians, Moroccans, Persians, an Indian split, Mapuches, Kongolese (though I don’t know enough about them to recommend them), maybe Koreans and Vietnamese, some Indonesian civ (not under the name Indonesian tho) and then maybe we could get some more Europeans.

Also, I think maybe Egyptians could be a standalone civ as well, even if they were not 100% independent at this time.

Let’s be honest, we will almost certainly not receive more civilizations for the game, but dreaming costs nothing. :slightly_smiling_face:

First of all, I don’t want more DLC, I want an old-style expansion, I propose an expansion with three civilizations, new maps, natives and a new game mode.

War of Liberty: Argentina, Brazil and Gran Colombia; This expansion could bring a complete campaign where we relive the wars of independence of South America; As main features this could bring new maps and natives for South America as well as a new game mode, Conquest Mode.

Conquest Mode: basically a global conquest mode where conquering territories gives us bonuses or unique cards to face each battle differently.


ah yes lets not add 2 unique european cultures with centuries of history and innovation, no lets add 3x spain again, sorry i mean 2x spain and 1x portugal.

at least Hoop seemingly want unique distinct cultures even if i disagree with his logic, and it wouldn’t exactly hurt the game to get Kongo, Persia or Siam.


go to sleep

there is everything in the dream


I think You guys should be realistic with your requests. As far as I see World’s Edge or Microsoft doesnt invest on AoE3 so much so although I want Persia more than any other civ, the most realistic expectation for civs are POLES and DANES since Persia or any other Asian and African civ requires full set of buildings, units, age up system, etc.

And yes, I will throw up if I see one more civ with a Mediterranean architectural set, so no for Brazil, or any potential civ that would use Mediterranean architecture for now.

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I agree…

Or maybe improve the Egyptian rev…

It would be good, but maybe they will continue making dlcs like as now…

Yes, maybe now it will be Poland and Denmark (as happened with LotW-DotD) (Western Europe first and then Eastern Europe)… the other is that they will get into Asia (the Middle East or SEA) but it is more unlikely…

Realistically speaking, do new african civilizations need a completely new set of buildings and units though?

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Anything new would make me happy at this point!

Just something, anything!


Wow. Pessimism does run rampant here.


It certainly does!

I will, however, remain more positive - at least until the Devs officially say “That’s all folks!”

There’s absolutely no harm in new DLC talk - the more the merrier! (hint - Devs, we want to throw some money at ya)

Now, let’s see:

Let’s have a Malta-esque equivalent (repurposing existing assets):
A campaign civ made into a full civ, representing the Saadi Sultanate and Alawi dynasty of Moroccan - bringing a North African civ to complement the African Royals. Lots of Berber units and Alliances that include the aforementioned Berbers and Republic of Salé (lots of Barbary Pirate support).

Not an underdog during the time, but certainly a bit under the radar for very Western-orientated players. As a Middle-Eastern civ, I’m not sure what side of Age-up mechanic fence they’d sit on (and I would doubt the Devs would created an entirely new one just for them!), however I’d love to see them!

Then of course - the ‘Highlight’ Asian Dynasty format civ that everyone and their grandmother wants:
I’m not going to bother explaining this one - these a bajillion good threads for that :wink:

Siam / Korea
Both bring some rather exotic (especially for my European self) options and appease the Asian Dynasty gods.

Haida or Tlingit
A pacific northwest tribe would be very different to the current rosterm and wooden (or Chinese coin) armour wearing, knife-wielding guys would be a lot of fun to have charging at the enemy.

Danes & Poles
Using Western and Central European architecture sets respectively, these civs appease the Danes, Poles and 1/14th Danish and Polish Americans :wink: . Not as exciting as something not-European (though I’m fond of the many unique Polish options), but I wouldn’t pass on them!

From those, the Moroccans are actually the most likely as far as time and effort, however I’d kill for a Persian, Moroccan, and either one more ‘exotic’ civ or just the Danish and Polish.


If it’s another Mediterranean architecture civ then it’s not worth adding only with the mosque as in a lazy way.
Better have a new architecture for Moroccans than having reptitive Mediterranean ones + units that don’t have “Berber” glued to their name (Berber Corsair/archer/arquebusier) instead of having a “variant civ” for the Ottomans.


I’d certainly not want med architecture. Besides it would be an African civ anyway.

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The European civ template would be better than the African template for Morocco. Although I’d prefer something that blends the two.

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Therefore, I believe that a completely new civs category should be created - Islamic Civilizations. This way, some Asian civs would not have to be restricted to the Asian civs setting established in the TAD DLC. The following potential civs could fall into this category of civs:

  1. Arabians,
  2. Berbers (Barbary Pirates)
  3. Egyptians,
  4. Moroccans,
  5. Persians,
  6. … and even the Ottomans civ!!!

A blend works as long as they stick to Africa Royals traits.
Kasbahs could replace Palaces and possibly Riads replacing Huts.