New DLC?

Of course, it doesn’t sound bad and would be great. But do you have “proof” of that? Because I couldn’t find anything.

ok, I didnt see the link from Waltheking. Well, I’m curious. It must be pretty complex DLC if it takes them one year to develop.

Honestly, that’s what this games needs. Personally, I’m hoping for either an American, South Asian and/or Celtic theme. Some new generic units would be great too.

Please also add gates.


I desperately hope for a game overhaul (engine port) and for a expansion with new campaigns and 4-5 new civs.


they should let the Insiders test the beta also but there is no News about it. Please developers, let the People who love this game test the beta Version!


If there is any balance change, hopefully its based on players feedback or good players/expert test.
Id be happy with new updates from time to time.
Do it MS. :heart_eyes:


I did some research in the SteamDB history and found out some interesting things:

They have been working on the game again since May 6th and commit changes to the game files on a daily basis.

The DLC was added on June 10th. Sadly there is no other information such as price, DLC name, release date etc…

They also updated the closed-beta branch, which wasn’t updated since the game was released on steam.

to summarize:
Microsoft has been working on AOE:DE quite regularly since May 6th. So I think we can expect either a new DLC, or at least a new update. I think that’s a good sign.



Great research!!! Hope is a new expansion with bugfixes also!

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That’s really great! Can’t wait to know what’s that about. I cannot avoid fantasizing about something big, like upgrading the game to the AoE II DE updated engine including some gameplay mechanics like formations and so (that would be optional as a DLC, so the original DE would still play as always by only turning off the DLC).


looking forward to something

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This will remain a fantasy, there is no way they will change the engine since that would be game-breaking and they would have to reprogram nearly everything, and seeing how broken AoE2 DE is, no thank you.

Fix all that we have compained about for years, like missing instruction bitmap, a fix for the instruction messages bug, missing graphics for cheat units, shorelines in classic mode, minimap flare, modding support for MS store version (very important), better compatibility with the original game, more stable multiplayer and lobby upgrade, a simple proper offline mode. An in-game AI / PER / CTY editor would be great to have too. Recorded games. Custom random maps. And maybe then we can talk about a possible expansion pack.

No, we do not want or need dumb events. Nor an ultra high graphics update. Nor your utter BS censorship.

And please, TEST and let us playtest this properly and LISTEN to our feedback. Engage with the community and ask what we would like to see.


Aoe2DE is in great shape imo, what are you talking about?

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It needs to be optimised, not run up memory use and strain the processor when running.

They don’t have to reprogram everything. Sure, it will take some work to port AOE1 completely to the AOE2 engine, but it’s definitely paying off. I’m working on an AOE1 total conversion mod for AOE2 and I already ported the UI, all unit/building graphics, the textures, sounds, unit voices, ingame music, unit/building icons and some other things all by myself. If I can do that, then all this should be no problem at all for Forgotten Empires and Tantalus.

Also, as @Zatekusen already said: AOE2DE is in a great shape!

Please read my post about this topic:

Here is a screenshot of the Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign - 1 remade in AOE2DE:


AoE 2 DE broken ? Yeah sure buddy.


any speculations about the release dates? I hope they fix the 5 min game freezing & drop problem in de and the sync issues as well.

I hope they fix the performance too cause it’s far from perfect.

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I appreciate your modding skills and your mod port, however you are forgetting a few important things about changing the engine.

1 - the game has already been out for 2 years, they should have started off with the AoE2 engine from the get go. There is NO WAY they are going to change it now. It is not simply a case of modding, there is a lot of programming involved too, as a modder yourself you should be able to understand that.

2 - compatibility with the original game. This is extremely important, there’s so much content for the original game, leaving that out would be a massive mistake.

3 - there are many delicate intricacies which make AoE unique and different from AoE2, change this and it simply wouldn’t be AoE anymore but AoE2 with the looks and sounds of AoE (like your mod).

I agree AoE2’s genie engine is of course technically superior. But that doesn’t mean AoE is sub-par just because of this. Now I would still love to see some additional features in the future of course. But if you would change the engine it would simply not be the same game anymore.

And to those who think there is nothing wrong with AoE2 DE, you must have been high all the time.


1 - You are absolutely right, they should have started with the new engine from the get go and I also agree that the implementation would require a lot of effort.

2 - There could be tools to convert old scenarios and campaigns to the new engine (either official, or created by the community).

3 - I think it would still be possible to implement AOE1DE in the newer engine so that the nostalgic flair would not be lost. You can’t deny the fact that AOE1DE has less and less active players (just look at the poor player numbers on steamdb). This is not only because AOE1DE has a lot of problems (performance, pathfinding, bugs and so on…) but also because AOE2DE is simply much more accessible and offers way more possibilities than its predecessor.

I know we have different opinions on this topic and I know that an engine port will probably never happen but we both agree that at least something must happen in the near future or the game will die completely sooner or later.


I find it hard that so many people seem to dislike the AoE1 engine. Well, I find it’s great. I think it’s something that MS has really implemented brilliantly. On all the other points I am completely with you. Age1 is no longer Age1 if I just put the skins on Age2. It’s not supposed to be a hate against the modders, who really put their heart and soul into it. But they are two different games. What was not successful in Age1 has been discussed here often enough - balancing and functionality.

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