New editor-only units suggestions?

You will notice that there are a bunch of editor-only units that can’t be recruited in normal games: Iraqios Warrirors, Amazons, Norse warriors, Eastern swordsmen, etc…

This is very useful for people who want to create imersive, distinctive an flavorful scenarios, and it would help to have more such units.

I have a few suggestions, feel free to comment on them or add your own to this thread:

Knight Templar (similar to Palladin)

Sword and Buckler men (similar to long swordsman)

Gothic/Reniesance Knight (similar to Steppe Lancer or Keshik)


Ashigaru spearmen (similar to spear/pikemen)


Ashigaru gunners/archers (similar to hand canoneers and archers)


Landsknecht (similar to two-handed swordsman or champion)

Landsknecht gunners (similar to hand canoneers)


Agree that more Asian flavoured units are needed; swordsmen and pikemen and archers. I would like to request the addition of Indic/Southeast Asian themed longbow/bamboo archers and Middle Eastern composite bowmen on foot, so we can have scenarios/campaigns with good aesthetic flavour. Some designs are below.


Good suggestions you have there, gamer

Thought of some more:

Russian gunner (similar to hand cannoneer)

Varangian guard (similar to Berserk)

Reneisance pikeman (similar to spearmen/pikemen)

Chinese spearman (similar to spearman/pikemen)


Agree with your Chinese/Asian spearman idea. The Arabic and Indian/Southeast Asian archer is vital. Indian bowmen with their large bamboo bows were famous and played important roles in the battles of the subcontinent and beyond.

Also we need proper civilisation specific skins for the merchant unit not just a copy of the King. Also the camel caravan unit for both single/double humped camel. It would be simple to create given that both camels are already in game.

Also agree with you that we need an axe-wielding armoured foot infantry. Which could double as both housecarls (English) and Varangian guards!

I was looking at some of the units in AoE DE and some of the regular archers look like the Indic archers in your example. I wonder if it will look weird putting AoE units in AoE2.

The AOEDE Slingers would be a good addition. Any screenshots?

Yet more suggestions:

Russian warrior (similar to man-at-arms/long swordsman)

Hospitaller Knight (similar to champion/two-handed swordsman)

Bishop (similar to monk/priest)

European merchant:

Middle eastern merchant:

Mesoamerican merchant:



Chinese swordsman (similar to champion/two-handed swordsman)

Chinese archer:

Steppe chieftan (similar to King)


Alternate skins for the Queen unit.

Asian Queen:

Mesoamerican Queen:

Middle Eastern Queen:

African Queen:

Southeast Asian Queen:


Central Asian Queen:


Does anyone know how to add these archers from AOEDE into the AOE2:DE game?

Any conversions of graphics required?Resizing?

Bumping up this thread especially concerning the alternative skins for some of the units like Queens, and bishops, Chinese swordsmen/pikemen, and the Hospitallers/Templars, etc.


Does anyone know how to get access to the AOE DE slps? They seem to be locked in the Assets folder and cannot be opened. I am using the AOE DE from the Microsoft Store. Any urgent help would be appreciated!

Someone who has Steam version, can probably send you those files. I have heard, that Microsoft Store games prevent access to their files.

It seems so. I’ve tried everything. Is there anyone with AOE:DE on Steam? I just need the Archer line Slps and the Slinger Slp for some modding purposes.

I’m actually working on an Age of Empires DE Total Conversion Mod for AOE2:DE. I can provide you the smx files for the archer units later that day or tomorrow.

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How large is the file if you could upload all unit files(only units not buildings) in a zip?
Preferably only units with soft shadows
I also want to try to convert them to smx…

Yes please. The three archer graphics sets plus the slinger set as well please sir! I’ll PM you my email. :slight_smile:

Anyone excited on what new units/unit skins will be introduced in the Dawn of the Dukes DLC? I see a new mounted Queen unit (Jadwiga) which could be used for the likes of Eleanor of Aquitaine/Margaret of Anjou/Isabella of Castille etc type stories.
Also the new Teutonic Knight mounted unit and Grand Master unit look interesting but no indication if a Hospitaller or Templar knight set will be included to the editor. Also noticed some new forest tree (birch type trees with white trunks) and some other hero units. Any new animals or other eye candy for introduction? We need more editor content for sure.


New DLC does look interesting

I hope we get an Asian civs DLC tbh, maybe adding Tibetans and campaigns for China/Japan, it would be nice to have a mounted Samurai that actually looks, well, like a mounted Samurai.

New spearman models for numerous cultures would also be pretty nice.


Ready to add more to my fake civs in scenario editor and more decor.

I still want to see historically accurate skins for all the heroes not just the use of frankish paladin and cavalier.

Other than that mounted xbow hussite flailman european genitor units with war hammers and maces.

Regional monks queens nobels and maybe even full villager sets.


A Giraffe! Bison would also be cool. A dog maybe?