New effect for the Huns' UT Ateism

So, as the title says, I would like to find a new effect for the Huns’ imperial technology, now it add more time to the countdown of enemy wonders and halvs the cost of spies, both useless effects in multi-player games, and single player too.

I know that it was designed for the last mission of Attila, but onestly even there it’s not necessary (I even completed the steam achievement without researching it), so maybe we can find a purpose for the multyplayer.

Of course I don’t want to be an OP tech, it could give something a little bit unique, but not necessarily something out of the ordinary.

I admit that I don’t have a lot of ideas, at first I thought about that it could give a little conversion resistance to the knight line only (about half of the one the scout got) in Imperial age, a bit of an spanish reverse inquisition, but I’m open to other ideas as well.


Actually I love the idea of giving more conversion resistance to units. Could be useful in certain situations. Maybe, other option could be giving extra damage against monks?

Well, that is already a Teuton Team Bonus

I once was playing around with the idea of negatively affecting enemy monks : making upgrades more expensive, reducing monk range by 1-2, increasing faith recharge time ?

Things like that would be both thematically fitting and unique enough.


I tought about that, Mylord, yet I think that could be really harsh to code.

Btw, I’m referring to you as my lord, from now own. You’re always on spot xD

At least when it comes to Userpatch it would be extremely straightforward to code, it’s a slight variation on ally effecting techs like Kasbah that works for affecting enemies.

Almost anything a tech can do, you can do it negatively to the enemy. There is just no example of that in the game (yet).

And TriRem is enough 11

It would be interesting to see, then, if it feasible.
And I’m gonna think about your abdication and I’ll let you know hahahaha

I find it odd there aren’t any “negative” bonuses for the enemy. It would make the game more interesting if it did.

Could work.

They could overlap, of course huns’ one would a bit weaker.

Mmm but it would depend if you enemy already researched them or not. One knowing it could simple do it right away to avoid it.

Also it doesn’t have to be religion related, it could be something else too.

We have to consider that in imp, when cavaliers and paladins are spammed, monk becomes gradually ever less effective.

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We’ll sure also need the Huns Imperial Age unique tech to have a different name because the name doesn’t make sense since Huns weren’t Atheists at all.

I want it to reduce the relic gold income rate for all players.

So if you are behind in relics you can throw the tech to your oponents to reduce the gold difference


The cristians saw them as atheist since they ware pagans, I don’t know, depending on the effects the name should be changed or not, I don’t mind keeping since it contribute to make the civ creepier.

Mmm relics doesn’t already give back that much gold, unless you have 5 of them, so in late game it could be OP.

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How is it useless? Did you ever play any standard victory condition games? Also, spies becoming half cheaper has a lot of uses in FFA or Diplo. It’s a very enjoyable UT in those game modes. (it doesn’t need to affect the ranked games that much, huns are good enough there already anyways)

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Online I never find anyone that build a wonder to beat me, and as for spies, I never researched either outside of the campaigns. Actually you are the first that tells me that use atheism to research spies.

I’m saying that huns need a buff, God no, they are already one of the best civs in the game, but it would be nice if they have an imperial UT that actually have a use, even a small one.
Also, by the way, their castle age UT it’s not that commonly seen, so giving them a imp UT wouldn’t broke them.

I forgot about the tech 11 getting the achievement on hardest was a pain in the ■■■.

Yea you can’t make wonder victories in ranked games, but I’ve played plenty of games with standard victory condition too and there people will try to go for the wonder. Spies costing max 15k instead of 30k also makes this tech quite cost-efficient. Sure, spies is something you’ll probably never get in ranked games cause if you can afford it, it means the other player doesn’t have many villagers and you have basically won the game anyway and at which point this tech is not giving you any value either. Also this tech ain’t unbalanced in any way either, since it affects everyone.

I was able to win the first time without the tech, but without completing the achievement either, the second time I found a video on you tube and I realized a easy it was and how stupid I am. :rofl:

Yes ok there are games that use wonder, but having a civ, that can research a tech to add some time on the count down is something that seem so fundamental. As for spies, if the enemy has some many vills (the only case in which the tach is cost effective) , I don’t think is that hard to find out where are they and what they are doing.

I don’t, they could receive some a bit more unique for them, nothing out of the ordinary or OP.

I don’t think is unbalanced, I think it’s useless, it have a too specific context of use.