New Expansion DLC: Dawn of the Dukes

Actually, venetians may be on the Duchies DLC, since tecnically they were one (doge is the venetian word for duke), and they had close relationships with the east.

Not saying that they should, just that they might, depending on how many civs (if there’ll be civs at all…) are present.

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I agree, we don’t need European tribes, we need African Empires who were actually important in the history, unlike Finns or Estonians. The community has spoken, the majority wants empires, not duchies and minor people.

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There is actually! However none of the come from Europe but from Asia (and theres a ton of Asian civs to talk about) unless talking about the already comfortably represented Poles.

I have a really thick book about European warfare during the middle ages and I have read it twice. I think I know quite a bit of it so unless you can mention something as a counterpoint. I really have to justify why comparing tribes that didnt do much to powerful long lasting kingdoms just because their conquest was interesting is a dumb idea? The Kanembu were considered one of the most powerful states of Africa being at the same level as Ethiopia and Morocco and were a kingdom that last more than a thousant years with an 800 year long dynasty and an interesting history in general, Nubians fought off the Arabic invasion of Africa, Somalis were able to fight on even ground against an Ethiopian-Portuguese aliance, Songhay were extremely powerful and had an university that made people from all over the world come over for education, the Yoruba and Hausa were majors productors of resources for the world at large just like Mali. The Finns were a bunch of tribes that never had an independent state nor did anything impressive as far as I know.

I havent mentioned a single tribe, I have mentioned a bunch of powerful states with a huge influence on their regions and importamce to the world trade if not important civs on general to the world st large in the case of Somalis. These civs were important in their own way, you just dont get the appeal since most of what these civs did never influenced Europe or Asia.


There are new civs in it. Adam Isgreen said so. We don’t know which though


From the polls on this forum
Poles, Swiss, and Armenians are all top civ requests. The earliest African civ is number 5, Tibetans are the first civ request.
I also see no poll about what the community wants based on dutchies/tribes, opposed to empires, so claiming that the community is spoken is jumping ahead of yourself, don’t you think?


I don’t know to which poll you’re referencing exactly but I’ve seen quite the opposite too:

One of the most requested civ/civ region in this English speaking forum is actually North American civs which we got none of so far.

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Juggernauts poll I am referring to. Iroquois is a top civ on his poll as well, I think 6 or 7

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4th place actually :smiley:


Lol yeah, you’re right, my bad

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I would like to add that we already have an Iroquois unit in the game:

Hopefully in the near future, this unit will become the UU of the new civ - the Iroquois who will be part of the American DLC.



Dawn of the Dukes:

  1. Poles
  2. Czechs
  3. Serbs (Serbo-Croatians)
  4. Vlachs (or Romanians)

Rulers of the Caucasus:

  1. Kartvelians (Georgians)
  2. Armenians


WarChiefs of Americas:

  1. Haudenosaunee (or Iroquois)
  2. Chibcha (or Muisca)
  3. Tupi
  4. Mississippian
  5. Wyandot (or Huron)

Indian Kshatriya:

  1. Dravidians
  2. Bengalis
  3. Afghans

Christmas DLC (+ special event, similar to 50 states event in AoE 3):

  1. Inuits
  2. Finns (Finno-Ugric)


African Powers:

  1. Zimbabwe
  2. Kongolese
  3. Kanem–Bornu
  4. Mamluks
  5. Swahili

Masters of Oceania:

  1. Polynesians
  2. Maori


Emperors of Asia:

  1. Tibetans
  2. Khazars
  3. Siamese
  4. Siberians

Holy Empire:

  1. Venetians
  2. Swiss
  3. Saxons (Low Germans)
  4. Bavarians (High Germans)

Rename civs

  • Slavs rename to Ruthenians
  • Indians rename to Mughals
  • Turks rename to Ottomans

Not a regional power

Not recorded Medieval history.

Yeah, I also dont think we need covered every country. Lithuanians can cover whole Baltic people (I still think it would be better to name them “Balts”, not Lithuanians).

Those are events outside the timeline, yes, but this just proves those conflicts werent just some “random regional conficts”. Crusades shaped history of whole Europe, and Europe shaped history of world.

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I agree with all you said but we still have to keep in mind that civs shouldnt be added based on what they did after the end of the game’s timeline

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Never a part of the HRE.

I know this.

Lithuanians did not have Khans and they appeared in the Last Khans DLC.

Treat Venetians as a nice bonus :wink:

N but the Duchy foght with the Golden Horde by a lot of times.

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Yes. You right :blush:

In any case, there isn’t room for all of those.

The maximum amount is 50 civs, meaning that just 13 more is the best we can get.

Why the maximum amount is 50?