New Features Wish List | Devs please check this out! :)

I hope we can have an expanded tech tree which gives more details on the politicians, states and alliances. For example the African civ Ethiopia’s tech tree it only shows Arabians providing arabian units but no stats on the gatling camel such as the unit cost and other info, etc.


I don’t think we will get most or any of these…

I believe that we will get this and much more.


Great list in paticular the map selection menu. Having all the maps in a huge list is quite awkward.


How about putting a coloured border around your profile avatar to denote your elo?

Like white for 1100-1300, yellow for 1300-1500, orange for 1500-1700, brown for 1700-1800, dark green for 1800-1900, blue for 1900-2000 and dark blue or purple for 2k+

This color system at least gives you an indicator of how good your opponent is in the lobby (without having to hover the mouse over there profile) and also when you loading into a ranked match.

Also I think it would be cool.

This would be very easy to implement

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Update 3:

  • Improve the visibility of the numbers of units grouped 1-9: (Example of how the difference between the original version and the concept I made would be)

  1. The Regicide mode option for map.
  2. The Lighthing mode option for map.
  3. The Full camera rotation, Up and Down don’t working.
  4. The icons for Proto units list in Scenario editor (Place and change an object).
  • Update 5: Transfer the idle villager banner below the bar that indicates your age, AoM does something similar so as not to confuse these banners with those of the groups of units in quick moments, this place would be something more comfortable and close at the same time. In addition, it would be differentiated from other posters to avoid confusion. Adding also, that a banner was added to also find your explorer more quickly.

Excellent post.
Another function that I would change would be that the selection hotkeys of a unit type (ex: select all infantry or cavalry), this function does not affect native scouts or trackers.


These are the quality of life features we need, I hope the devs are checking this out.


@Azlisle If they didn’t read it at any point I wouldn’t have taken the trouble to publish all this.
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Very nice. I would add Large maps to the filters. And a random option to play among the filters that you had selected.

Estas ideas no devén caer en el olvido.

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The October update is already on its way, and we can access a preview of it, and in it an option that I suggested in this post was added, which is to be able to choose the size of the Map either normal or XL without having to search for it separately in the list. Thanks devs for adding it and I hope in the future add more of these things suggested here (Especially the new UI to choose the skirmish map hehe)


Nice ideas except the one with “being able to play without decks”. Why ? Because you will break the balance between civs. Some civs depend too much on certain cards…

For those who come from AOE2.


But it could give more size options. Something like 4v4 XL, but for 1v1.
However, it’s okay for now.

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I actually loved this idea, though I rather playing with cards. I hear many age players complaining about that, so maybe some would enjoy more the game if they had this option to play :smiley:
It could be named Borningmatch, in opposition to Deathmatch, a slow game mode


I think it’s just an option so no worries. This option is for players from AoE 2 I guess.