New Features Wish List | Devs please check this out! :)

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If you new features are going to be introduced to attract more AoE II players (like the no shipments mode that is going to be introduced), they will mean nothing without heavy marketing from developers.

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I don’t think 3DE wants, or there is a need, to attract AoE2 players. AoE3 was released 16 years ago. Enough of time for AoE2 players to make up their minds about it.
After all the expansions and 3DE content, it’s still the same game.

I’m fine with ‘no card’ option, as weird as it is, but as a fun new option, not as part of a greater effort to make 3DE look more like AoE2. It doesn’t make sense on any level.
AoE2 is old as hell and people that play it regularly and in MP and would call themselves diehard fans are a fairly small group.

There is no sense in destroying 3’s identity to cater to a small group of AoE2 players that don’t like it. It makes more sense to introduce new modes (especially coop, PvE) and campaigns that will bring more new players.


The idea is not to attract AOE-2 players, the idea is to implement some new things that resemble the previous games, but without damaging the essence of AOE-3. For example, the extra-large maps and being able to modify the population limit at will seems to me a good idea.


I know, I was first to reply to this thread :slight_smile:
Just my two cents about some sentiments shared by people that dislike 3 and/or prefer 2 and their wishful thinking about what could and should be done about AoE3:DE in the future.
I haven’t read every post here but from what I’ve read I agree :100:

And since I’m writing- I wish Devs would experiment a bit more. That challenge mode is a great idea. Sadly we only got one single map so far. It would be awesome to have 1-2 player challenge maps for example. Besides leaderboard we could have some skins and homecity cosmetic items as a reward.
Or a completely new skirmish mode, that can be played against AI, maybe even with a specific, new civ tailored for that mode, with extra/.unusual powers, techs, units.
Mode would rely on tight cooperation between players and could be a mix of story objective mode and wave defense.

It’s weird that all devs have been so cautious and after all these years we only just now see small experiments like coop missions in 2DE or mentioned challenges in 3DE.

3DE has short and few campaigns and basically, it’s what AoE1 was back in the day- solo skirmish or PvP.
And if there is a ‘AoE bible’ and this can’t change drastically, at least we should get for 3DE things like expanded AI that is:

  • smarter
  • offers few playstyles and general strategies to chose from (focus on land units, on defenses, turtling, rushing)
  • more diverse when it comes to personalities. I’m not even expecting them to be voiced, just new historical figures with new portraits.

A few small QoL features which I already requested a long time ago:

  1. Show Politician/Council Member age up time:
    [UI suggestion] Show Politician/Council Member age up time
  2. Show opponent’s ELO rating in multiplayer game summary:
    Suggestion - Show opponent's ELO rating in multiplayer game summary
  3. Possible improvements in Game Summary:
    QoL Suggestion - Improvement for game summary
  4. Cover mode is not visible in unit stats:
    Cover Mode resistance is not visible in unit stats
  5. Little improvements in main game view:
    [UI Suggestions] Simple changes to main game view from DRONGO UI MOD

I think all these topics are still valid.


…and one fresh idea :wink:
6. Improved starting unit placement around TC:

  • Skirmish Map Selector Coming in November! It was faster than expected, nice guys!

  • And it occurred to me to do this, a concept of an accessibility option dedicated to the customization of minimaps, whether they are colors of resources or terrain, being able to choose between a legacy preset (2005-2007) or one completely customized to your liking!

  • Added another concept done, a completely polished editor adapted for high resolutions!


My reaction is WOW…Amazing! AoE3DE and AoE2DE are the best remasters in the gaming industry!

Well, list of portraits for units - it is suggestion from me)))