New files for new campaign in game data ? New DLC for 1 Year Anniversary of AoEII:DE?

I love drawing. I redraws characters from AoE II DE on paper. To do that, I’m entering campaign files, where all paintings for cutscene are. And for example all campaigns paintings from “Last Khans” DLC are placed in folders called “kcamp”, k stands for “Khans”. Make sense, right ? All “Rise of the Rajas” DLC are placed in folders called “rcamp”, r stands for “Rajas”. And so on. But 21.10, 2 days ago, I noticed 3 new files. They are called “wecamp1”, “wecamp2”, “wecamp3”. So, I think “we” is first 2 letters of new content name that is coming to the game. What is your opinion on that subject ?

Looks like campaign 1 and 3 has 5 mssions and campaign 2 has 6 missions.


Hoping for Chinese, Lithuanians, idk for the third

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I hope that Lithuanians and Chinese will get campaign too. But we really don’t know what’s coming. There is even that small, very small chance that one of those campaign is reserved for new civilization(s).


I find new civs to be highly unlikely. But who knows

Other stuff that I discovered was “battleroyale” and “empireicon” folder. Added in newest patch ofcourse.

That could mean they’re finally implementing that Battle Royale game mode that’s been unused for random map scripts.


They have said no DLC any more… So i hope that we will get free features :smiley:


Yes. Sorry, I refer to DLC as a pack of content. Like The Conquerors, Forgotten, African Kingdoms, Rise of the Rajas, Last Khans and new secret “we” :).

I have question to people who know how Genie Editor works. Code of units 946-1000, 1654-1700 is set named “New Unit”, is this normal ?

I really hope that we will receive more campaigns. Specially one with the lithuanians.

WE could mean many things. Like World Empires? Western Empires? Wololo Empires?


We need more campaigns


Persians perhaps?..

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There is less interesting stuff too. Like scenarios for some bug fixes.

I think this is normal, they are indicator for newly added units. If you add to add majy new units and game crashes at some changes you can look at your units more cleanly without looking at old ones.

Also there is old mechanics and units which can revealed with Genie Editor, like kidnapping and “Monk with ’ Relic” or “”. Kidnapping buggy and Relics with specific civ works like normal relic.

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Crossing my fingers for new civs.

They never said that as far as I know, quite the contrary actually.

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yes it is normal, though we might see tradeworkshop added soon. infact they added in hardcoded market buy/sell into trade workshop starting may patch but its been there since no change for months.

it could be a scenario use only so dont qoute me on it

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While I would like to see new civs, in my oppinion the game balance need to be polished a little bit more before we get to shake it again.
New campaigns would be a good adittion. I would love a ragnar lothbrok campaing.

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I hope for Polish-Lithuanian campaign ( Jogaila campaign ). The battle of Grunwald was the biggest battle in medieval period ( in Europe ) and it’s still not in game.

But anyway, I will be happy any new campaign that will be introduced to the game.


If I put a trade workshop in a scneario, it can be used as market with fixed market prices?? Could you elaborate please, this sounds very interesting as an ocatioanl nothing map creator

they created a few new units, unit entry 1646 and 1647 which did not exist pre May patch. originally sell/buy buttons are only available in unit “market” which are unit entry 82, 116 and 137 unit entries, for the markets feudal/castle and imperial age.

you could not move these sell/buy buttons else where because it is hard coded, meaning even if you were to duplicate the markets, due to entry ID being different, you will not see sell/buy buttons.

now comes may patch, looks like they hard coded sell/buy buttons to entry id 1647 as an addition, I have not tested the new market ID 1646 but its probably there. this suggest they may have a use for trades workshop in the future, or that its only used in an upcoming scenario, no way to know until the time comes.

it can be used as market with fixed market prices??

to your question of “fixed market price”, its not to specific unit entry ID. you set resource ID instead. name of the resource ID is “trade-vig-rate”, set it to 0, buy/sell no longer lose you any resources thus you get a fixed price assuming you sold 100 wood then buy 100 wood, and not with small amounts game doesnt do well with percentage. or you put them in the negative, everytime you buy/sell something you gain gold instead.

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