New Flavour DLCs

Age of Empires 2 is the game with which I first came into contact with the history of mankind in a fun and dynamic way, while I had fun playing with the greatest empires of mankind, like many of us. The initial 13 civilizations are far behind and AoE2 has never had so many civilizations. They are all unique in their own way and with impressive design, graphic and campaign work by the developers.

However, after so many hours played, it gives the feeling of a lack of depth. This is not due to subtle bonuses between civilizations and others, as this is the very essence of AoE2. I have always perceived AoE2 as a complex chess, which allows you to play dozens of different civilizations without each player having to specialize in certain civilizations in particular and being able to enjoy them all equally. On the other hand, I feel that there is a lack of depth that allows a total immersion in the culture of each civilization.

European medieval knights in Asian civilizations? European champions, pikemen and arbalesters in meso civilizations? White villagers in European clothes in African civilizations? Sure you can think of other examples.

Therefore I would like to propose something to the developers of the game. Instead of continuing to add civilizations, how about adding Flavour DLCs? Continuing with the previous examples, you could reskin for Meso, Asian, and African units. Or more music for each civilization. It doesn’t force all players to have this visual change, but it does ensure the economic viability of servers and developers for those looking for a little more depth in their favourite civilization.

What is your opinion?


People have been asking for regional skins for a while now, it’s something the devs should definitely be prioritizing over most of the event mods, because those look stupid.


I’d definitely like this, or at least like it to be possible to do with graphics mods.

It would have to be handled with a lot of care to maintain unit recognition. For example, the Knight line must always be predominantly white, with a progression of no caparison → caparison → caparison and helmet adornments. I’ve seen (data) mods that introduced regional unit graphics, but didn’t consider unit recognition, and consequently were pretty confusing.

Oh dear, does that mean the current event has some stupid-looking mods?

it’s simple

i’m fine with such dlcs as long as it remains client side only, and it’s not tied to not regional skin content.


regional skin for some most used units such as monks/villagers yes.

but no to paying skin only DLC, it has to come with DLC with new civs


Well, this event was surprisingly good, especially the dark knight, but the majority of the event mods and profile icons are trash.

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i disagree. some people simply don’t want skins, or want them taking up space on the PC. Skins should be a completely optional DLC.


As surely as night follows day, so surely were these three words fated to follow such a topic as this.

But yes, would be cool.
And new civs.
And continuing to fix/balance everything that currently exists.


I’ll die in this hill. Implement Independent architecture and units in the vanilla data and let modders do their thing


Considering that the event dresses up different units if you pass the challenges, it wouldn’t surprise me if FE is using this event as an experiment to test the reception of individualized cultural sprites.

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All they add is fancy useless skins.


Precisely. They have no functional use outside of flavor, which makes me think this is a test of culture-specific unit sprites and whether players like them/won’t get confused seeing them instead of the original models. If it goes well, we might see this expanded as a mod/DLC for all units.


You can easily do that with mods, given that some peopel don’t want regional skins.

This would definitely be a cool addition. You could theoretically split it along the architecture groups or have a few units have the same appearance across architecture groups where it makes sense (maybe spearmen appearance is same for Mediterranean as for Western European for example)

Toggleable is probably a must.

No. You can’t. As someone who has actually worked on mods with regional skins, let me tell you why it won’t work. There are two main reasons. First, if you want realistic regional skins, especially if nothing similar exists ingame, you have to make them yourself, which takes a lot of time and/or money. Second, because of how the game is set up, you need to make a data mod to do it, which is incompatible with ranked play. Basically, for regional skins to be a viable thing, the devs need to do it.


My opinion is that every single word you said was right. Yes, we should indeed got different skins and culturel effects.

We love this game!

Many greetings

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Mods are not official content.

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They have now shrunk the sprite file size. No excuse for not adding the new regional skins now.

Idc how small it is. Client side only. Optionsl dlc only. Remember some people are actually concerned with space on their drives

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If they’re so concerned about a game with such a reduced file size now, they shouldn’t even be playing it. And go for AOKHD or something.

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