New fraction - Vikings (?)

Hey guys. I dont know other versions of AOE, but i thought about idea of incoming new fraction: vikings. Is this good idea?

I thought like they have strong ships and bonus to invading enemy terrytory (aggresive).
Any other ideas about special units/bonuses ;)?


Bersherk, Longboat, wooden log architecture, Viking raids, Runes

Scandinavians - name of this civ

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Yes I would love that. Would also be better if Vikings in AoE4 were vikings as a whole and not just that unique unit. I can see bonuses like:

  • Valhalla. Units do not fear death, loss of health compensated with +damage or attack speed
  • Villagers can turn into stronger melee units
  • Charging with units are stronger that can also have a debuff aura to nearby enemies.
  • Better transport ships
  • Runes. Require ‘battles’, which is something you earn after battle. A building that give bonuses based on how well that battle went in your favor. When building a Rune you can pick what battle you want it to represent, each giving you different bonuses. You can only have a limited set of runes and not in the same area of the map.

I wonder if they should have a penalty like no heavy armor man-at-arms class, but a stronger light armor unit.


Also acceptable: the Norse.

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Apparently this “yet another new civ thread” didnt get locked since it’s not about the Byzantines.

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I think one thread per new civ is about right, no?

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Along with this civ, the Polish-Lithuanian Union civ could also appear in a joint DLC - The Baltic Warriors DLC.


There have been multiple threads to this topic already.

  1. The name “Vikings” is wrong, it’s basically a job description, that would be like naming the French “Knights”. The developers already confirmed that they will be named Danes and they already have a small appearance in the campaign.
  2. All the things the “Vikings” are famous for happened in the Dark Age. That wouldn’t make for a good civilisation.

They are basically anachronistic.
The game AoE4 clearly focuses on the time 1000-1500 AD but the Viking Age ends in 1066 AD. But still 100 years before that in 965 Denmark was officially Christianized under Harald Bluetooth (yes the technology is named after him).
The Viking Age literally ends exactly before the first mission of the Norman campaign with the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

And please don’t bring the argument that some civilisations have earlier start dates listed. Those are start dates.
Also basically all technology is between 1000-1500 AD.

I’m not saying the Danes should not be added to the game.
What I’m saying is that between Cannons and Vikings are 400 years. So they shouldn’t exist next to each other in Imperial Age.
Even knights and “Vikings” barely existed at the same time. But certainly not knights in plate armour.


And to this I will add other suggestions:

  1. Byzantine Empire & Turks - The Fall of Constantinople DLC
  2. Iberian Catholic Kingdoms & Emirate of Cordoba - The Reconquista DLC
  3. Tsardom of Bulgaria & Saint Stephen’s Crown - The Raiders from East DLC
  4. Kingdom of Portugal & Italians - The Ancestors of Progress DLC
  5. Morocco & Persian Empire - The Sandstorm DLC
  6. Ethiopia & Songhai - The Golden Kingdoms DLC
  7. Kingdom of Congo & Kingdom of Zimbabwe - The African Kingdoms DLC
  8. Japanese & Vietnamese - The Rising Empires DLC
  9. Vijayanagara Empire & Ayutthaya Kingdom - The Riches of the Maharajas DLC
  10. Mesoamerica & Andes - The New World DLC

It’s Turks / Ottoman Empire, not Byzantines…

Before I say anything I’m going to clarify that I am a big fan of Scandanavian history and Norse mythology. So much so that I was offered a position at a university to be a professor on the subject. So yeah, I’d love a Scandanavian civ.

The main issue is the time period. The first age would be what people call the “Viking” age (even though Vikingr is a job). The feudal age wouldn’t be the golden age of the “Vikings” but it would be in the times of Harald Hardrada.

From the castle age and forward though it would be the Christianization and Europeanization time period. Denmark would become a Kingdom (or the Kalmar Union, depends on the time frame). Back then they were more focused on trade.

Somehow they’d have to balance a super offensive civ that turns into a trade civ. Don’t know how it’ll work but if they play their cards right it will. Just PLEASE don’t call it “Vikings,” devs. Please.

Edit: Just came up with one idea, let them have shrines until the feudal age where they upgrade to Monasteries.

The Dark Age in AoE4 ends in 1000AD (or even later).
The Norman campaign starts in the Dark Age and it’s directly after Harald Hardrada death.

Also most civilisations don’t have churches before the Castle Age anyway.

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Holy ■■■■, that’s a lot later than I thought.

Meant to say they should have churches in the imperial. It’s be a major downside, but I think all civs should have one downside or another.

I would check this one post when it comes to this topic. A few of us have gotten to brainstorming and the concept is turning out really cool

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