New Gaelic Mercenary Units and Minor House of Stuart

Gallowglass could be very cool. However, I think they should be introduced along with the Irish Kern (a javelineer). Historically the two unit often operated in tandem with each other.


I love it! I was looking for a third unit to add and I completely forgot about the kern!!! Yes, that would be fantastic! And maybe they get some kind of buff if paired together? Like a slight attack or armor boost?

I think to balance this unit within the game I’d suggest it acts as a strong counter to all cavalry units but be weak against most other units.

Redshank stats I’d suggest:

Cost: 55 food + 45 wood

Hitpoints: 130
Melee resistance: 30%
Speed: 5

Melee attack: 11 (dealt by a two handed Claymore)
Area of effect: 1
Rate of fire: 1.5
Multipliers: x4 against hand cavalry / x3 against shock infantry / x0.66 against artillery

Range attack: 6 (dealt by a bow and arrow)
Attack range: 2-14
Rate of fire: 1.5
Multipliers: x5 against ranged cavalry / x3 against ranged shock infantry

Siege damage: 23
Attack range: 6
Rate of fire: 3

Redshanks should loose especially badly against musketeers, skirmishers and artillery.

This is just my opinion. It would need in game testing to balance the unit correctly. Dragoon type units would probably need a negative multiplier against them. What are you thoughts @Scottish_Pagan ??

I like the idea of the Gallowglass, but I’m not sure what weapon to depict them with. There are records of them wilding axes from their Norse roots so maybe that could be their weapon of choice in this context.

From the point of view within the game I’d probably cross them between a Doppelsoldner and a House of Wettin Trabant. Maybe to make their purpose more unique give them a high base damaged and hitpoints but no multipliers. Give them an aura that protects allied units slightly as well. And have them cost two pop

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I get what you’re wanting. And I think it could work, but I think the attack value and health might be low, in my opinion.

Redshanks were used as more shock infantry historically speaking and usually took on other infantry. While other troops, like pikemen, would handle cavalry. They would use their bows on the battlefield but once the fighting got heated up they would charge the enemy infantry with their swords after a good softening with arrows.

I would before then to work as they did historically speaking but as long as the come to the game and aren’t “cannon fodder” I’m perfectly happy with whatever they decide to make them effective against.

I’ve also found in my studies that they most often used their bows when ambushing the enemy in an attempt to disrupt them before a battle or to cut off supplies. But on the battlefield they preferred to get up close and personal with the enemy.

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Yes the Gallowglass were known to use the Sparth Axe (pictured below) and the Gallowglass sword which was very much derived for the Scottish Claymore.

I think that they way you describe them would work well. I feel if either the Redshanks of the Gallowglass would be anti cav it would be the Gallowglass. They operated rather similar to the Redshanks but where the Redshanks were more shock infantry the Gallowglass were heavy infantry and had axes that could reach over 6 feet in haft length. Making them perfect for nocking riders from their mounts. And if they do alternate between the sword and axe (like some existing units in melee) then that would just be visual.

But I think that since the Gallowglass fought in heavier army are are historically known to have fought Cav as well as infantry I would say they would be the best bet

As for pop cost I would say Redshanks are 2 and Gallowglass are 3


Of course those are just my personal opinions. As I stated I’m just going to be happy if they add them to the game. They can make them effective against whatever they want. As long as the weapons are right, the armor is right, and they are in the game I’ll be happy :joy:

You could have a bit of fun with the Kern by using the fact fact that it used darts/spears to throw at the enemy to make it a homage to AoE2 skirmishers, by having as a counter-skirmisher (as aoe2 skirms counter archers)

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Including the Stuart dynasty, European royal families during this period can also consider the Hunyadi dynasty, which was the rise of Hungary for a while, the early Rurik dynasty in Moscow, and the Medici dynasty in Italy


Not a bad idea. You could have a short-range but fast anti-LI counter-skirmisher (Kern) supporting a high-damage melee HI (Gallowglass). The entire composition basically plays on the idea of getting close to the enemy (sort of like a theoretical Urumi and Rajput composition).

Agreed for Hunyadi and Stuart, as these are both notable political groups in Europe (for their time) that lacks representation in AOE3. I would also support the representation of the Zaporizhian Hetmanate as a minor civ representative of the Ruthenians. But it may be a bit sensitive considering current political events…


In short, it is necessary for developers to add more Scottish units and Irish units This will make it more interesting(New royal house concept:The House of Stuart We need all new Native minor and all New more European royal house’s and rework)


I love that idea! I think that would be awesome! I really miss AoE 2 skirmishers lol

I love that idea. The Medici could have a lot of cool condottiere and have upgrades for coin production! I know a little bit about the other Houses but not enough to have an opinion on them but the more we have the better

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Absolutely! I went and gave that post a like a few days ago! Fingers crossed that we get what we want!

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Basically you want to turn a badass dude holding a Claymore and a bow into an Azap. :frowning:

If they have a charged ability that makes them slightly better than other Royal House. Maybe a crit chance.
Azap with Crit chance would be rad since they cant stance change to switch resistances.

Yeah, more minor civs would be really nice. South America, Asia and Africa need more minor civs as well, maybe there could be a mini-DLC adding minor civs for all regions?

I wouldn’t know what units it could have, but a House of Bragança minor civ could potentially show up in both European and Brazilian maps (idk what European ones it would fit besides Portugal though).

Yeah, it would be interesting.


I like to think more Azap or Iron Troop - whichever? Basically Redshanks weren’t stupid and if they could inflict damage from afar with a weedy bow and arrow they would, though they were also fearsome in melee with claymore or Lochaber axe (I think it would actually be more fun with these Scottish axes).

Yes a charged ability could work well - maybe ‘Highland Charge’ where it’s slightly like the Carolean one.


Hey now mate, don’t go messing with my claymore lol

I think the Stuart Royal House along with the Tudor Royal House should be paired on every map of the British Isles. On the map of England, I would also keep Hannover Royal House there. This would make maps from the British Isles even more authentic.

I think the Hungarian Royal House could bring with it the famous Corvinus Black Army. Here is my wish list of brand new Royal Houses:

New Royal Houses:

  1. House of Ascania - Anhalt, Saxony, Brandenburg, Saxony-Lauenburg, Lüneburg
  2. House of Nassau - Netherlands, England, Scotland, Luxembourg, Orania, Nassau
  3. House of Luxembourg - Holy Roman Empire, Austria, Bohemia, Hungary, Croatia, France, Luxembourg
  4. House of Hochberg - Silesia
  5. House of Hohenzollern - Brandenburg, Prussia, the German Empire, and Romania
  6. House of Ottoman - Ottoman Empire (more focused on the European part of the Ottoman Empire)
  7. House of Sforza - Italy
  8. House of Medici - Italy
  9. House of Savoy - Italy, Spain
  10. House of Tudor - Scotland, England, Ireland, Great Britain
  11. House of Stuart - Scotland, England, Ireland, Great Britain
  12. House of Trastámara - Castile, Aragon, Sicily, Spain
  13. House of Piast - Silesia, Masovia
  14. House of Rurik - Ruthenia, Russia
  15. House of Romanov - Russian Empire
  16. House of Borgia - Aragon, Papal State

The Medici Royal House could give limited access to the improved Lombard to everyone allied with them on the map - as Lombard Wagoon. The Medicis were also Grand Dukes of Tuscany so a reference to that fact would also be cool.

I think all these regions are just a matter of time. Any update of these areas would work together with the new DLCs - there is no point counting on a free update alone.

It would be nice - then, together with my ideas above, there would probably be a set of Royal Houses for European maps.


I absolutely love everything you just said. I’m really wanting the House of Stuart but I do agree with all the ones you listed as well. I think it would make the maps feel more alive and add more playable options. The amount of new improvements, units, and other additions would simply make the game feel better than it’s current state

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