New game balance mod available: Infantry Overhaul


Hello! I have a new mod for buffing the Militia line to make it more usable in between early Feudal Age and late Imperial Age by making it cost-effective versus the Knight line when it outnumbers Knights by 2:1, among other changes. There is also a supplemental tooltip mod for updating tech trees according to the mod’s changes.

Infantry Overhaul
Infantry Overhaul Tooltip

Change List

  • Long Swordsman/Two-Handed Swordsman and Champion have 1 and 2 melee armor. Up from 0 and 1.
  • Supplies for all non-Eagle Warrior Infantry civilizations is free: Bulgarians, Celts, Japanese, Malians, Slavs, Teutons, and Vikings.
  • Supplies reduces the food cost of the Militia line and Unique infantry units by 25%.
  • Scale Mail Armor for Slavs is free.
  • Berserk, Huskarl, Elite Huskarl, Woad Raider, and Elite Woad Raider have 1 melee armor. Up from 0.

Thank you for your time. Please try the mod and leave your feedback!