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NEW Game Mode: Points

Specially oriented for FFA or 3+ teams games. Also makes revolutions more attractive.
Earn points by gaining experience and fighting. The first player or team of players to reach the limit of points wins. If activated, and the time runs out, the player or team of players with more points wins.

Special rules for xp to points conversion:

  • Converted points by economy’s XP is x0.5
  • Converted points by killing units’ XP is x2
  • Converted points by destroying buildings’ XP is x4
  • Converted points from trade routes’ XP is x10

Note: points does not decrease, but are accumulated by gaining xp.
Remember xp is NOT modified, therefore the usual flow of shipments remains untouched.

Special rules (deactivable): Player’s initial TC is invulnerable, and so is every own villager inside its radius. Radius is visible without having to select initial’s town center

  • Note: other buildings and other TC’s are not invulnerable, neither their radius provides invulnerability


(Obligatory slider) Rules: No time limit, No point limit, Classic (point and time limit are activated)
(Obligatory slider) Max Duration: 10/15/20/30/40/60/90/120 minutes
(Obligatory slider) Point Limits: 50.000/80.000/150.000/200.000/400.000
(Obligatory slider) Starting Age
(Obligatory slider) Map Type/Group
(Options): No teams, Special TC Rules disabled, Handicap, Record Game, Speed,

Note: new options are in [b]strong[/b]

MAKE IT HAPPEN. Copy and paste this proposed game mode everywhere you think the devs would listen, so they can be aware of it and make it happen! :cat:
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wow. absolutely nobody replied to this in a full week. devastated

Yeah, judging by that it seems clear this game mode is not worth implementing. Sorry.

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Truth is, nobody plays most variant games mode like king of the hill.

So it is really doubtful a new game mode would attract any kind of interest in the player base.

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Could make for a fun scenario

I cant support a new game mode, when still on definitive edition, there are game modes that are abandoned, not any changed has been seen.

Please devs, work on king of hill - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

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