New Generic Unit ideas

I made a thread about Unique Units ideas for all civilisations for the upcoming Return of Rome DLC but a lot of the conversation was about changes to generic units.

New Upgrades

Heavy Axeman

  • Upgrade for the Axeman
  • Available in the Iron Age
  • Could be especially interesting if Central/Northern European Civilisations are added.
  • There might be a better name for it

Iron Bullet Slinger

  • Upgrade for the Slinger
  • Costs change from Stone to Gold (because the ammunition changes to Iron Bullets)
  • Range increases significantly
  • Bonus damage against Archers increased

Auxiliary Bowman

  • Upgrade to the Bowman
  • Available in Iron Age
  • Weaker then Composite Bowman
  • Designed as a ranged option for civilisation that don’t have any good ranged units right now

Recurved Bowman

  • Upgrade from the Composite Bowman
  • Increases range and damage a little
  • The HP should be increased more to counter the new Anti Archer units better

Heavy Chariot Archer

  • Upgrade to the Chariot Archer
  • Shouldn’t make it that much stronger because the unit is cheap
  • Careful to not make it available to too many civilisations
  • Might be more reasonable if the Anti Archer units I propose are also added

Ballista Elephant

  • Upgrade to Elephant Archer
  • Higher damage but lower rate of fire
  • Might be more reasonable if the Anti Archer units I propose are also added

Light Cavalry

  • Upgrade for the Scout
  • Available in Iron Age
  • Fastest unit next to the Heavy Horse Archer
  • Decent attack but low HP

Camel Lancer

  • Upgrade to the Camel Rider
  • Increased attack and Speed
  • Able to outrun all cavalry but Heavy Horse Archers and Light Cavalry
  • Increased attack bonus against cavalry
  • Charged attack like Coustillier from AoE2

New Generic Unit Lines


  • Start in Bronze Age
  • Bonus damage against Cavalry
  • Has a more Eastern/Asian look
  • Costs Gold (unlike the AoE2 equivalent)
  • Has a good base damage unlike AoE2 Spearman Line


  • Starts in Bronze Age
  • Bonus damage against Archers
  • Maybe also Bonus damage against Cavalry to be the Chariot Archer and Elephant Archer killer
  • Costs Gold (unlike the AoE2 equivalent)

Battering Ram

  • Melee anti building unit
  • Negative melee armour
  • Very high piercing armour

Regional Units

Hoplite Line

  • Now only available to Mediterranean civilisations (the Centurion is already only available to only 2 none Mediterranean civilisations)
  • The Centurion gets renamed to the name Macedonian soldier fighting in a Phalanx that can’t be named here because it’s censored for whatever reason.

The Elephants

  • They are already not available to many civilisations so they could be considered a regional unit


  • Available to Asian Civilisations in Iron Age (Potentially also the Greeks or Macedonians)
  • Low rate of fire but high damage
  • Therefor good against armoured units

Halberdier (Ji)

  • Available to Asian Civilisations in Bronze Age (with upgrade in Iron Age)
  • Alternative to the Spearman idea
  • Anti cavalry Infantry
  • Has a good base damage unlike AoE2 Spearman Line

New Regional units for new regions like Central Europe, South and South East Asia or the Americas would be a good idea if they get added at some point.

I had to remove two names because of censorship. No idea what kinda word they wanted to filter, considering that one of them was just two letters (that also happen to be the abbreviation of General Electric).
πεζέταιροι and 戈.
Would be nice if the censor system wouldn’t also delete other character like brackets and new lines to completely ruin my formatting, thanks.


A lot of these concepts are covered here (with cool art reflecting the games artstyle) Beyond the Indus - Manual.pdf - Google Drive

I hope one day we do see some of these, would flesh out some of the unit lines a bit better.

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I read that a while ago.
Many of my ideas aren’t that innovative, others had them before.

I guess the most unique concept I have is that I give Tool Age units an Iron Age upgrade without a Bronze Age upgrade.

The idea is that you are supposed to switch to Bronze Age units when you get into Bronze Age. If the Tool Age units had upgrades they would be too powerful to make it worth switching.
But most Bronze Age units are completely useless in Iron Age but I wanted to have alternatives to Chariots in Trash Wars.