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Please help. Last year i encountered an issue with Black Screen and game crashing. It happens so often that i basically can’t play the game AT ALL!

I learned it was the Graphics Card that was causing the problem. I own RX 590, which goes up to 84°C, and i am suspicious that the temperature is causing these crashes. I was planning on getting RX 6600 XT Sapphire Nitro OC, and was wondering if anyone with the said GPU has encountered any such issues.

I was wondering if buying this particular model would solve the issue and FINALLY let me play the game. Thank you!

only have this problem in age of empire IV ?

It occurred in other situations too, but very rarely. In this game it happens every time i play, mostly after playing longer than 10 minutes. After that i must restart my PC

If you are having issues with GPU temps, what makes you think a more powerful, hotter GPU will fix them?

If I were you, before throwing my cash in a dumpster and setting it on fire, I would start analyzing what case you have, what’s its airflow like and once that’s no longer an issue, I would take your RX590 apart, clean up the old and probably dried out thermal paste and apply fresh one, hopefully from a good brand. Finally, 84C is within the normal operating range for a GPU so if it’s crashing at that temp, you have a defective card, not a temperature issue.

My old 2060 got to 80+ and the 6800XT I recently briefly peaks to 90C in benchmarks. No throttling and no crashes. I live in a hot place so those temps are relatively normal with my crappy oven-like case.

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An RX 590 has an approximate TDP of 225 W (Round to 250W in unusual consumption peaks), While the 6600 XT has a TDP of 160W ( Maybe 190-200W in possible peaks) As you see the 6600 XT is much more efficient compared to the 590 in profit terms, but that watt difference is not going to work miracles, most likely you will still have high temperatures in either of these two models, keep in mind that AoE IV doubles the GPU Usage when you move the camera around the map, so x2 GPU USAGE = Double watt consumption = more heat. Remove the lid from the cabinet and play again while you control the temperatures, if these drastically lowered means that you have air flow problems, so before putting a GPU so would change the cabinet.

pd: RX 6600 XT Sapphire Nitro OC It comes with a factory overclock = a little more consumption, and as if that were not enough, it is a model with 2-fan cooling.

If I’m honest with you, as a personal opinion, try to avoid AMD in terms of GPU, their drivers are hell, I know many users who have constant crashes in many games because of AMD drivers.

You are right. I immediately assumed that the newer card would put out more heat, but that being said, TPD in GPUs is often useless since virtually every GPU has its own cooler design. You could have the most efficient, lowest TDP GPU with the worst cooler and it would overheat or you could have two identical RX590 cards from XFX and MSI, with completely different heatsinks and fan layouts which would behave completely different in your case. Using TDP as your “thermal baseline” works if, say, you are swapping CPUs while keeping the same cooler, which is something you can’t really do with GPUs unless you have an expensive DIY water cooling setup.

My 6800XT has almost double the TDP of my former 2060, and gaming temps hover around the same numbers, give or take a few degrees. Of course the extra ~150W of heat are going somewhere else and that’s where good airflow comes into play.

I have been a fan of Nvidia for ages but stupid GPU prices “forced” me to switch to team red and I haven’t had issues with AMD drivers. I think at this point whoever says this is just propagating an old urban myth. AMD drivers used to be crap but have been pretty good for years now. The few glitches I’ve found are not worse than those I had with my 2060 and its drivers.

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Thank you for explaining your experiences. I will try to play the game again and test the temperature with open case, see if it changes anything, but usually this was not a problem in any games other than AoE 4. I was wondering if there are other players out there who have this issue with AMD/Nvidia cards.

So you are saying that 225 W consumption would go up to 450 W just when moving my screen? If this is the case then with my 600W PSU i see it would be an issue. What specifications do you have for this game?

the gpu gets used harder yes, but not to 450 watts, thats just misleading, its still around tdp for power draw instead the memory bus gets choked regardless of card used, that issue is specific to aoe4, this game is very agressive on vram usage, i only have 4K data from few sources but its always in region of 10 gb, then it occasionally spikes way above that for a few miliseconds, then drops back down, its all in optimization (or rather, lack there of), that problem is for some reason even worse when having water in view

Yeah but even in this case the game should work well and not crash, especially if the frame rate is stable and decent. I was planning to get a new GPU anyways, but i would like to play this game and it would be a shame if i still had the same issue on the new one. I am not sure if many players experience this issue but i feel like i am not alone on this.

aoe4 does love to crash, i use a bottom end system myself so ik well how prone it is to crashing (i7 8565U + MX250)
completing more than 1 match, or campaign level, at lowest settings, without crashing is an achievement

I had no luck completing a single match before it all goes black. Its sad when you think about it, to spend money and cannot even play the game you like :frowning:

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So, i have tried playing this game again, and after about 10-15 minutes of playing, the game crashed and this is the error i get:


Don’t use AoE4 to isolate the problem. Run benchmarks. Try any of the free or trial benchmark software, let it run for a while, ideally 10+ minutes torturing the GPU. It should NOT crash. If it does, you either have a temperature issue or a defective GPU.

Temps could go all the way to ~100C and GPUs should throttle, not crash. You can try undervolting your card, even if it’s actually defective, so you take away some of the heat and stress it’s causing it to crash, but in the end we are basing ourselves on assumptions here. Until you pinpoint your exact issue, I would not spend a cent on a new card as you could have exactly the same problem with it.

Thanks for the advice. Do you have any such software to recommend?

This is a good start and you can customize how long you want to leave it running: UNIGINE Benchmarks

The idea is to torture-test the GPU, so max everything out. Get something like MSI afterburner with Rivatuner to monitor CPU and GPU temps while it runs so you write down if/when it crashes. Let us know how it goes. Leave it for like 15 min which is around the time you mention it tends to crash in AoE.

But for you to consume 450W AoE IV first your GPU in the game without moving the camera has to be 50-60%, so that when you move it go to 80-90%, and for your gpu to 100% charge consume that monstrous amount of watts has to have a tdp of 450W, and the one that only consumes approximately 450W is the 4090 (Surely more in the future its model Ti, I do not know when consumes the RX 7900), But a GPU with 450W will not need to give all its power to run AoE IV haha, has a raster power too gross, maybe I use 20-30% and when you move the camera it goes 40-50% in 4K…

The doubled consumption should be much more pronounced in the 9-10-20 series and the equivalent to AMD.

If you want a smooth experience in AoE IV with maxed out graphics you have to think about a GPU that is good at brute force as this game doesn’t have DLSS.

Here is a sample of how consumption doubles when moving the camera.


And if you are thinking of a GPU that consumes 450W, you should not be with 650W.


I think i misunderstood what you were saying earlier. Either way, my current GPU should not use more than 250W at max capacity, right? The PSU shouldn’t be the problem in this case

Thanks, i will try it and see what happens

I have tested Unigine benchmarks, and these are my results:

As you can see, the temperature never went above 79 degrees, while the utilization was mostly around 95-100%. I ran benchmark 3 times, and no Crashes/Black Screens were encountered.