NEW Greek unit


What unit are those? They have a spear and a shield.

-Hoplites? No.

-Poseidon militia? No, this image corresponds to Hades, and Poseidon militia had no armor.

-Peltast? Maybe, but, they don´t seem like peltast. They don´t have their iconic cloak.


And in the complete image, we see peltast too and they maintain their desing with the iconic cloak.

So, a new greek unit?? Please opinions.


For me they are Peltasts but you can’t see their cape since they are facing you, although I don’t rule out that it is a new melee unit like the Phalanx of the Expanded mod…for example they are going to give to the Norse the Bondi…AoM Retold seems like it will incorporate many things from the Expanded Mod to rebalance the game…


I always doubt if they are peltasts or not. But the peltast cloak is very bulky and difficult to hide

I zoomed in and you can barely see the cape behind them…they are Peltasts (maybe Phalanx?) but with a small cape…

Looks like peltasts
I feel they are forcing a more “standardized” style on each civ, just like the excessive use of horned helmets in Norse (compared to original).

They are 100% peltasts.

Yes, perhaps it is for reasons of seeing the units better…

The problem is that those units don’t have peltast capes

If they are peltasts, in that specific position, you can’t see their large cape, and it’s strange because it’s big

Yes, they have a cape but it seems little. If they are peltast, They have a perfect position and hide their cape.

I mean they modified the original peltast model (eg made the cape smaller) to fit in their new art theme.

The fourth image in my main post shows several peltast. They remain having the large cape.

For me they don’t have to have capes to be peltast as long as they throw spears…

Also normally capes would move anyway and wouldn’t stuck wide behind you so maybe this shows they have simple physics? Would be kinda cool if that’s case.

New units would be also cool to see but this is definitely peltast i agree.

Maybe the cape depends on unit upgrades and isn’t just always there?

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@EverybodysFoo1 @Skadidesu The problem is that in the same image we can see other peltast too, and they have their iconic cape.

Of course, it’s a whole topic…later when the game comes out we’ll see what units they are…

Are you sure they aren’t just myrmidons?

Yes, they have spears.



It doesn’t look…

There is still a chance that those are two players with the same colour but that would be a strange choice.

Probably it’s just a perspective thing that makes the cape less visible from this angle because it’s clearly still there, just not very big.