New Hotkeys

I think some hotkeys like select all of could really do good for the game. Would make easier to keep stuff in control groups without having to do a bunch of ctrl + shift # stuff.

A basic setup would be broken in

  • Cavalry
  • Infantry
  • Archers
  • Siege

But a more advanced setup could

  • Light/Heavy Infantry
  • Light/Heavy Cavalry
  • Anti Light/Anti Heavy Archers
  • Anti Siege/Siege

It wouldn’t have a default value, but just the possibility to use it would be great.


Generally, I will spread out the army in two places, one attacking and the other defending, but that suits me better with more control groups, especially for water maps

This would be very cool to have indeed.
I think the best way to implement it would be to have unit-type filters hotkeys. This way, you could have two complex armies, yet have their respective archers, spearmen, springalds, etc accessible. The most obvious way of implementing these would be to have preset filters in the hotkey options, but it might also be useful to rearrange which units that are on which filters as the game goes on. It’d be like sub-control groups in a sense that would foster better control of split armies. This would be an anti-deathball mechanic as well, which is nice.

I believe the main irreplacable function for the standard hotkeys is army position / intent ( raid, main army, defence squad etc), as unit types is something that’s generally a constant in comparision.

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I would add that it could be remapped to be able to select economic and military buildings instead of by age. With yours and mine the hotkeys would be complete.