New map spotted: Saharan Routes - Lost

One of the new maps that are coming in the newest update is Saharan Routes, a kind of silk route but with some TP spots where you can build rather than capture. The latest PUP update introduced a new variation, and it seems it has interesting mechanics:

Could Lost be the new game mode? Right now it only appears in one map, so I don’t think it will, unless devs wanted to give it the Regicide treatment. What do you think? The map itself have some unique treasures and it plays really fun, changing the dynamic of the first age.


Well spotted, probably it is.

I will check it now

Didn’t they say we’re gonna be getting a new game mode in the future? LOST could be it. By the looks of the screenshot treasures will be many and close to each other on this map. Maybe you start with no resources nor town center, and you need to grab as many treasures early game as possible in order to build your TC. A slower starting game with a treasure rush.

time for china Gren rush on the ladder

where you can select the map? I only find Saharan Routes

Sounds fun. Plays on the strength of aoe3.

according to Vividly it is not the new game mode.

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Its not the new game mode, it seems


Where’s that from?

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Official discord, Vividlyplain is one of the devs

Oh! I should go over there :slight_smile:

Its on the latest update to the pup, right besides saharan routes

I got it, it’s only in MP

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lost maps start only with explorer and need get wood for get tower center

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Is not kinda unbalanced when Aztecs get a healer and eagle scout, Native Americans can get human guardians, African heroes use chaos, Spanish can train dogs, and so on…? vs most vanilla Explorers?

Seems that the Explorers cards at least will be useful for something.

so atleast from my limited experience, depending on the ver of the map (needing to have vil treasures)

if have vil treasures, then maybe china and russia are best(maybe aztec as well though i never see it get played) cause you can get to 200-250 wood and then spam 300 wood shipments to get the wood for a tc

technically any civ can do it but china’s monk is a tank and if u get a healer then they can just clear treasures really fast.

Russia gets the benefit of the age 1 explorer card which gives bonus against guardians and a dog which increases treasure kill speed.

Azzy won’t have the warrior priest until their first TC is constructed. And with a casual/fun map it’s certainly not going to be perfectly balanced.

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precisa desativar a carta que da 2x mais recurso dos tesouros dos japoneses e dos lakotas, ajudara mais no equilibrio desse mapa desativar também a carta que mostra as posições dos jogadores do estados unidos e lakotas, acho que hausa e Etiópia são muito OP nesse mapa eu digo isso @vividlyplain pois ja joguei nos mapas de ´´lost´´ acho que ja joguei com todas as civilizações mais os exploradores africanos são estupidamente fortes. no age antigo eu estava em um clan onde so poderia jogar com civilizações europeias

You can’t receive shipments before you have a shipment point and it’s only available in multiplayer lobbies. Therefore, it’s an unranked map and you can choose which civs you play against by asking people to change or leaving the lobby, etc.


ahhhhhhh ok agora compreendoOIP