New maps and stuff coming to AoE II

Hello everyone,
as always before update devs put some files that will be later used in game. That’s how we predicted first DLC, new events, etc.

1. First of all, new event is coming and that’s the clue.
PR7-055 PR7-053 PR7-054

2. Another thing I found in strings file is new game mode: “Challenge Scenarios”.
Probably gamemode where we can find Barbarossa Brawl and Mongol Raid. And maybe new ones.

3. And new maps:

  1. Random Match/Map:
  • team Moats
  • Volcanic Island
  • Crater
  • Crossroads
  • Michi

For now It’s all, but I’m going to mine more 11


Is that a jester in the first pic?

It is John The Fearless. What is unique here, he has red colour, why in game player control him [ Burgundian civ ] in purple.


john the fearless from the burgundian campaign.

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Also It seems like challange scenarios will have their own tab with new game mode.

IDS_NEW_GAME_MODE “New game mode!”

They are probably copycats of existing maps from the community? Which map is which?

I really hope that they wont put Michi into the map pool. That sounds terrible.


Speak for yourself :stuck_out_tongue: I’m rather excited about it :slight_smile:


Also they added a new option to view building range indicators. Can be enabled “always” or “on selection”.


I did give my own opinion, isnt it?! :stuck_out_tongue:

So age of mandela mod makes it into the base game? Pretty sweet, but i also think there will be a lot of hate, because people considered this mod as cheating.

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I think that’d be hilarious. Can you imagine pro Michi tourneys? XD

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I hope the official Michi is going to be as good as Zetnus’ version.


Literally as the AOE 3 DE new mechanic introduced a month ago 11

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If this is true you should only be able to use it on your own buildings not on your enemies. I see why people consider it cheating. It should be down to experience/intuition to know whether or not your units are visible to enemy buildings. Aside from this even the uncertainty is just part of the game. This takes away part of the risk and charm from the game in my opinion. Not everything should be known 100% in number or UI you should have to feel some things.

EDIT: Tested it. I misunderstood it’s attack range of the building not view range. I still feel the same way about it though.

is that and smurf dress?

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15th French fashion, but You are right - inspired by smurfs for sure 11

I thing its one of those decisions where hey cant prevent/police players using the mod so they make it availabld for everyone. Still its a shame shoulddnt be in the game.


Updating the maps
rm_volcanic_island rm_crater rm_crossroads rm_michi rm_team_moats


I really hope Michi will be in the teamgame map pool.

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To be honest I thought half of those maps were already in the game :sweat_smile:.
(Wasn’t Michi already in the special maps in the HD Edition? :thinking:)

I’m glad they made those maps “canon” by putting them in the game! Some of them I am looking forward to have teamgames on.

However, all of them don’t really seem that exciting to me as 1v1 maps. I was really enjoying the addition of Atacama in the last update as it rewarded a lot of good decision making and aggression. I don’t see that in those maps. Hopefully more tournament maps will be made into standard maps in the future…

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Blackforest except you are forced to wait to fight
Michi in a nutshell