New Mongols Lancers - Keshik need to be tuned down

Let’s hope devs beef Keshik’s HP or other areas.
It really needs some kind of buff.
Mangudai too.

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does keshiks siege attack speed increase with the techs too?
Edit:Answer is yes i looked to it so they do faster siege attack count that too

What you said above, “a technology in castle improves hp” does not exist in current PUP. I agree it would balance Mongols’ cavalry combination in castle age.

Similar to Rus’s “Boyar’s Fortitude”(Increase the health of Rus cavalry by +30.)

Keshik should be an option not a limitation.


Keshik is a god awful unit and to say otherwise is just cope. if you think the 3hp steal is broken you need help. Maybe if there was a training dummy I Could beat on to get my HP back ok but non one is letting you beat on walls for free. and hitting 6 deer for 18 HP is a joke for 1 unit. Mongols where supposed to get a buff but like every patch since season 1 they get another nerf. Its clear the Devs hate Mongol mains.


of course, first patch that is not on the top, it is a tremendous offense to the game

Who cares what Civ is top in Diamond and below skill gap is a far bigger variable then some fine tuning. As well pointing out your stats dosn’t take away from the argument I made Keshik is simply a nerf. I don’t mind playing Delhi season 5 but I would enjoy the game more if Mongol’s where more balanced.


Yep, don’t mind Hasan|Chess.
He and Gorbmorg always say everything is good.
When things arent that good or at least need changes.

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when the camel archer was cheap and they abused it, and when they abused healing elephants in battle, sooner rather than later they eradicated that, so request everything you wish

Just watch this match too
at 10:00 Keshigs will be obliterated into ashes by horsemen…
Keshigs lost against Delhi Ghazi raiders xD

Just imagine, horsemen, are outperforming the Keshigs xD
And you say Keshigs are good and reliable…
Ahhh the classic from you always.
It is just funny.
I know you don’t like the Mongols and you always propose a nerf to them…

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before patch I imagined keshigs being trash on late game where burst dmg dominate via hc and siege but cmon this is ridiculous. early game?! vs horsemen?!! I hate seeing UU being treated as the inferior version of the generic one on aoe 4.


I am not a developer, convincing me will not be useful, you can discuss all you want as a janissary, however I leave you this gift

11 keshik vs 18 man-at-arms :wink:

and man-at-arms wins over Ghazi, conclusion?

Yeah I cant ever see Feudal lancers being balanced for the mongols with double production, seems like an unecessary change. If they want to push mongol cavalry they should add a unique tech or something.

Generic lancer beats both!
Keshig only beats MAA
But loses to Ghazi Raiders!
That means Keshig is worst heavy cavalry in the game and probably the worst unit in the game.

Thanks for double proofing my point!

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They should have improved the Mongol Horsemen.
I think that would have been a better solution to make the Mongols a better cavalry civ.
Horsemen are faster and better raiders than Keshig.

xd :laughing:
if 8 > 7 and 7 > 6 then 8 > 6 :wink: :wink:

Yes. Keshik in current PUP is nerf to Mongols.

How can you call Mongols a cavalry civ while other Rus and French have strong knights and Mongols doesn’t? Keshik as heavy cavalry is not qualified, and Mongols have no heavier cavalry now.

Life-stealing is cool, of raiding spirit, it’s a unique symbol! But with the decrease of HP and attack? Not pratical at all.

Weakest Knights and average horseman, with these Mongols is only a half-cavalry civ.

Maybe ‘unique’, but I don’t see more option but limitation with Keshik now. I believe Keshik knocking on wooden walls is not an option but wasting time and resources.

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Do you know speeding arrows is for ranged unit? Not applicable for Keshiks? You ever used Khan to lead archers?

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My main problem with keshik is that in my opinion they getting worse castle and imp. I really like them for feudal but they should get a bit more life. As I said in another thread, keshiks were the royal guards of the mongolians and because of that, they should not be worse then knights at least in imperial or even castle. Sofa in feudal are 20 gold cheaper, got 1 more dmg, 10 more life and are faster and have 4 seconds less production time. Sure they have no selfheal and 1 less armor, but do bonus dmg to all Infanterie. in castle with their upgrade they have 1 more armor, 1 more dmg and 20 more life. I didn’t make the mrth there and think because of more attack speed keshik will win this but close. And because of speed sofas are better at raiding I guess.


I did not write that :wink: