New patch 20322 looks great!

If you didn’t see it yet - new patch just arrived! :smiley:


Big Well Done to all involved!!

Balance changes look awesome!

I would still like torp functionality and svea lifeguard to be monitored for future patches but every other change in the patch is great and strikes a great balance between 1v1, team and Treaty.

Many Thanks


The truth is, an excellent job, you just have to see if the changes turn out to be appropriate in these weeks

Buhahahaha Japan late game got a serious buff.

Big thank you to the devs!
I said communication with the community was bad. Now I withdraw what I said. Some nice changes clearly come from forum discussions, though I don’t know how they would work out in practice, I’m very happy to see that.
Including but not limited to:

Imperial Longbowman (V): Now grants Longbowmen +0.25x versus Heavy Infantry (for 1.5x total).

Bank of Amsterdam (I) & Bank of Rotterdam (II): In addition to increasing the build limit of Banks, both cards now also increase the

Settler build limit by +5.

I do believe these have been extensively discussed in the community.


Lets see what we got:

  • Buffed Aztec Skull Knights Temple Card to grant speed just as I suggested
  • Buffed Aztec Farm and Estate Gather rate card, since Inca has 20% in Age 4 just as I suggested
  • Moved all german consulate techs down 1 Age for China, just as I suggested

Thank god Sweden got nerfed.

The team straight up impleted my suggestions, I couldn’t be happier with this patch. Even Japan got a small nerf to their starting food.


Very sad to see the cuirassier nerfed again… :pensive:
(I’m not a big fan of the eco nerf either).

Overall great patch though. :blush:

its to keep the civ late game balanced with respect to other civs. Although you may not like it you need to understand why the change was made though

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Thank you developers for your hard work and for listening to the community!
This patch looks absolutely great! :smiley:


Thank you for this needed update devs!

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Why they nerfed my oprichniks ? :frowning::frowning::frowning:
But they also buffed blockhouses :smiley:
Good update overall
Thanks devs


Amazing job!!!

So much for this patch being a small one lol

I also like the hint regarding stuff is in the works in the background…We want some DLC!!!


Yeh love what im reading atm, great stuff gj devs

Yeah give us DLC :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Why the China nerf with Temple of Heaven? It already is so weak in TR 40 with Old Han reforms nerf. It’s main advantage was spam weaker units with a strong economy. I don’t see how this is supremacy balance since most games rarely ever reach Age V anyways.

Just finished a skirmish with the Dutch, so far I’m liking what I see with this update! The extra 10 settlers ceiling is quite helpful, makes them a lot more flexible economically.

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I agree, also the extra coin gathering rate for vills is really nice for early game too

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Oh yeah, that extra 5% mining rate is subtle, but really helpful in the early game.

This time the balance is very bad. Sweden has been hitting the bottom. Sweden’s economy has never beaten Japan and the Netherlands. However, these two countries have been strengthened. It is very unfair. I hope the production team can add Japanese wood. Expensive to 135 does not reduce costs, and ABN AMRO should be more expensive.

Big thanks to the developers! Thank you for listening to the community and adding this great balance change.

Loving the change to the Dutch they have added