New patch new problems

Well we cant plat TGs with new patch. In every single TG, 1 ppl is dropping at least. sometimes even more. it happens in first minute sometimes and sometimes it happens in the midle of the game. I rly don’t understand is it rly that hard to fix drops in 7 months…


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Ironic how they censor this 1111

The censoring is the joke…

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…I’m not stupid, I meant the:

Ahaha are they censoring ppl for real? Maybe they should spend their time to fix game bugs instead of silencing ppl. We bought this game third time(Aoe2-Hd-DE) and still cant play properly. I rly dont understand it

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Okay people, don’t demotivate them even more.

We don’t fully know the current situation.
Maybe they are inexperienced.
Maybe they need more programmers in their dev team, so they tried recruiting last month.
Maybe they lost passion and interest in developing the game.
Maybe they still concentrate their efforts on the wrong things.

Just maybe.
What I know is that firing anyone won’t improve the game, just expand the team with qualified personal.


Whatever the problem, a solution is needed

I also have the issue with team games. Every game someone drops without fail it seems like. I havent got a good game since the patch. Very sad because i never really saw effects of the 5 minute bug until they said it was fixed and now someone drops before 5 minutes every time :confused:

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There is a serious management issue. Not only this patch but the previous one, and the one when units could go through buildings and walls. The devs were being rushed by the “higher ups” and had no time to test the game. Even before release when everyone was saying the game’s not ready, they were forced to release. Probably the same for the censor. This is all speculation, but I think a lot of the problems are caused by bad management.


few weeks back they were trying to hire more devs

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I don’t see how @DisposedSin directly insulted anyone, it was just a dumb joke


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