New something for this game (to the creators)

Dear Devs, I’m excited to see the new stuff for AoE 3. Why is there no new event or information about the African DLC (official announcement)?

I look forward to your response and to add love for AoE 3 as soon as possible :wink:


Yeah it’s about time the give us new info for the upcoming DLC, it’s been long enough since the fan preview.


That’s it. There has been no information about the African DLC for 3 months - apart from the mysterious “Belfast” on SteamDB, but that doesn’t say anything.

It might as well be something completely different, but I doubt we’ll get a completely different (European?) DLC before the African DLC.


I think Belfast has something to do with South Africa, like you said an European DLC before the African DLC would be a bit odd. But maybe Belfast is just a code name with no connection to the DLC.


I think it’s safe to say it’s coming out soon because of the Belfast thing, the only question is when is soon? I think it’s likely to come this month or next month, hopefully we get new info soon but for now we’ll just have to wait and see.


Originally AoE3 was suppose to have European maps, which was cut for some unknown reason. We can hope they will add them in DE.


It has been 3 damn months. We need news asap!

Zulus, Ethiopians and Hausa should be announced asap! Please no Boers!


Dawn of the Dukes DLC comes out in August, AOE 4 in October, so I guess the African DLC is gonna be September or maybe this month.


I hope they have an idea for this game for their Independence Day - that is for tomorrow.

I am surprised that they released the USA DLC so early, or that the 50 States event did not last until July 4 - it would have made sense then.

I have some thoughts now.

The creators said that the African DLC will arrive at the end of this year - that is, it could be October, November or December. In this case, we will have to wait some time for new information about this DLC. I bet on August or September. The African DLC may be the apple of the eye of the creators, after all, there is no African civ in AoE 3. Probably the creators are trying to make African civs as interesting as possible and that they have their own unique mechanics. It is quite possible that it would be a large DLC (4-5 civs) - which could be a kind of compensation for the lack of Africa in the classic AoE 3.

“Belfast” DLC quite possibly will turn out to be an unexpected DLC - hopefully revealed tomorrow. The fact is that the USA civ has an Irish Immigration Card and a Polish Legion Card. I sincerely hope that the “Belfast” DLC is a tribute to the Immigrants who created and fought for the USA. It could be a DLC adding Poles and Italians civs. New revolutions (including the Irish one) could be added with the update.

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I think its possible they add italy in the african dlc since the only colonies they had were in africa.

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Italians civ would suit me only if the African DLC contained 5-6 civs (so that there was at least one civ from each direction of the African continent) - I wouldn’t want an African Kingdom 2.0.

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What is your source for this information?

Cause as far as I know, the only piece of information regarding the release date has been in the AOE:Fan Preview, where they said “later this year”. (see the link with timestamp for the exact quote Age of Empires: Fan Preview - YouTube)

Personally, I would interpret “later” as August-September. Ideally before AOE4, that would probably make sense for their marketing, to focus all attention on AOE4 in end September/October.

Also regarding the amount of Civs, I’d speculate 2, max. 3 new civs, following the typical AOE DLC policy. However, as stated in the fan preview, they will also come with new campaigns.


Italians where also civ with Sweden which where planned for original AoE3, but got scrapped. Now we have Sweden so perhaps we will also have Italy.


Yeah i know. I think there is no way we dont get Italians at some point.

Italians didn’t have colonies until the 1900s, so they would not make sense in an African DLC.

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If there is something new to come to AoE 3 it will be tomorrow - I hope so…

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The first one was founded in 1888 but yeah rly late in aoe 3 timeframe basically. But i guess its the same for germans so its fine.

Germans are Prussians and Austrians. + some minor duchies of HRE, altough I really want Austrians as a seperate civ.

Italians would be Venice, Sardinia, Sicily and Papal States.


Exactly. Austrians civ is necessary to fill the Central European blot on the map (also civ Poles).
The current German civ is based on HRE + Prussia. The new Austrian civ would be based on the ethnic diversity of their empire - Germany, Hungarians, Slavs (nations from each of the three Slavic groups - the only such state in history!) and Romanians. Austrians civ would be completely different from the current Germans civ.

The current German civ is definitely based on the smaller HRE countries and Prussia. I think it is easy to make the Germans civ even better representing the Prussia.

Austrians civ, Poles civ, Italians civ and Danes civ - the last European civs that are needed for AoE 3.