New technologies for Arsenal

Currently, old civs are receiving new content through homecity cards. Maybe we can go a little further and to provide a greater sense of technological progression or even correction we could think of new technologies for the arsenal.
My idea is that each civ has at least one unique arsenal technology, which would be released along with the other advanced arsenal technologies; (yes I know some civilians have military technology bonuses through royal decree, but as we know this letter is already a bit problematic).
I’ll give an example:

  • For the Ottomans: “Scimitars” technology replaced the standard socket bayonet technology. Socket bayonet becomes searchable after that after we use the New Order Infantry.
  • Another example: Germans gain a dreyse rifle technology, to boost the attack of their RG Needle Gun, which for lack of HC cards is a very common unit.

Anyway, feel free to comment on the idea and bring examples of military technologies that we can add to the arsenal.


Combine the Grenade Launchers card with the Advanced Arsenal card, or add the Grenade Launchers as a tech with the Advanced Arsenal card, or something…

For the British: Secret Service Pistols: Adds a ranged attack for the Spies (6 range), and +50% damage. (This tech can be added for the civs with the Agents card).


In order not to forget them, I add here two similar threads:

Very clever use for the Ottomans to still keep the Socket Bayonet technology, but available only after the New Order Infantry is researched !

Although Ottomans would have their Minor settlements units (Northern Musketeer, Black Brünswickers…) penalized until that later improvement is researched?

I’d just replace the wording ‘Scimitars’ by ’ Kılıç’ (the Turkish word for the Ottoman saber that had a decisive impact on the development of the saber in Europe) or ‘Yatağan’ (the Janissary’s sightly curved forward sword)


Well after a little research I bring one more possible arsenal tech, this one should be enabled for the French in the late game:
Minié Ball - This tech could benefit all gunpowder units, including gunpowder cavalry. It must be an expensive technology and only available in the Industrial Age.

For the Portuguese I found a sword called colhona - Which could slightly increase the melee attack of archaic Portuguese units (pikemen, crossbowmen and halberdiers)

Los Españoles deberían tener una mejora llamada “Acero Toledano” que mejore el ataque cuerpo a cuerpo de toda la infantería