New units like the Xolotl warrior available via conversion

For those of you who don’t know, the Xolotl warrior is a Mesoamerican cavalry unit introduced in AoE2 DE, accessible only to the Incas or Aztecs after they convert a stable. It has the same basic statistics as a Knight, but cannot get any armor improvements or be upgraded. Although you rarely see it in a game, I personally think it is quite a cool idea. So here is my suggestion. What if the game made it that when a civ converts the stables of a civ with Battle Elephants, they get access to a unit similar to battle elephants? This is assuming that the civ performing the conversion doesn’t already get elephants. It would also be quite cool if converting a stable of a civ that gets camels allows the creation of camels. By the way, these units would only be creatable from the converted stable and would probably lack an elite version and be generally weaker than the normal units of the civs that can naturally create them. I just think that this would be quite a cool Easter egg mechanic that should function without breaking the game balance, but also making it more motivating for people to use redemption to convert stables. It would also be interesting if the Mesoamerican civs could research a tech at the university that requires them to be in possession of a converted stable for the tech to even appear. Once researched it could then allow the creation of Mesoamerican stables, which have a very cool appearance, but one that is currently only accessible through the scenario editor. Just some ideas, what do people think?


Actually I like it… …

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Why not also include Condottieros if you convert Italian barracks? It is a team bonus anyway, so the code exists to provide it to all civs.

That is a good idea. Thanks for the support.

Meso cavalry is a meme unit and no its not possible to do the thing you want in this game.

Why would you say it’s not possible?

Thats how the game is have data entree for units and where its created.its not civilization specific.

That does make sense. Even still though, if the devs put time into it I imagine it would be possible to implement something like it. Maybe by making converted stables another object that replaces the converted stable, where the replacement adds access to the new units.

The only change they should do is that Mayas also can have access to this unit

yes let’s give Mayans Redemption, what could go wrong with buffing arguably the strongest civ in the game.

Lol. There is a reason that I think that they should add the effect to other civs with redemption, rather than giving it to Mayans.