Next Civ to get reworked on

Which you guys think will be? Place your bets!

Personally, I think either dutch or portuguese, since they’ve been regarded badly lately competitivewise.


The dream rework for me is an AoK-style rework of India, splitting it into Mughals, Marathas, etc or have Mughals as the main and others as minor civs, instead of the weird elehant and camel civ (the equivilent would be having the whole of Europe as one civ.) - but that’s expansion territory!

The most realistic one for next time is the long-overdue Portuguese rework.


Dutch aren’t bad, they just change position on the tier lists drastically with small changes or when the meta changes. I don’t think they need any changes. Portugal is the civ most in need and is regularly last place on most peoples tier lists.


Portuguese or maybe Germans. :slightly_smiling_face:


The Portuguese should definitely be next.


French and Portugese are the most boring and bland, so either one of those hopefully.

probably French next, more new assets to be used for them. Portugese will probably have to wait for the Brazilians to come if I were to guess.


Never had a good feel for Portuguese, since the release of OG AoEIII. They need a bit more definition. Spain feels much better, despite both being very close together thematically when it comes to exploration of the New World, centuries after that and to some extent- power.

Iberian peninsula should get an update- some minor spicing up of Spain, and a bigger update to Portuguese.
Plus explorer skins, some extra things for customization of HCs, few new cards.


Portugal is the obvious answer. They are too map dependent. Get them in a map without TPs or water and they are a dead weight.

Every ranked map has a TP now though but it’s still boring to have to go ATP every game because I seem to get a water map 1 in every 10 games at the most.


True, but the point I was trying to make was precisely what you said. It is really boring to have a single path to survival in the game. Russia has a bit of that with early game rushes, but even them can boast more variety to how to achieve their winning position than Ports do.

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My bet is still that the next two reworks are going to be France and Portugal…


The Envoy is an awkward design. In contrast, the French native scout can stealth and have a higher value.

When settlers from other civilizations could build Native Embassies directly, the Dutch have to use Envoys because the Bank took up the space of the settlers’ table is also another awkward design.

I found that I have never seen anyone train and use Envoys other than the initial one. If the Dutch are to be updated, bring changes to the Envoy please.

For example:

Personally, I would like the Envoy to be a hero unit, up to 1, perhaps must be obtained by card. Has a smaller LOS and slower speed than the current one, but can’t attack and can’t be attacked, like a small Advanced Hot Air Balloon on land. (It still can’t get past building and wall like Hot Air Balloon.)

The Native Embassies/Royal Embassies can instead be accessed by training travois/rickshaws/wagons at Minor Civ Trading Posts or/and TCs at the cost of 100 wood, so there is no need for settlers’ table space for any civ, except for Native American civs who need to be able to directly build Native Embassies to hire outlaws and mortars.

You never seen the stupid envoy rush?

Never. Maybe it is an uncommon strategy?

Low attack, cannot stealth, I seens to have only seen they are used for scouting in the very beginning of game.

It’s really dumb, they train 4 and get great coats and blunderbuss and then attack villagers. Just frustrating as your trying to gather enough to age up. Can slow you down enough to be a problem

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It slows them down more though wasting the food and holding up vill production.

Aside from the awkward original use, other useful uses can only be brought about in this undesired way. This shows that Envoy is very much in need of change.

The Envoy should not be a combatant, nor should be killed by both the warring sides, which is the meaning of its identity.

I guess we will see when/if Dutch gets an update. It would be an interesting

I think the next one is the Ottomans, making it more Islamic, adding new Ottoman archer units, and cavalry units becoming more Islamic.

Make the Ottoman Empire great again!1453


Ottomans is on October I think… on the time for Persian release.
I hope with Islamic Middle Eastern update… I hope.