Next patch (Sept?) news - new zoom!

And the best game keeps getting better:

AOE3:DE Patch


Nevermine all of that, the game is getting !!!Multithreading!!!


i am really psyched for this new patch, as much as i am thinking of buying the steam version of the game and trying it


Oh My Goodness. That is so exciting.

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So I just played a round with the new zoom, and holy cow… it completely transforms the feel of the game! I did not realize just how much it was the closed in zoom that bugged me so much about AOE 3 before. This made the whole thing feel so much better!

I find myself using the zoomed out view most of the time now.

We will die playing this.


It’s been on my list of ‘top five’ games for a long time, it is slowly but surely creeping up to the ‘number one’ spot on that list.


what size monitor do you use

Well, nowadays I’m on a 32 inch screen, but that’s only as of last year. Before that I used a 22", and before that (the first time I ever played AOE 3) was a 19".

i feel 32" is still a bit small for 4k ludicrous zoom. 42" would be a better resolution. i am hoping 5k2k screens with 42" come sooner than later. also expecting LG 42" OLED tv’s to launch next year.

Does anyone know if we have confirmation that they are working on removing the fog at maximum zoom ludicrous zoom levels?