No AOE3 in Red Bull wololo

What a shame boys
AOE3 is pitiful.
I feel very very sad.
I play this game 15 years
Now they tell me, what I love is a piece of SXXT.


I hope Microsoft can set AOE3 free.
Give it a new name just like age of commerce.
It need not to ‘named’ age of empires, so no one will blame it unlike AOE
So we may get age of commerce II in the future.
If not, no matter AOE5\6\7\8, we won’t see a game with this card\tp\treasure\revolution system.


They pretended the game does not exist for 10 years. For most of the time in those days when you search for AOE3 the first article that pops up is “ Bruce Shelly says AOE3 was a mistake”.
When a mod that looks like an expansion for AOE2 dropped they immediately released the HD version and made it official. Then they HD’ed AOM. Then they HD’ed even Rise of Nations. Then they coincidentally accidentally stopped there.
When promoting AOE3 DE they said “well AOE3 is not insanely popular as AOE2 but still quite popular”.
When promoting AOE4 they kept repeating how similar it is to AOE2 and pretended the torch throwing thing is a great innovation. Then they said (surprised) there are even players who want cards from AOEO (yes AOEO) and it does not make sense.
What would you expect lol.

DE is a bubble created by the brilliant crew. A bubble for us to make-believe that this is no longer the least favored kid.

People who worked and are now working on the game are brilliant. But the treatment from the business is horrendous. This is not how you treat a game in the series when claiming you care about the series.


Why no Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition?
Why no Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition?
Why no Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition?


I know the every truth you say. When Isgreen say he feel surprised why players want cards, I’m heartbreaking.
AOE4 want to be more like AOE2, and now you can see, AOE2 players still don’t like it.
And AOE3 is always a joke.
Thank dev team, you’re hero. No one like AOE3, but you still stick to it.


You still invite your least favored student to the graduation ceremony.
I would be happy even if they pretend they care. See how low the bar is now.
Now they do not even bother pretending.


Because it’s not popular enough to be worthy of inclusion in an event like this.

How is this even a question?

I don’t understand why it would be AoE1,2, 4 and just not 3…

I mean sure have a really low prize pool or something. I would have still accepted it if it was just AoE2 and AoE4. But now AoE1 is there and I feel really sad.


Given the inclusion of Aoe1, I don’t think popularity affected the decision to unfairly ignore Aoe3.


And AoE1 is? I understand if it was just AoE2 and AoE4.

i think its also really really really stupid to not include aoe3, at the time its dropping DLC. lol imagine, how awsome it would be to show the nex italy/maltese civ to the public and attract customers. Someone at microsoft PR really f*cked that up


AOE1, DE specifically, did not do well in terms of popularity. Both players and developers treated it as “let’s finish this routine job so that we can go ahead DE’ing AOE2!”
Most AOE1 players afaik still stick to the old versions.


someone at Microsoft’s PR is a pig


Yes, but he asked about 3DE, and compared to 2DE and IV there’s visibly less popularity.
About first game- it’s weird and there’s obviously something we don’t know about.

My favourites are AoE3 and AoM and both are treated as stepchildren. :cry: I am glad that AoE3 at least receives new content. Hopefully, we will get more campaigns eventually.

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Yes if it were only AOE2 and AOE4 I’d accept it because it is the favored kid and the new kid.
Now they added AOE1 and intentionally left out AOE3, now I do not understand.

Ironically I am really happy that they finally remembered AOE1. It did not even got an HD version. The support for DE was dead on arrival.


Seems like a decision made by some office exec that is completely clueless about the reality.
We could speculate whole day about a possible revival of support, new expansion or whatever, but at the end of that day AoE 1 (DE) is still very archaic game with low appeal to players without nostalgia for it and especially newcomers to the genre and younger players, raised on much more modern and accessible games.

It doesn’t make sense in any way for me, outside of an announcement about new AoE game, spinoff-sequel to AoE1 or a full remake. But even then it’s very questionable. They would get more views just from posting that on social media and paying for an ‘ad’ promo on the main page on Steam.

1DE is great but not a material for a competitive tournament of this type, and certainly not compared with all other AoE games, including Celeste.

I’m perfectly fine with 3DE pivoting from competitive, tournament stuff, and going hard into various solo and coop modes. We already have 2DE an IV pushing hard for serious PvP competitive play, and there’s just not enough room AND eyeballs for all these games. And that’s one IP, in a genre with very limited interest compared with top game types these days.
Sadly 3DE would need serious funding and a lot of manhours dedicated to overhauling AI, fleshing out and promoting these modes etc. It’s stuck in a weird place. But devs are doing the best they can and it shows.

Not only expansions and DLC are great, but normal support is very good, much more than anyone could ever hope.
AoE III won’t explode in popularity and it’s fine. They should focus on carving their own niche and proper marketing for it.

Diplomacy and tycoon game modes are a fantastic move in a good direction. I’m all for more weight put onto diplomacy, economy, building, cooperation, immersion etc. IV went hard into viewer-friendly, streamlined classic APM fest and it’s just not for me anymore, certainly not in the long run.
When it comes to strategies ATM I’m playing mostly ANNO 1800, 2070, Endzone - A World Apart and AoE3DE. To put it lightly- not a StarCraft I direction.


Intentionally excluding a game from the huge promotion event of the entire series is a not the same thing from having different marketing strategies for them.
Like I said, I’m fine if the tournament is just about AOE2 or 4. But now it is intentionally excluding AOE3 and only it.

And they are announcing this as not only your regular tournament but also “celebrating the 25th anniversary of the series”. The series includes AOE3. It could also include AOM.

And a DLC is on the horizon. It needs to sell well so that support continues.

You may have a kid in your family that just does not like social events. That’s not a problem.
But if you don’t bother inviting him at all to your huge family gathering, that is a different thing.


Any hope I had for AOE3 taking the world by storm and getting the popularity it deserves died with the disastrous release. It would’ve been cool for AOE3 to be at this tournament but it’s not like it would’ve changed the direction of the game in any major way.

I agree with JFForcebreaker. Devs should maintain a certain standard of balance, but overall the game would benefit more by having content made for the casuals rather than attempting to appease tryhards like Revnak.

“A delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is bad forever” - Shigeru Miyamoto

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Honestly, disappointed in not having AoE3 there. You don’t grow the playerbase or get attention to the game by not showing it.

With the DLC, I’ve been hopping on the AoE3 train a lot more than before, actually enjoying watching and playing it a lot more and Red Bull Wololo would enhance that feeling.