No CA, HC, SL buffs

The much rumoured CA, HC and SL buffs never arrived. A sad plight for all these units and all the civs that are supposed to make use of them. What have these civs done, to deserve this?

What do we do to challenge the unchallenged authority of Crossbows and Knights in Castle Age now?



Popcorn ready for another marathon.
Those are generic units right? Even though not every civ has access/consider it as a viable unit.

For CA, thanks to their dominant use of stutter stepping, buffing them is a massive nerf to eco of all civ because of far more effective raiding.

For HC, no comments.

For SL, no identity means no direction for where to buff or nerf. I’d prefer they wait and see rather than throwing darts on the board like your posts are.


Ca were rumored, but HC and SL buffs? where were these rumors?

clearly the devs disagree. and considering how many units were buffed and nerfed in this patch, it would have been the perfect time to buff them. i’ve also seen a bit of use of these units in the most recent couple tournaments, maybe they just aren’t as bad as you thought?
after all Viper literally just won a pro tournament game iwth HC.
Cav Archers? they literally dominated the new game modes tournament.
SL? saw them used 3-4 times in KotD3.

Which game is it? Would love to watch

viper vs the kid, game 3. lithuanians vs celts.
game starts around 2 hours 46 minute mark.


that is fine by me honestly. nerfing the eco due to buffed raiding will ensure game end sooner and encourages more of aggressive play style, this also birth to more action. aoe2 game last pretty long, would be nice to bring them down a bit.

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How the the useless, crap Cavalry Archers werent fixed?

Yes, and only as Mongols for the 130% HP, and only in early Castle Age

LOL to those who think the useless SL and and the resource wasting HC do not need buff NOW, these two units especially

Can’t believe they didnt fix the useless Cavalry Archers and removed the Frame Delay of the Elite Kipchaks!!!

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shrug, considering what i’ve seen from CA in recent tournaments, and in Battle Royal - i’m fine with them not getting buffed. they perform well when they got the upgrades rolling and clearly the devs are fine with that.

once again parthnan is lieing. viper used them as tatars. sorry. that isn’t only mongols.

Yes only once was SL seen outside of Mongols,
in a game he was already picking a bottom tier civilizations just for fun vs BacT (Tatars, and he also picked Portuguese to troll/hide strats) , who he was already winning hard against.

Seing a handful of SL ONCE outside of the 130% HP bonus in a non–serious/fun manner of playstyle (not so competitive at all in that game) is NOT enough JUSTICE to this BEAUTIFUL unit.

does it matter? it shows they work at the pro level. bact isn’t a slouch. yeah he isn’t viper but don’t pretend like bact is some scrub, he made it to the round of 16.

Was surprised to not see the CA buff as well.
Maybe they want to keep their identity as a unit, which relies heavily on upgrades.

Also I think the unit saw slightly increased usage in pro play before the patch. So maybe they wanted to wait and see if it just takes time for people to realize how to use CA.

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And of HC and SL, the identity of being…well…useless? …Overpriced?
Whichever suits anyone not supporting a HC, SL buff.

Tbh I think if there was a plan for the cavalry archer nerf they reverted it for the sake of battle royale mode. I’ve just tested them in a few games (with and against), they seem pretty strong in BR and many pros also have been using them in the tournament. So yeah a frame delay reduction would be very scary in this perspective. The big downside is that CA still sucks in normal mode but atleast didn’t become op in BR

You focus so much on the CA, and forget about HC, SL and half the UUs and UTs which are clearly uunderpowered.

EDIT: Oops, just before this you made a post on them in the other thread too, so that’s good.

Rumours are just rumours and some where just made up or based on misunderstandings. That is why i hated all those threads complaining about the new balance based on the leaked info.

Who would HC change the balance in Castle Age?!

I agree that these units should be buffed, hc should loose some of their anti-infantry damage in return though. But the only base for these rumours we’re all the complaint threads about these units so it really was just wishful thinking.
Also CA might be good if they wouldn’t need 2sec after stopping to find the enemy units before starting their animation. Cumans and Mongols are in an ok spot and Tatars got buffed so maybe that’s why they didn’t touch SL. But the same could be said for Malians and Gbeto still got buffed, so…

It might be worth being a bit more specific. CA, HC, ESL need buffs. HCA, SL are fine IMO.

Yeah it is too bad. Fixing the CA was the most thing that i hoped to be done.