No July PUP this month?

By this time, the PUP would’ve been up already. Curious.

So it’s either a small update or direct patch this month.


I’m a bit worried about the lack of information, I don’t know if it’s because of changes in the Forgotten Empires policy or because they don’t have anything planned, I hope I’m wrong. :sweat:

Outside the topic I also notice a drop in activity in the forum, I don’t know if it’s for some reason or it’s just my imagination. :pensive:

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Is because of the Kings of the old world tournament, much like how during the ESO Global Championships there wasn’t a patch.

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PUPs doesn’t affect balance because they’re a preview.


Well, we had two pretty big updates in the last two months already. Maybe this month will be just for maintenance and next one will have a proper update.


It’s summer, if they are having a break then good for them. Plus it’s still around 20 days out from being the longest between patches.


I doubt there will be a patch until the tournament is over.

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I prefer that the players in the competition use the test server to play, and the game is updated normally, but the players participating in the competition must use the test server to play. Maybe this is a win-win for everyone. But consider that the test server is only available on the steam platform, and the Microsoft store does not have a test server. This is the problem again.

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Haud need a civ update…Why did lakota get an update? they didn’t need one as desperately.


In July and August a lot of people are on vacation.

This month has been pretty dormant tbh. Not only the game but also the forum. Maybe devs are on vacation.


The tantalus-staging-stable branch which until yesterday was the same as the public branch has been getting a few changes so I’m optimistic about an update soon.

There was a week a little bit ago when tantalus was MIA completely. I’m also slightly concerned with the FE acquisition but I think devs are just on vacation, although AoE2DE hasn’t had a decrease in steamdb activity like AoE3DE has. Hopefully things pick up again soon. On the heels of KoTM, steam summer sale, and the free weekend an update would have been good for the game.

Devs deserve a vacation for all the work they’ve put in so far.


Yes,let them rest that they are not machines and also deserve to take a break …


there is a also a tourney that has microsoft money in it right now, best to maybe just watch how it plays out and patch then instead of editing the game.

There were problems with patches happening mid events last time, I think its a good thing that they are sort of syncing it with the community more


No nerf to Lakota FI still uh?
Come on devs…it’s annoying having a OP civ per month that dominates the ladder and inflates ELO when the players just copy a build from an ESOC’s madman and get wins with barely an effort.


A mi me sorprende que con caballería de cuarta edad pueda vencer a caballería de quinta edad, están rotísimos sus jinetes con rifle y eso que use dragones contra ellos

Probably they will go straight to a August PUP

Final build was finished 1h ago. Patch must be out by tomorrow


The “Final branch” gets updates regularly. I won’t take it as 100% confirmation.