No lions?

The new event requires you to kill a lion with a mangonel but I’ve played dozens of games trying to find a lion but they don’t exist. I’ve tried different settings, different maps, nothing works. Lions have been removed from the game during the event or what’s going on?

Just use the scenario editor. Set up a rigged scenario, save it, then load it in single player, that’s how I always get the quests.

Wouldn’t lions be in African maps?
There are lions in Asia as well, but I assume they would be easier to find in African maps.

Thanks, I’ll try that. I thought that wouldn’t work. Already scouted dozens of campaigns and finally found one with a lion but it doesn’t count in campaigns. Wasted hours already for this quest :s

i completed the quest in a skirm game in single player on arabia.
remember that your settings do not have to be with death match on because on death match the game will not spawn lions, deers, boars etc…

i just run a arabia map on random map settings (1v1 vs ai) with the starting age in caslte age and with all visible map (so i could see the lions, if not you need to explore the map with the scout, and maybe in that map there are wolves). remember that maybe you need to resign and start a new game because that map could be with jaguars or other lion-similar. (the objective will not be completed if you kill a wolf for example).
After 2-3 map i found the arabia gen with some lions, then i just built a siege workshop and gather a bit of wood and gold to make a mangonel, then killed the lion. :+1:


Play real world map “Horn of Africa”, thats how I got lion for this achievement.


Great tip. I’ll try that

I don’t have wi-fi yet so I can’t do this event right now. I hope the wi-fi installer comes before the event is over.

You can’t get the achievement on a custom scenario.

I just did it in a skirmish on Haboob, which, as far as I can tell, always has lions.

I picked Arabia with map revealed and I launched and quitted games until I got a map with lions.

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Serengeti also has lions - that’s how I did it. If you forgot to set map to revealed, you can just use cheat codes in a Skirmish to reveal the map and then restart the map, you’ll know where to move then.

Resources have to be max at High, Ultra High or Infinite res will despawn resources and animals sadly.

I love the title though, gives very Megamind vibes.


Haboob skirmish, reveal map, castle age. Tons of lions, Easy to get to. Thanks for all the tips.

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I would have assumed most people had common sense. Look for a map with African setting. What a waste of time thread.

I played kilinmajaro and found it, start in post imperial, kill it with a siege onager and ready… I went to play the Hauteville campaign after that…

All of the event challenges are stupid. They mainly focus on single players, since many of them are just done by cheezing in the editor. Most the the multiplayer crowd also don’t like these challenges at all. If it was me, then I wish they just stopped with these challenges, so they can focus their time on really issues in this game. Things like the TG rating in ranked is broken since release and almost fully ignored by the devs. Smurfing is becoming more and more and issue and the devs doesn’t seem to care atm… These things should get priority over these useless events.

You realize most of the SP crowd feels the same way right? No-one actually likes them, if the devs want to do graphics stuff, they could at least work on something actually cool and relevant, like regional units, or better yet, fix bugs and stuff.

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No they aren’t. You don’t get credit for them if you use the editor.

I see them as being aimed at multiplayer players, since the mod rewards are typically pretty goofy. (Although I don’t really like dividing players up between singleplayer and multiplayer, given that I play both.)

At least the current event has an Incan Eagle Warrior skin, although it’s annoying that, with the way mods work, it also applies to Aztec and Mayan Eagles.

Most of the MP community wants clean graphics, not the mess of these event mods.

Also there are some cheats as reward in the past. They are really only for single player.

Yeah, good point. There is of course some overlap.

The civ icons for example are only really relevant to MP, because there’s no-one else to see them in SP.

I honestly think one of the only good event mods worthwhile using as a graphics thing is probably gunpowder tracers, it makes micro against HC something actually possible, and at the very least, it looks cool.

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Unless people remember which maps are African setting, it’s not that straightforward. I tried looking by map colours (yellow-ish = African), and on Gold Rush the wolves often were wolves, on a green-y map. Had to look up which maps were introduced with African DLC to know which map to host.

I actually really liked this event, the visual mods are cool and I like the new profile pics too :frowning:
And yeah, gunpowder tracer FX and larger mangonel projectiles are always enabled too!

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