No love for tournaments?!

Why is here almost no love for the ongoing tournaments? Sometimes a message is posted at the front page of the site, but that is all. Battle of Africa 2 ended yesterday. A tournament with 20k prize money involved. I havent seen someone mentioning this tournament. I havent seen any announcement at the front page at this site.

Note: This was not just a random tournament. Microsoft was the biggest sponsor. Most of the money was sponsored by Microsoft. Why didnt they promote this tournament? I havent really seen a message here or at Steam to have a look at the finale for example.

Also why is here no real place to discus the tournaments? Now this is done at Reddit or Aoezone. Most casuals dont really look there. Can we get here a place to discuss tournaments?

What i also want to see if the map pool also reflects ongoing tournaments. This will add to immersive of the tournaments. Also the casuals can play on the same maps as the pros! Isnt that great! Also for pros: They can use ranked games to practise a bit for the tournaments. Why dont they add maps from the ongoing tournaments to the map pool?

I just want to see some more love for tournaments at this place.


it was advertised on this site.

i have made a couple references to it myself.
other then that, not really a fan of team game tournaments myself honestly.


There was also an ingame popup when you started the game.

Feels like most people frequenting this forum are not really into the competitive scene. Dunno…


I dont say they dont promote anything, but for me it seems pretty lackluster. Yes, i know there was a post on that site, but no special announcement about the finales for example. I think microsoft could promote the tournament much more than they did now. I didnt know there was a ingame pop up, probably only during the finals? No message some hours before the final.

BoA2 is just an example. Did you for example see some announcement about DM WC3?

Also sponsored by Microsoft. I completely missed the announcement at this forum / promotion at Steam. No one even talked about this event.

And how about the AOElympics?

I agree, it isnt sponsored by Microsoft, but 6k prizepool isnt bad. They did promoto Redbull Tournament too. I dont think they did sponsor that tournament as well. So Why not promoting this kind of tournament?

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If there were an abundance of tournament viewers or the idea that many are present here, it would get discussed. But it’s not a mystery to me why many stay away or take discussion elsewhere given the type of topics and comments you can find on this forum.


I don’t think this forums is good place to discuss about tournament. We have AoEZone for that. AoEZone is also place where tournament is hosted and where both admins and host can posts. These forums are mostly for bug reports, noobs giving random balance changes and ranting.

Anyway Official social media channels have been promoting basically any tournament that is going regardless of Microsoft funding or not. I don’t think there was anyone working on last weekend as hotfix is latest post on social media. As already said there is also blog posts and popup in game for tournaments sponsored by MS

I am not sure who is deciding what maps are put into map pool but person who does it probably did not play maps beforehand in order to know if map fits for ranked or not. Most BOA2 maps do not work for ranked TG as those are build for team work while ranked games are not so coordinated.


There is a more general problem here, extending beyond just tournaments.

As far as my experience goes, this forum is not only unaware but also very unwelcome to PRO players/casters’ opinions especially on the more important stuff, balancing.

Were not unaware or unwelcome to pros opinions. You just like to twist anything they say, use what they say as proof of stuff without any testing being done, and use terrible evidence to back up your stance.

a video of Hera saying the Elephant archer is trash is not evidence that the Elephant Archer is still trash. no testing was done, and hera rarely uses the unit to begin with, why should i take his word as law?
and you were so quick to agree with Viper that it was trash, right up until he tested it multiple times HIMSELF and his mind was changed.

then what do you know, all of a sudden you are telling us that a guy who could make an accurate analysis of a unit without even testing it, couldn’t accurately analyze how the unit is performing when he’s actually using it.

And as for Hera analyzing the Leitis, he used it against Trash units and Leitis, nothing that would show its broken. by that logic the knight is broken because the knight performs well against trash and knights.

I for one have no issues at all with pros providing their feedback, but frankly, flawed analysis is flawed no matter how you look at it.


Who cares about tournaments when the game is still unplayable for most people.

I see some post of you. You seems pretty toxic about the current state of DE. Most people can play DE.

On the other side it is pretty bad if Microsoft sponsor a tournament and they have to roll back 2 patches because of some exploits.

Somebody here hide my post - ““Conquering Africa again””.
It will be interesting for me to know- "Who and why hide my post " ? May be he is somebody who want to hide a TRUE.
May be he/she is some liar ??

Again the devs missed the opportunity to add the maps of big tournaments to the map pool.

It seems like the devs even dont promote the tournament of HC at all. They much rather get us hyped for the much smaller queen’s clash main event.

I would really love to see much engagement between the devs and pro tournaments. This will really helps the game forwards in my opinion.