No more neon pink musketeers (mod idea)

One significant challenge I’ve always encountered when trying to fully immerse myself in a game is the use of garish colours to designate teams’ units. Neon green, pink, or blue units, for example, are difficult for me to perceive as realistic. My proposed solution to this issue is to introduce a new game mode or mod that eliminates player colours. Initially, this might seem unconventional or somewhat daunting, but I believe that as more unique skins are added to each civilization, playing without team colours will become feasible. Naturally, some adjustments will be necessary for existing units, but I do not consider this task insurmountable.

I believe this change could bring a refreshing dynamic to the game. For instance, when playing as civilizations like the British, Swedish, or Russians, you would expect your units to predominantly feature red, yellow and blue, or green, respectively. However, if you select a Native American civilization like the Haudenosaunee or Aztecs, the colour palette could be more diverse. This would introduce new advantages and disadvantages for each civilization. Civilisations with easily recognizable unit colours would be able to spot their units with ease but would also be easily identified by their adversaries. To maintain balance, it may be necessary to implement a feature that allows native civilizations to employ some level of camouflage, such as the ability to produce an aura that limits the line of sight for enemy units.

I propose introducing this as a new game mode primarily for experienced players who are already familiar with each civilization’s unique units and do not rely heavily on team colours. However, I anticipate that the most likely outcome of this suggestion will be the development of a new mod inspired by my idea, if I am fortunate.

What are your thoughts on this concept?


We are not in 2005 now. We are able to quite easily identify the different between the different uniforms. Is it not a waste for the developers to create a perfect historical model just for it then to be rendered in bright yellow?

this can be modded on the client side without causing oos, without needing any special modding tools or experience. It doesn’t need a mod at all

You don’t just not need a mod, it’s already a function in the game.


also, since im being pedantic, a friendly reminder


Gotta love how, out of all the units he could pick, he chose the least historically accurate to drive home his “perfect historical model” point.

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I appreciate your comments but I think you’re missing the point I’m trying to convey. I’m aware that you can manually change the colour preferences but what I am trying to get at, is a game mode that allows for a more “uniform focused” game play. Where all players have the same unit colour preferences, not just you having one set of colour preferences. Imagine having troops such as pikemen, that look identical for most European players being able to be used as spies as they blend in with your enemy’s ranks.

If anything this picture proves my point further; they are all different colours and have different patterns but this does not determine the side they are fighting on. I want to bring back an element of battlefield confusion as was common during battles of this era.

Just as a side note; I intended this post to be focused around the Napoleonic timeframe where standardised uniforms were more common especially among European adversaries.

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I only used “musketeers” as they’re a boring unit that I presumed everyone here is familiar with.

(Just needed a bit of click bait :wink: :wink: :wink:)

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Wasn’t the Napoleonic Era the point in time where people actively began using different uniforms to avoid exactly the problem you’re describing?

As in, it’s the era of flashy and garingly colourful uniforms so you could identify to which unit each soldier belong to and so on.

This is a game. The game requires player colors. We should not lose the design that a game should have for the sake of immersion.


Yess, exactly but for the game to use the appropriate colours:

For example fixed colour schemes… (off the top of my head )

British - Red, White, Black
French - Blue, White
Russian - Green, White, Red
Sweden - Yellow, Blue
Spain - light blue, dark blue, white
Germany (Prussia) - dark blue, grey
Germany (Austria) - White, light blue
USA (Union) - dark blue, light blue, yellow
USA (Confederacy) - khaki, light blue
Mexico - light green, white and red
Dutch - orange, blue grey
Portuguese - brown, yellow, green

I’m talking about having it as a separate game mode that should be played for fun. I don’t think this would be a good mod for competitive matches.

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Then what you need is a mod.


you might as well full mod the game at that point and not a feature cause units will naturally agro enemy units, whether they look alike or not, its not a matter of looks.

they would also have to be selectable by the enemy cause the moment they can’t be selected the opponent will instantly know its an enemy unit.

You know what games with realistic uniform colours have in common?

They have big massive banners or other play indicators floating over their troops.
They basically just move the player colour away from the unit.

Most people don’t play fully zoomed in on a 4K monitor so they need the readability.

Skirmish battles are inherently unrealistic.
It wouldn’t make it more realistic to have real uniform colours when you have Lakota fighting Japanese in West Africa.

And if you play a custom scenario, or set up a match with friends you can choose fitting colours yourself.

Most of the colours look petty good anyway. It’s only really the last two colours that stand out more.

Like someone mentioned earlier you can change them.
But if you play multiplayer a lot you should remember how you changed them so you know who people are talking about then they say the “cyan” or the “pink” player.

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Indeed, that’s precisely what I envision. However, I lack the capability and expertise to bring this concept to life. That’s why I’m sharing this idea on the forum, hoping that someone with the necessary modding skills can transform it into reality.

I don’t believe this would be required. The simplest method to counter spies would involve keeping your soldiers in disciplined lines, allowing you to quickly identify when a unit doesn’t belong to you because they won’t maintain perfect formation.

This is essentially what I’m aiming for. I’m not particularly concerned about having different colored rings around each unit when it’s selected, but I’d prefer these colors not to be present when I’m spectating a battle. I’ve been contemplating how a mod like this could effectively utilize flag bearers, which are currently underutilized in the game.

To be honest, if we apply this logic, it could render half the requests on this forum obsolete because any historical feature people propose could be deemed unnecessary using the same argument.

Why would they represent the confederates in this game?

Also why do the Portuguese get piss and crap colors

I brought up the colours of the Confederacy because their uniforms adhere to a recognizable colour palette that is familiar to those who have studied the American Civil War. I only mentioned this in reference to the Imperial Upgrade for the Regular, which portrays the uniform of a Civil War-era Union soldier. These were just rough examples of colours I might consider; they are by no means definitive choices.

Union Soldier

AOE3de Imperial Regular

Confederacy Soldier of a similar time period

I think I can justify these choices of colours for the Portuguese:

Its easier then that, what happens if you create a drag box over a bunch of units and one of them happens to be a spy?

if its not selected and doesnt follow commands, then the unit would be instantly outted as a spy, whatever it looks like.

The point is that the spy would be a useless dead mechanic if it cant actually blend in mechanically, visuals are like the least of your problems

That’s only the Caçadores, every Light Infantry unit in the XIX century used a colour that allowed them to better camouflage during battle, it’s why the British Rifleman used a green attire. The uniform for the Portuguese Regular troops in the XIX century was usually blue/dark blue:





This last one is from the XVIII century 1º Regimento de Cavalaria da Corte:


it was a bit earlier, if i recall coloured uniforms were a thing by the time the great northern war broke out, possibly earlier.

Of course, I was just going from what I remembered. The Portuguese in blue is very appropriate. Here is a skin from a mod I found a while back showing Guard Legionario Musketeer (the player colour is cyan).

That said the current model the Legionario after the August update is brown. I’m not an expert on Portuguese history so I’m not in a position to make a call on which one is correct. (brown might be easier as a lot of other nations use blue)

My overall point here is I want us to focus more on the style of uniform rather that a garish player colour.