No multiplayer after update


Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Took latest update/was current f.y.i.
  2. Reboot after download
  3. unable to play at all. Clicking aoe3de under steam shows install window
  4. Click to reinstall and it’s done in 5 mins. Meaning 40gb was clearly not downloaded with my 1mb data speed.
  5. Now I can enter the game. But no games show in lobby and ranked games just queue forever.
  6. Tried rebooting all my devices and reconnecting as well.
  7. I have 750+ hrs on ubuntu playing de since release. Never any issues besides known bugs.

Any suggestions?

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There is already a thread with the linux error, includingan explenation why.

I see. Thx for letting me know. I’ll sit out for a bit. Vividlyplain I believe made the maps fwiw.

Yes he made the maps, but not the encryption. That’s someone else’s deal ^^

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Oof. Hopefully it’s resolved soon.

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Hi @SKWYRL, I have added this issue to our database now. I also replied on the linked issue from @DrMaxy4142 which reported the same issue. Very sorry about the current situation.


To defend the devs, the game was neverment to be played on Linux or Mac. So they are technically not in need to fix it. It’s just a friendly action to do so.


I am on Ubuntu 20.04 with updated all drivers on Steam. AOE3 DE is now broken. Please fix this encryption issue devs!

More and more users will be moving to Linux with SteamDeck pushing compatibility. Please be considerate.

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