No new civ or anything in Christmas ?!

Also elves that throw the ornamental bulbs as grenades.


maybe a hint, maybe not ^^’ on the discord msg it also says: “Age community, thanks for a glorious 2022. :crossed_swords: We celebrated 25 years together and can’t wait for more in 2023! For now, we’re off to explore uncharted territory and will return in January.”


i dont think you guys should read to much into it :slight_smile:

there was suppose to be a pup this month but it got delayed due to some issues they found.

Sounds like a clue, let’s test the popularity of Arctic civilizations with a poll. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Inuit.
  • Noruega.
  • Finlandia.
  • Canadá.
  • Dinamarca.
  • Islandia.
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Hello, if anyone wants to try a new civilization, you can install my Danish civilization mod that I just posted.

[PWAO] Danish Civilization - Mods - Age of Empires

Thank god we have nothin now, take a rest :smiley_cat:

These are all terrible choices for civs right now.


A new uncharted territory???

Oceania confirmed!!!

I wonder if it will be a solo civ DLC or maybe two civ DLC. So what are your Oceania civs picks?


Probably new maps, not a civ




That’s a pretty huge stretch. They’re talking about Arctic Territories in the post.

And the arctic was largely uncharted during the AoE3 era.



i know im biased but the only realistic option of those is danmark, norway and island where a part of denmark, finland a part of sweden and canada just generally seems unlikely.


No option for none of the above?

Except Denmark which is the most legit civ choice out of them all…But maybe ArkadasLlisa is right and it’s only new maps.


i dont think there is going to be any new faction in the next patch, might be wrong but the wording on the last large patch suggested spring is the earliest we could imagine such.


It seems to me that if the next update was actually for Arctic Territories, it would have added new Minor Civilizations:

  1. Inuit - mandatory Minor Civilization in such an update. This might as well be the only brand new Minor Civilization in this update

  2. Sámi (Laplanders) / or Finno-Ugric - the only indigenous European people who resemble Native Americans. They could appear on Scandinavian maps.I think they would potentially be the second brand new Minor Civilization in such an update

  3. Council of Three Fires (in Anishinaabe: Niswi-mishkodewinan, also known as the People of the Three Fires; the Three Fires Confederacy; or the United Nations of Chippewa, Ottawa, and Potawatomi Indians). The greatest rival of the Iroquois Confederacy. They deserve to become a full civ. They could be a solo civ DLC. Potentially Ojibwe could be another brand new Minor Civilizaton.

  4. Haida - I think they might come


If we get the “Arctic” update in January, I hope to add new maps from the following areas:

  • Northern Canada,
  • Greenland,
  • Iceland,
  • Scandinavia (minimum 4 new),
  • Russia

In a previous post, I referred to the brand new Minor Civilizations, and I believe they should be featured on these brand new maps as well.

I also think this update would also focus on fixes for already existing civs in the game like: Swedes and Russians.

  • I suggested some northern Canadian maps with Inuits long ago
  • Greenland would be nice and could also feature Inuit
  • Iceland is already hinted at, but I hope it has some unique features like lava
  • Scandinavia already has 3 maps (Danish Straights, Scandinavia, and Baltic Sea) and also Finland, Karelian Lakes and potentially North Sea nearby. I could see maybe one new map in the Norwegian fjords but not much more
  • Muscovy is hinted at already and there’s room for lots in their Asian territories

For Sweden, Hakkas just need to be toned down. Russia is already in a great place after the last update.

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my bet is the russian European map that wasn’t released

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The period of peak relevance for 3 fires might predate the game. And they’re in the same culture group as the Iroquois so there wouldn’t be so mu to differentiate them.

Cree would probably be a stronger contender for elevating to a full civ, and Ojibwe and Blackfoot could be added as minor civs to replace them.

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