No one plays feudal age!

Why put scouts and knights, skirms and crossbows, spearman and swords directly introduce all knights crossbows and swords into feudal with cheap cost. make anti crossbows as gunskrimishers(as in AOE3). Why to play feudal at all? If not remove feudal.


Im sorry wut? What!?

Wait Nevermind youre this troll: This game is the great invention for 20th century, but why is it so much focussed on gold digging. It is immoralizing many philosophies


I may be a guy still on hope that want to be better in further as of AGE V. But still you need to think we may play AOE2DE which has its own understanding. Even though I play or not it will be only way that if I think about it I still exist in it. So I am asking, is feudal age necessary?

Since walling got double nerfed. Xbow cost upgrade is higher. Arabia now is more open. I wonder if the problem doesnt come from you.


Is arabia only the map? Open maps like nomad , mega random all of them people start rushing to castle age. Even not to ask about closed maps no one even care how much time they want to stay in feudal, just put a market and blacksmith go to castle age.

if you want feudal fight, dont play closed map then. this claim is nonsensical as saying socotra is too much aggressive.

Feudal water fight, as for land aggression most people choose castle age since you can place your tc near wood to protect your vill. Sometime you have a gold or stone mine too.
That way feudal fight on land are not impossible but very difficult to get a good trade from all the investment used.

Since it’s completely unknown what kind of map you get players tend to play defensive by scouting their area first.

Except for a tower rush, and water is no matter for people no one cares to fight water, so Instant castle age again no one play land fight in feudal age.

If that was the case no one would pick civ with water related bonuses like italian and dravidian in nomad TG.

yeah i said it’s almost impossible… No but srsly if you want feudal age fight go on a open map BECAUSE THEY ARE MADE FOR THAT.


these are the rare cases like 1 of 100, and still which type of open map are you mentioning? If only arabia rest all are gone for castle age and team games do not mention.

serengeti, atacama, haboob, socotra (specially this one.)

rare case for these open map or dravidian and italian being rare pick on nomad TG?
If that is the latter then italian is among top ten picks. Dravidian is above average not as much as italian and the two big ones( persian and spanish.) But their winrate on nomad TG is very high. First on 1200+ elo TG and fifth on 1600+ elo TG.

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No one plays feudal age

Me, getting stomped by feudal age scout/archer rushes: dude, are you for real?


Is it arabia? or 1v1? else all are same,they rush for castle age I am not talking 5/100 games the rest 95 games avoid feudal rush.

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Are you sure you’re playing Age of Empires 2?


be it arabia TG or 1v1 most players do feudal rush on that map.

Dont feed the trolls


Playing only arabia won’t give anyone the clear picture of the whole game, and I m not here to blame anyone bringing castle age after dark age is the best I could expect.

Your claims are far from reality, going fc is basically a death sentence. In ranked games (decent elo) you just go fast feudal or rush into feudal. Why? because walls are weaker and maa rush obliterates you if you wanna fully wall your base.

I saw people playing decent rates(1600+ elo) the team games, may be not in the case 1v1 many times, no one wait to finish the feudal war, as much time as the play in castle age or imperial age comparatively the time in feudal age is 1:10 with the other ages, prove me I m wrong.

Atleast remove feudal age in team games.

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No. I refuse to elaborate