Nobody is talking about forgotten empires helping at aoe4?

I thought you guys would already made a topic about it …

What do you think it will happen now?


New content. Something which the game sorely needs to bring players like me back to give the game a 2nd chance.


As long as support for the DE’s isn’t hampered then it’s a whatever situation for me.


Hopefully they improve the game as FE has done a great job on the other titles. As long as the DE games keep getting support I honestly don’t care that much


Checked out the site and they are hiring for three different roles that explicitly say AOE 4.

Level Designer: Designing high quality STORY-DRIVEN LEVELS in a custom editor in a custom engine.
Map Designer/Scripter: Designing randomly generated maps in a custom editor in a custom engine.

Blah blah blah “story-driven levels” blah blah.

Sounds like they are working on some campaigns at the least. Hopefully a full DLC that includes new civs, but I’m fine with just new campaigns. Any news that translates to them putting more into the game is good news.


I feel good if they have their hands in this

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I never stopped playing … game is fun , it feels like an aoe game for me , it still needs a lot of work .

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DE support is never going to stop . They’re making an Aoe4 team just for this , but their aoe de’s team will be the same…

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We talk it in reddits,it`s a good news,means they start product the DLC.


Bringing FE in is an extremely good sign. They are more than capable of righting the ship. I hope they are given enough freedom to do as they please and not be artificially restricted by execs.


They have actually already been involved for a while. Cysion said so himself.

we’ve been supporting the team at Relic for quite some time and continue to do so :slight_smile:

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I’d say it’s important to be careful here because it’s important to keep the DNA of AoEIV while at the same time improving on the game.

I don’t want a AoE2 or 3 remake here all of a sudden, so if that’s what you are hoping then you’ll most likely become disappointed.

The way I understand that is that they are just assisting with finishing touches and small things like that, nothing too special or big as some people here are hoping for, at least by that statement.

Me neither, but something FE does right which Relic seems to miss is the general AoE “feel”. I don’t want a clone but I want a game that doesn’t feel like somebody else’s interpretation of what constitutes the AoE recipe, which is really hard to grasp and describe, but I trust the FE folks know it.

To this day AoE 4 still feels to me like a really comprehensive CoH mod, instead of a real AoE game.


Age of Empires 2 and the original expansions survived HOW long? I’d love more focus towards making AoE4 an actually fun game imo.

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Not me, given what they did with the extended edition of age of mythology

All I want is FE to be working on AOM:DE.

That’s it. That’s everything more I’ll ever want from this franchise.