Normans campaign - portrait of Empress Matilde not unlocked after completion

Good evening;

I would like to report that upon completion of the Normans campaign, Empress Matilde portrait was not unlocked as it should have been. Historical videos, on the other hand, were regularly unlocked.

Game version is 9369, OS is Windows 10 with latest updates.

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Thank you for the report @Rossocuore. Do you know if you completed the final mission after loading a save?

Any chance you can screencap this portrait in the menu for me?


Hi SavageEmpire566! I indeed completed the mission after loading a saved game. I am pretty sure about that.
I am going to upload a picture of the locked portrait and of the unlocked videos as well.
I hope it can help you guys. Loving your game so far! :wink:

Here you can see the videos are unlocked, instead:

Thank you @Rossocuore! I appreciate the extra info. I’ll take this to the team so we can investigate.

Thanks for all your efforts!

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Hey guys, just a heads up concerning this bug. I just wanted to share that to this day, and with the latest patch available, the bug is still present for me. Portrait is still locked for me :frowning:

Thank you for bumping this @Rossocuore. This is something that will have a fix coming, but probably not in the next update or even the next few patches. But it is definitely being worked on.

Thanks for your reply. I am unsure what to do with the campaign, at this point. Do you think that your eventual fix to the problem would be “retroactive” (meaning that I can complete the campaign and all the unlocks will be safe once the problem gets fixed)? Thank you for your eventual suggestion!

Hello. I can see this post is from March of 2022. We are now in December of 2023 and the bug is still not fixed. May I ask why ? What is going on ? This is a simple matter is it not ? Thank you - I really need rewards to unlock so I can enjoy the campaingn further.

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same here, just finished the norman campaign and I’ve unlocked everything except matilda portrait

I didn’t get 8 out of 10 challenge event rewards…
We need to fix the bug as soon as possible. It’s a real mess.

I’ve only gained experience, and the reward has not been lifted at all. Please fix the bug as soon as possible.

There are some bugs that can’t be changed, such as monument sentence-tactile portrait change etc. Please fix the bug.

I just finished the Norman Campaign a few minutes ago and the Matilda unlock issue is still present in the current version of the game. I wonder if anyone at Relic cares as it appears this has been an issue for almost 2 years.

I have been playing AoE IV through Steam in campaign mode to unlock additional content. However, I have already completed all campaigns except “The Normans” and “The Hundred Years War,” but the campaign completion portraits have not unlocked. I have even played through them twice, and they still remain locked.

Hi All,

I have the same bug as well with the Russian Campaign. While the unlock is not integral to completing the game this is really irksome and something that should simply work out of the box. The length of time that the bug has been present and the lack of movement by the dev team seems to indicate they have no real intention of fixing this. It’s really a good indicator of what’s wrong with gaming today- you’ve clearly got numerous folks for over two years asking for a what should be a very simple fix- and it’s not addressed. And this is a AAA title with a long pedigree. I realize that there are likely other bugs that are important as well, but really devs, it would be nice if this could just get fixed.

Same here sadly. I can’t believe its been all this time and not fixed. Good thing the portrait is not that appealing but I do like to have all my completions when I earned them.

Still happening 2 years later - clearly the response 2 years ago stating “it is definitely being worked on” is a complete lie.