North Amerian DLC suggestion

There have been a bunch of more or less crazy suggestions for North American civilisations.
Also people often mix up the timelines too much and start adding civilisations that are like 1700 or later.
I want to preset all of those civilisations how they were before they directly met Europeans.

Regional Units and Buildings

Falcon Warrior

This is the North American version for the Eagle Warrior.
It behaves more like the Scout line.
It especially performs worse against ranged units with only having 0/1/2 Pierce Armour in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
Build at the barracks.
All North American civilisation start with a Falcon Scout.

Proposed Stats
Name Falcon Scout Falcon Warrior Elite Falcon Warrior
Cost 50F 30G 50F 30G 50F 30G
Training Time 40s 35s 30s
Hit points 50 60 70
Attack 4 6 9
Rate of Fire 2 2 2
vs. Monks 6 8 10
vs. Siege 2 4 6
Armour 0/0 0/1 0/2
Armour class Infantry Infantry Infantry
Eagle Warrior (-2) Eagle Warrior (-1) Eagle Warrior
Speed 1.1 1.15 1.2
Line of Sight 5 → 6 6 6
Ability Cannot be converted before 8 seconds Cannot be converted before 8 seconds Cannot be converted before 8 seconds

The Falcon Warrior line has -2/-1/0 Eagle Warrior Amour for the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age version and is there for very vulnerable to Infantry in the early game.
The also have 2 Pierce Armour less then the Eagle Warrior line in every age.


Based on the AoE3 unit.
Infantry siege unit that throws torches at a relatively short range.
Good pierce armour and a lot more HP then most siege units.
Low base damage but bonus against Archers and Buildings.
Build at the Siege Workshop. Does not replace any existing siege units.

They benefit from Infantry upgrades from the Blacksmith and the Barracks (Squires and Arson) but they also take bonus damage from anti Infantry units.
They are also healed by Monks and not repaired by villagers.
They also benefit from Ballistics.

Proposed Stats
Name Mantlet Elite Mantlet
Cost 150W 50G 150W 50G
Training Time 30s 30s
Hit Points 150 200
Attack (melee) 5 6
vs. Building 8 10
vs. Archers 6 8
Rate of Fire 3 3
Range 5 6
Armour 0/6 0/8
Armour class Infantry Infantry
Siege Weapon Siege Weapon
Speed 0.8 0.8
Line of Sight 7 8
Technologies Infantry Techs from Blacksmith

They do bonus damage against Building not Standard Building, that’s a difference.
With Arson they do extra damage against Standard Building though.
Therefor they are not useful against Walls or Castles and Masonry plus Architecture noticeably reduces their damage.
They also benefit from Siege Engineers but only the Muscogee have access to this technology.

They work naturally well together with Spearman since they can cover each others weaknesses.

Fortified Palisade

  • Replaces both Stone Wall and Palisade
  • Costs 3 Wood 1 Stone
  • 500 HP
  • Armour 4/8
  • Construction time 8 Seconds
  • Can be upgraded to 1000 HP and 6/10 Armour in Castle Age


  • Replaces the Castle
  • Kind of a 4x4 Tile version of the Krepost
  • Researchers all Castle technologies and trains all Castle units.
  • Costs 350 Stone 200 Wood
  • 3000 HP
  • 10 Base damage
  • 8 Range (other then the Kreposts 7)
  • Is affected from the Hoardings technology.

Common things

  • No access to Stable or any Cavalry upgrades
  • No Gunpowder units
  • Very limited Dock techtree
  • Limited Siege Workshop


The Iroquois League only formed around 1450 but the people lived in that area for a much longer time.
They are an Infantry Civilisation.


  • Lumberjacks produce 25% Food on top of Wood
  • Barracks Technologies have twice the effect (They can’t research supplies)
  • Mantlets attack 33% faster

Team Bonus

  • Buildings +2 Line of Sight

Unique Technologies

Castle Age

  • Longhouses heal nearby units by 20HP per Minute
  • Works like the Hindustani Caravanserai but that does a full 60HP per second for Trade Carts

Imperial Age

  • Tomahawk Thrower, Mantlet and Falcon Warrior cost -10 Gold
  • 50 → 40 Gold, 50 → 40 Gold, 30 → 20 Gold

Unique Unit and Building

Tomahawk Thrower

  • Ranged Infantry
  • Does Melee damage
  • Attack bonus against Infantry
Proposed stats
Name Tomahawk Thrower Elite Tomahawk Thrower
Cost 30F 50G 30F 50G
Training Time 15s 15s
Hit Points 50 60
Attack (melee) 5 6
vs. Infantry 5 6
vs. Eagle Warrior 1 2
Rate of Fire 2 2
Range 6 7
Armour 0/0 0/0
Armour class Infantry Infantry
Speed 1 1
Line of Sight 7 8

The Tomahawk Thrower has a larger range then all the other ranged Infantry but doesn’t have good damage. They are mostly useful against infantry but also surprisingly good against buildings thanks to the +4 attack they get from Arson instead of just +2.


  • Replaces the House
  • Houses 15 Population
  • Takes up 2x4 tiles
  • Costs 100 Wood

Yes I know that’s worse then a normal house but it’s there to balance out that Lumberjacks produce food.

Important missing technologies

  • Siege Engineers (Makes Mantlet weaker)
  • Ring Archer Armour
  • Arbalester
  • Thumb Ring
  • Supplies


The Haudenosaunee have a strong economic bonus (with a small debuff because their houses cost more) so they are naturally strong in early game.
They benefit double from the Castle Age Infantry technologies Arson and Squires so their infantry is the fastest in the game, even faster then Celtic Infantry. The Woad Raider is still faster then everything but the Haudenosaunee Elite Falcon Warrior. Their Falcon Warriors are pretty weak though but still useful for raiding.
Their Archers are bad so they can’t even really use Skirmishers. Instead they have to rely on Mantlets for that task. Mantlets have one less range then Tomahawks so they work well to catch arrow fire.

Early game

Their eco bonus should be relatively strong despite having to pay more for houses.
Their military bonus only kick in in Castle Age so they can open with Archers in Feudal but they can’t really transition into Crossbows since they are missing Thumb Ring.
Not sure if a Falcon Warrior rush is viable since they have less speed, attack and HP then Scouts for a similar price.

Castle Age

Their military bonuses are the strongest in Castle Age where Infantry get +20% speed and +4 attack against buildings.
Adding Mantlets to an attack is probably a good idea because they benefit from Infantry upgrades. You probably want Ballistics though.
They can put early pressure on buildings while not being as vulnerable to melee attacks as other siege units. With the 20% speed boost they are also not that slow.
Tomahawks are surprisingly fast and can be used for raiding but require a Fortress (The Castle replacement building).

Late game

Their unique technology reduces the Gold cost of some units so they don’t have to transition to trash units that quickly.
Their Trash options are not that good since their Skirmishers miss a lot of upgrades and they obviously don’t have access to the Scout line.
Their Halberdiers are faster and do more siege damage but that won’t help that much.


Those people have lived in the South-East of North America for centuries before the arrival of the Europeans.
They are an Defensive Archer Civilisation.


  • Berries last 50% longer
  • Buildings have +2/+4/+6 Building Armour in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age
  • Buildings have +1/+2/+3 Standard Building Armour in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age
  • Villagers can garrison in Barracks and Archers range. +10% production speed for every garrisoned villager.

Team Bonus

  • Recruited Bowman available at Town Centre

Unique Technologies

Castle Age

  • Falcon Warrior regenerates 60HP per Minute

Imperial Age

  • Archer units and buildings +1 attack +1 range
  • Basically a 4th blacksmith upgrade

Unique Unit

Javelin Thrower

  • Archer that is good against cavalry
  • Does more damage the close the enemy gets (if possible)
  • Weak to other archers
Proposed stats
Name Javelin Thrower Elite Javelin Thrower
Cost 30W 40G 30W 40G
Training Time 15s 15s
Hit Points 40 50
Attack (pierce) 6 → 3 8 → 4
vs. Cavalry 6 → 3 8 → 4
vs. Camel 5 → 2 7 → 3
vs. Elephant 5 → 2 7 → 3
Rate of Fire 2 2
Range 4 4
Armour 0/0 0/0
Armour class Archer Archer
Speed 0.96 0.96
Line of Sight 7 8
Ability Attacks are stronger if enemy is closer

Holds a javelin in both hands and does not have a shield to make clear it’s not a Skirmisher.

Recruited Bowman

  • Vulnerable Archer that can quickly be trained at the Town Centre
  • Does bonus damage to all Infantry instead of just Spearman
  • Does bonus damage to Siege
  • Overall stats are close to Feudal Age Archer
  • Only available starting Castle Age
Proposed stats
Name Recruited Bowman
Age Castle Age
Trained at Town Centre
Cost 50F 20W
Training Time 12.5s
Hit Points 30
Attack (pierce) 4
vs. Infantry 3
vs. Siege Weapon 3
Rate of Fire 2
Range 4
Accuracy 65%
Armour 0/0
Armour class Archer
Speed 0.96
Line of Sight 6
Ability Adds a flat 2.5 DPS to building like a villager

They become available to all allies too. They benefit from all technologies and civilisation bonuses that benefit both Archers and Skirmishers but not those that only benefit Archers or Skirmishers.

Since they only have 30HP and no amour they are a lot more fragile then Elite Skirmishers. They also cost more resources overall.
Since they have one less range then Crossbows and Elite Skirmishers they are extra vulnerable to enemy Skirmishers since they position themselves in the front line.

Their role for the Muscogee is it to defend them from high Pierce Armour Infantry like Huskarls or Eagle Warriors and also help against Siege weapons too.
Though they easily die to all ranged siege. Mantlets are better for that task.

Their stats might look decent for early Castle Age but they are not worth wasting Town Centre work time for.

Important missing technologies

  • Plate Mail Armour
  • Ring Archer Armour
  • Squires


The fact that their Berries last longer means they can delay farms, which in return gives them more Wood in early Feudal Age that can be invested into Archers.
Their units are quit fragile in Late Game since none of them have all armour upgrades.
The archers make up for that by having more damage and range though. Their unique Javelin Throwers also have a little more HP then most archers and become more deadly closeup.
Their Mantlets are a good meat shield against enemy Skirmishers that could prove deadly for their Archer army.

Early Game

They should be rather decent at doing an Archer opening but they can also wall a little better since their buildings are more durable.
Their ability to garrison villagers in Barracks and Archery range to boot production rate makes them better at reacting but it’s not worth keeping them there in the long run since they can’t collect resources anymore. Better build more buildings.

Castle Age

They don’t have any strong Castle Age bonus so it’s probably better to play defensively.
Their unique technologies make Falcon Warriors a good raiding unit but they should avoid fights.

Late Game

They miss the last armour upgrades with both Infantry and Archers but their Archers get an additional attack upgrade which more then makes up for that.
They have two trash Archer options with the Recruited Bowman. The Recruited Bowman is better then a Persian Trashbow in most situations because they are basically two attack upgrades ahead of them giving them +1 attack and + 1 range but -1/-2 armour and -5 HP.
Their Elite Skrimishers are also excellent with +1 attack and +1 range.
Just their Halberdiers are pretty bad without Squires and missing the last armour upgrade.
Their Mantlets don’t suffer from the missing armour upgrade as much and should work as a good meat shield that can be added to a trash army.

Oceti Sakowin

They lived close to the source of the Mississippi river when the Europeans arrived in America. They encountered escaped horses before they met any Europeans themselves.
They are a “cavalry” and archer civilisation.


  • Falcon Warrior +1/2/3 Pierce armour in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age
  • Archers move 10% faster (Including Skirmishers and mounted archers)
  • Hunters generate 25% Gold on top of Food
  • Town Centres spawn 2 Deer (including the first one)
  • Houses do not lose their population room when destroyed (Mongols get a new UT since no one wants to pay for this anyway)

Team Bonus

  • Lumber Camps, Mining Camp, Mill and Farms are constructed 100% faster

Unique Technologies

Castle Age

  • Falcon Warrior +5 attack vs. Archers
  • Feather Spear +5 attack vs. Cavalry (+4 .vs Camels and Elephants)
  • Archer Line +2 attack vs. Infantry

Imperial Age

  • Unlock Bow Rider in the Archery Range
  • Trade Cart moves 10% faster (and model changes to having a horse)
  • Villagers move 20% faster

Unique Units

Feather Spear

  • Fast Anti cavalry Infantry
  • Kind of the Eagle Warrior version of the Camel Rider
  • Weak to Archers and Infantry
Proposed stats
Name Feather Spear Elite Feather Spear
Cost 30F 60G 30F 60G
Training Time 10s 10s
Hit Points 60 70
Attack 8 10
vs. Cavalry 10 15
vs. Camel 8 12
vs. Elephant 8 12
Rate of Fire 2 2
Armour 0/0 1/0
Armour class Infantry Infantry
Eagle Warrior Eagle Warrior
Speed 1.15 1.2
Line of Sight 5 5

Needs the Castle Age Unique Technology to trade cost efficiently with Knights.
Because they have no base Pierce armour and the last armour upgrade is missing they are very vulnerable against archers.
They don’t have the large HP pool of Camel Riders while costing the same amount of Gold.

Bow Rider

  • Needs Imperial Age Unique Technology to be unlocked
  • Can be trained at the Archery Range
  • Cheaper but more fragile then other Cavalry Archers
  • Have bonus damage against Standard Building
Proposed stats
Name Bow Rider
Cost 50W 40G
Training Time 30s
Hit Points 60
Attack (pierce) 8
vs. Spearman 1
vs. Standard Building 5
Rate of Fire 2
Range 4
Armour 0/1
Armour class Archer
Cavalry Archer
Speed 1.4
Line of Sight 6

Their raw stats look pretty good but they are missing a lot of critical technologies.
Parthian Tactics, Bloodline and Husbandry are obviously not available but they move 10% faster because of the civilisation bonus.
That means they have 20HP and 1/1 armour less then a fully upgraded Heavy Cavalry Archer.
They do get Thumb Ring and all Blacksmith upgrades though.

Important missing technologies

  • Plate Mail Armour
  • Halberdier and Champion
  • Siege Engineers
  • Fortified Palisade (have normal Palisade instead)


They are in some ways the Huns of the new world. They focus on fast Eagle Warrior type Infantry and fast Archers.
They play very different compared to the Muscogee because they rely on mobility instead of defence.
Their Falcon Warriors are not as strong as it seems because they are missing the last Armour Upgrade basically resetting the Pierce Armour bonus to +1 which is still less then a fully upgraded Elite Eagle Warrior (without Unique Technologies).

Early Game

Not sure if starting with 2 Deer is too strong, but I’d rather take some starting food away then remove this bonus.
They can easily open with Archers with your extra Gold and their 10% movement faster movement speed is useful for micro. Since that bonus also applies to Skirmishers they can fight other Archer civilisations more effectively too.

Castle Age

Their Unique Technology is very strong. It benefits 3 of their units in different ways.
With this technology Falcon Warriors actually become a good answer to Archers.
Feather Spears cover the the Falcon Warriors cavalry weakness.
Archers can help both defend against Infantry.
They also have the option to add Mantlets if they need siege.

Late Game

Bow Riders are a lot cheaper to tech into then Cavalry Archers but they are not as strong as the Heavy Cavalry Archers of other civilisations.
They don’t have many options when gold runs out but that is somewhat made up for in team games since their traders are a little faster.

Unit and Technology names

I’m not an expert on this topic so I suggested more general names. Those names are not to be considered final at all.

Unit stats and bonuses

I can’t exactly tell how good those bonuses are. Impossible to tell without testing.
I tried being more conservative so those civilisations will probably underperformed with the current stats. The early economic bonuses might be too strong though.
I also never mentioned the cost of any technologies because that’s hard to balance without testing.

Tech Trees

I only mention importing missing technologies.
It’s hard to tell which other technologies should be missing, especially Monastery and economy upgrades.

Other thoughts

A few years ago I made a thread where I suggested new civilisations: New Civilisations to diversify old Civilisations

I was surprisingly good at guessing what civilisations they would add but surprisingly bad at guessing what bonuses they would get.


Why so complicated?

They could just use the standard Palisade and their “Stone Walls” could be earth walls.

It would also be an option to give them only palisades but no walls (we already have 2 civilizations in the game that can not build walls).


Do you have wonders for these civis? Not made up buildings but real things.


I think that would be more confusing to players. Having normal Palisades and a second kind of wall that also predominantly costs Wood.

Because Palisade Walls are too weak.
I gave the 3rd civilisation normal Palisade Walls but the first 2 are supposed to be more defensive, just Palisade Walls would be too weak.

The Mississippian culture had multiple bigger cities with larger buildings but it is hard to directly connect them to groups of people that lived there later.
They had a massive population drop through Old World disease spread from Mexico or from other places the Spanish visited like Florida long before European actually reached deeper into the North American continent.

So buildings that can be used exist but I don’t know enough about the topic to attribute them to the right civilisation.
(Not that AoE2 never had completely wrong Wonders before but we don’t want to repeat that old tradition.)

It would just be a reskin of the stone wall. Same stats and cost as the stone wall.

I got nothing to add to this discussion except to say I hate nothing more than the idea of adding more American civs to this game…

Why do you hate? (20 characters)


I wanted to not give them walls that are equivalent to Stone Walls.
My idea is to design defensive civilisations that don’t have Stone Walls.
Well one very defensive and one semi defensive civilisation.

Just giving them better Palisades would conflict with the Cuman bonus and also could lead to balancing issues. There is a reason why they didn’t decide to add the Fortified Palisade upgrade to the game.
To balance it I made it a little more expensive (+1 Stone) and increased the build time a little (+1s).
It is still cheaper then a Stone wall that costs 5 resources and needs 10 seconds to build.

It would be possible to still keep the normal Palisade Wall but that might confuse people.

I say YES i want this North american civ

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Because there is not enough data and many things are made up.

Too many possible and proper civs to add. North american “civs” would be a waste. Thanks but no thanks


I think that the highly developed civilizations of Mesoamerica and Andean should be distinguished from the rest of the American peoples. Instead of adding more civs to this game that this game doesn’t include, it’s better to add those that just fit it. In AoE 3 you have the Iroquois and the Lakota and there they are civilizations with completely unique units, architecture and mechanics. In AoE 2, the Iroquois would also use Arbalests, Trebuchets, Battering Rams, and powerful warships xDDD
Do you understand what I mean?

Since European, Asian, Middle Eastern, African and American civilizations all use practically the same tech tree and the differences between them are very small, it would be even weirder to add civs to this game that are not referred to as advanced civilizations.

From America, I would suggest adding the following civs to the game: Chimu, Muisca and Tarascans.

I fully agree with you. Then suddenly there would be people who need Aborigines, Polynesian peoples, Eskimos in this game or adding civs from ancient times to the game.

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I don’t want to get into this kind of discussion again.

You need to remember that the North American Natives that the later European settlers encountered went through a massive population decrease a century earlier.
Most of the societies and cities collapsed before the English or French founded colonies on the continent.
What they saw were civilisations that were only a shadow of their former selves.

But in the Middle Ages there were sophisticated societies with relatively large cities.
Not as impressive as Central America, yes, but not really behind Europe.

The civilisations I described did never encounter Europeans. I described them how they were before the met the first European.
Their campaigns would be completely before the arrival of the colonists.

AoE3 represents those civilisations as they were when they fought the European colonizers. But that is far outside of the AoE2 time frame.

And a second thing I need to mention is that just because I made this suggestion doesn’t mean I think they should prioritised.
The next DLC for AoE2 (after RoR) is likely already halfway done and will very likely have some of the civilisations maybe people here are still waiting for.


Weren’t you the one arguing for the addition of Finns at one point?

Now how hypocritic of you to be calling off the Eskimos.


Tarascans are not made up, in fact they were as strong if not stronger than the Aztecs.


Would be weird to see a huge igloo as a wonder.

You’re welcome.

Make them pretty much like standard American civs with maybe a different ram type (like Mantlet) and they’d be a lovely addition.

Fun fact: horses originated in North America and it’s possible North American horses were still around by the time Europeans got there.

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