Nothing but losses as China since last patch

This season has been pretty steady up until this last patch. I play team ranked pretty much exclusively and was fairly cemented in the diamond 2 rank range, frequently playing conquerers and holding my own for the most part.

Since last patch however has been a steady stream of losses. I’m now back down to plat2 and continuing to decline. Doing the same strats as pre-patch but just getting beat to shreds by plats and golds playing other races. Why? Didn’t seem like there was that many significant changes in balance?

It’s pretty disheartening that halfway through the season you’re winning and progressing only to just get absolutely whacked now every game. China simply not competing at all with whatever changes they made compared to pre-patch, at least in team games. Pretty much unplayable at this point… really looking forward to Diablo 4 so I can finally quit this see-saw ‘whatever the devs feel like today’ whack-a-mole.


Revert the pyrotechnics redesign and you can nerf me back to the stoneage. It really gave life to so many of the Chinese units, including the neglected grenadier.

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I would like you to point out what change was so drastic


What makes china weak?

Issue with china in season 4 is quite similar to the issue with the french which is almost every other civ has got significant buffs while they stayed pretty much the same. In fact i would say even French could probably beat china in late game now due to having better lategame siege after season 4.
Now most civs can do what chinese do but better.



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