Now that you can pick color

What color will you be aiming for every game? I’m not sold on the color options we’ve got so far. I’d like the Devs to add more options or allow for more options through mods.

I want AoE1 brown, silver, matte orange, moss teal, etc…

Yellow my favorite color. Besides green, blue, purple, orange, violet…

Actually the colors which get assigned randomly when you disable team colors are good for me. Even more colors would be nice to have.

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Blue or red is fine for me

Blue or red!!!

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Wait what , can you now pick color in game or it is just a question o what colors we are going to pick?

Sorry for my ignorance haha

Dark green or whichever blends into the minimap best.

Pink and purple in team games are very hard to me to tell the difference
and yes, AoE 1 had the best colors for players

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Since color pick is confirmed, I am asking what you are going to pick, along with my thought on mods for more colors.

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I like green, maybe blue too.

They don’t have to choose new colors, all they have to do is include a normal color picker like they used to have in their previous games. Or last revival of a mainline AoE game:

Sadly, Relic ‘B Team’ that was sent to create that game, seems to not include a single leading designer with any experience in the genre. I have no idea how functionality like that is ‘lost’ during the development of the next big project, where one would assume we can count on improvement over the previous game(s) and that does include carrying over the best features, technologies and ideas.
Looking how this game was shipped without map/mod tools, a minimal number of maps, a small number of civs, no cheats, taunts, super safe and not innovative game modes, borderline no progression/cosmetic configurability, and a very poor one when it comes to ways people can configure and adjust their solo/online skirmishes… well that begs a question who was sent to design this game in the first place. I’m not even going to start on ‘you don’t need a bigger zoom range’, that is a different topic, that borders on PR stuff too tbh.


This is like reading a post from 2009 about Dawn of War II :rofl:

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re unhappy about the game, that’s fine. This whole “B Team” nonsense is ridiculous though. It’s a made-up reason because you don’t want to entertain other, valid reasons for the game being as it is.

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I love Dawn of War II, not sure what the connection is meant to be here.
What nonsense? I listed some issues on the base of which I made this statement. Are these not true or what, because I don’t understand what is the issue here. It was and still is an underwhelming game in design, used technology and content that is leaving people wondering about budget, asked price, and people behind it.
So their main focus is not on CoH3, and with AoE IV Relic showed their full strength? Well, that’s a rather grim picture of a company.

Please elaborate.


Guys, come on now, it’s a simple thread about color pick and hopes for the future, not a debate about Dev team issues & intentions.

We all know that the team didn’t have the time to release the game in a well rounded state and there are dozens of threads dedicated to that.


I’m just happy I can finally be red.

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i like red as well. aoe2 has a mod where it darkens the player colours, mainly dark grey and dark green. i really like those.

i really wish there was a player colour editor like the DOW games, but its understandable that there isnt

Yes a normal color picker with which you can choose wathever color you want would be best.

By the way I think the same in most points you said :frowning:

I still have the hope that season 1 maybe come with some unexpected good surprises and that the game finally will have all those things in maybe 1 year or so… .

Even the biggest (potential) issues with a robust color picker can be solved with one or a couple of simple checkbox options, that would force default, dev-certified color composition (or even a custom one, depending on the situation) in case a person watching replays and analyzing a match or casters in a tournament etc. have problems with chosen colors because they are too similar or something.
Function in a spirit of ‘show friend or foe’ colors, but one overriding custom colors.

For people that don’t care about tweaking it- it’s not a problem, it doesn’t stand in their way. But for people that enjoy customization, it’s a great, fun little thing. It’s very limited compared to mentioned army painter from Dawn of War games, but still it’s always an added value and a way devs can show their dedication and attention to detail.
Devil is in the details and if enough of these details are being taken care of- the game ends up being good.

About the game in general- it’s pretty ok. It was that way when it came out. But there’s a LOT of ‘fine’ or ‘good’ games around, and Age of Empires is not some indie newcomer, but arguably the best and certainly one of the most important series, not just for RTS, but for PC platform. And sadly whether one likes it or not- it’s hard to deny it is underwhelming and far, far from groundbreaking on any level.

I was hoping it will revive interest in the series and naturally attract all audiences from 2DE and 3DE but sadly whatever they’re doing it ain’t working:

and again- despite what I’m saying I’m positive about IV and like it, but it’s just hard to come up with optimism where implementing color selection, which was present in AoE 1 from 1997, is an event. Especially so long after the release.

Games can only release once, and I’m hoping for many seasons of support for AoE IV, but again- how many players will be there to enjoy that content? People were complaining that marketing before release wasn’t amazing, let’s hope it will improve if they will actually stick to the game for at least a few years.

Meanwhile atm my fav RTS from recent years is getting 4th season of content. While it was priced as AAA game, it looked and had content and features that justified it:
Season 4 Pass Trailer | Anno 1800 - YouTube

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I was with you until you inserted your own agenda into what you wanted to be a thread about colour-picking.

Anyhow, gold or pink. Separately. Gold in the non-metallic sense, anyhow. That precise blend of yellow and orange.

(taken the previous tangent to PM)

See guys. That’s what happens if you say the taboo word.